• you can't share saves it isn't possible for someone to do them and send it to you.

  • Why dont you just replay the episodes they're like 45 minutes long anyways -_-

  • just copy and paste the save data and email them. Then copy and paste the date you received and put them in the folder i think.

  • yes, like Jill said, we can share and email saves. PM me and i will give you my email if you want to send it to me. i've done it before to my friend's laptop with TWD season 1

  • I've the PC version and I've picked the same major choices as you, except I went to Lawrence first and managed to save him.

    In my no.1 save file I've been as nice and fair as possible with practically everyone, except I don't make false promises (for example I didn't promise Holly she could have her sister body, I said I would ask Crane first) and I call people on their bullshit (never violently, but I let Bigby get a little rough when people play dumb). I've a second save where I have all the fun, hehehe.

    My relationships with practically everyone are the best relation possible, I think. The exceptions being Crane (I sympathized with him when he thought Snow was dead, but I questioned his authority at some points), Jack (I didn't hurt him but I called him on his bullshit, refused to make a deal and I let Snow know he was caught stealing), Beast (I told him I was staying out of his problems with Beauty, and in ep4 I told him and Beauty to fuck off with their royalty needs), the Butcher (I called him a liar again and again, said he wasn't off the hook), Tim (I shook his hand, waited for him and let him open the door, but said that working there made him an accomplice).

    Anyway, if you want my save, I can e-mail it to you. I think you should take the opportunity to re-experience the game, but it's your choice.

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