• The Fables that live in New York came to our world from theirs a very long time ago, through magic gateways and portals that connected our worlds. Most of them have been living in our world in secret since around the colonial era. Some came earlier, some a little later. Also, the Homelands seem to mostly be "stuck" in a Fairytale setting. In the comics, when they show what is going on in The Homelands during the main story, most of the Fables there are still wearing medieval or Renaissance type garb even though it's the 21st century in the mundane world. They left their world to escape the tyranny of a villain known as "The Adversary."

    By the way, the trailer wasn't showing Bigby's "old" life. That was his "modern" life in New York. Bigby didn't assume any kind of wolfman form in the old days, he was simply a giant wolf.

    Anyway, hopefully I read your question correctly, and hopefully my answer helps.

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