can my laptop run this game if it could play twd season 1 and 2 and TWAU with perfect fps


  • I would imagine so. However, Kevin Bruner of Telltale mentioned in a Reddit AMA that Telltale would be launching a new game engine this summer (meaning in other words, in their new titles from Borderlands/Game of Thrones onwards).

    Telltale's games are typically not that intensive, but it still remains to be seen.

  • "Just implemented a feature in the Telltale engine that I've wanted for more than six years. Time to retire." -Some Tellale coder on twitter.

  • I dont like posting some of the employees' twitter usernames because i dont want to invade their privacy. Just copy paste that quote in the twitter search and you'll find it.

  • my pc is not powerful but i can run any telltale game hope i can run it aswell

  • Actually, if an account is open and they mention that they work for Telltale, I wouldn't feel entirely guilty about it.

    On the other hand, some forum users like to hound them for information that they cannot disclose (or scrutinize them for tweeting about anything not related to Telltale), so maybe that is a good call after all.

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