How did you first found out about the game?

Before i knew about the game i knew about the show. At first i was a big fan of the show. So one time i was browsing around Wikipedia looking for anything that is TWD related. There i found a Wikipedia article about the game. I looked at the critical reception section in the article and I saw the high ratings. I was shocked because i never heard of the game before and it had high ratings. So i played the first episode on my I Pad. and then after that everything changed. That game was so good that i stopped watching the TV show. That was my story of how i discovered the game.

What is your story?



  • YouTube! :D

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    Sadly I discovered it because of Tobygames. It was the first time I'd ever heard of Toby before. After twelve episodes I was tired of him talking over any and all dialogue. So then I switched to Cryaotic. Then I bought the game for myself.

  • I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I discovered this game through gamer poop.

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    Gameinformer made an article about it before it came out, but I didn't become interested in it until a Youtuber I watch started a series on it, a decently long time after it came out.

  • My younger sister (she was, what, 18-ish.) was playing it, told me it was good, so I played it.

    I hate her for it and love her for it at the same time.

  • I first saw PewDiePie play episodes 1 and 2, then I started watching the TV series and thats when I went ahead and played it.

  • being a walking dead fan in general I heard about the game looking up something about the show. then I complety forgot about it then got an obsession about zombie games and then found it. then I forgot about it and was trying to look for some good story abput ZA and then rediscovered it and watched gameplay and cried my ass off till I bought it

  • I found out about it when I watched a show called Good Game do a review review on the first episode.

  • Yep. Youtube.

  • Mah lil' bro showed me.

  • I heard about it from a podcast. The wife of the married couple who host the podcast talked about it a lot and how good it is. I did not think a point and click game could be of any interest for adults. Ended up first playing it when the first episode of season 1 was free on the 360.

  • I found out about it when it won Spike VGA Game of the Year and the first episode was free so I thought "eh why not" and thus the obsession began

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    Telltale threatened me to play It.

  • There's an ad about this game when I was watching shemale porn

  • Saw my cousin play Episode 2, watched Cryaotic and Pewds, then I bought it.

  • Ashamed? So you're not getting dat puss tonight?

  • Well I'd heard of the show/comic with praise, and I'd enjoyed Telltale's other series. Saw it on xbox marketplace one day and figured I'd give it a go...thats when the love began, thats when I discovered hot dish night.

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    How'd they threaten you? Blackmail? Torture?

  • Saw the 'Story Trailer' on YouTube, and then a friend reccomended it to me. So I played the first episode and loved it. I liked the characters so much to the point where when Kenny was shot in the second episode, I yelled out at my TV and the same occured when Carley was shot in my game. I still forgave Lilly though.

  • Episode 1 was advertised as free on the Xbox 360 dashboard. I didn't like the game at 1st, but a year later I tried again and it was amazing XD. Bought the season on PC and about a week later I think season 2 came out and I was like OMG gotta buy this.

  • So I saw all season 1 in youtube (yes I got myself all spoiled), then 1 year later I decided to see it again and find more about the game, and guess what I find? That Season 2 was coming in 2 days... So I got myself spoiled again and saw Episode 1 of Season 2 in youtube and I got adicted to it. I bought the game 1 month after Episode 1 of Season 2 and I started to see theturningdead videos until I discovered this forum... And here I am.

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    Is this ever gonna stop?

    Ohh wait this is the last one, thank god. Srry guys.

  • Internet, like most. Specifically Cryaotic.

  • by making you replay the end of episode 5 over and over again?

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    I don't think I've ever seen a half dozen posts by accident before.

  • I'm sorry I actually think it happened because I'm on my smartphone and I clicked the post button a few times because it was taking too long to appear my comment.

  • Front page of Xbox dashboard first day it came out

  • It was last summer at Mexico. My best friend's brother said to me "Hey, wanna check out a game better than Bioshock Infinite?" And I said sure. At first I was thinking it was going to be a boring game when I was talking to the cop, but after that I loved it. I remember one time sneaking into his room to annoy him. He was in the bathroom, and I got into his laptop and the game was paused, I clicked continue and that was the first time I saw it. It was the part where everyone was discussing about going to Crawford.

  • Saw a good Review somewhere of S1E1 in May '12 and then later in the PS Store for 5 Bucks. Then decided to give it a try.

  • I was aware of the game since I had played some of telltale's other games before so I heard about it but for some reason I didn't buy it and I didn't watch the show or anything either so I was completely unaware about the basic plots of all the walking dead stuff but then for some reason around when episode 3 came out my mind was just like BUY IT BUY IT just outta no where and you should know how the rest goes

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