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Who should Replace Lee as Clementine's protector?

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EDIT: yeah, OF COURSE Nobody can replace Lee! I understand why some of you are saying nobody but Lee, and ya I can understand that :) But this thread was just made so I can see how many people think Kenny is better for Clem or if Luke is. And ya, I agree, Christa would be a pretty awesome protector too, but as far as we know, she's missing, so lets keep this between Kenny and Luke please. Thanks! :D

    • between Kenny or Luke :P who would you pick?

      • Eh. I don't really think either of them are really 'guardian' material in the same way Lee and Christa were. I can't say I know Luke well enough yet, and Kenny is too rash.

        I dunno.

      • Christa.

        Lmao sorry, but for real: I think Kenny and Luke aren't exactly parent figures to Clem in the same way Lee was and they might never be. Luke is more of a brother-esque figure, whereas Kenny seems like he'd be the crazy uncle that loves you but also gives you candy for dinner instead of a proper meal. At least Lee thought of giving her whatever food he could, and gave her a sweatshirt (Even though it was a bit immoral taking that car full of supplies.) He is the one who influences all her choices, not Luke and Kenny (Although you can let them sway your opinion through dialog choices.) If I truly had to choose a protector out of the two, I might end up combusting into flames because honestly, one without the other cannot hold up this little girl. She needs both, I think. And I also think she needs Christa, because she can't only have men to influence her. She needs a mother just as much as she needs a father. Sorry for making a longer post than I planned, I'm sure you can forgive me :)

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          CrazyGeorge BANNED

          i disagree, You remember back in the campfire when Clementine and Christa were sitting there at the camp fire, she sighs and says "this will never work." To me that meant, Clementine and Christa being together. I don't think Christa could forgive Clementine for Omid's death, and secretly blames her. I think she needs to be with somebody who would need her just as much as she would need him.

          That is why i suggested Nate. He would be the perfect character in my mind to protect Clementine when stuff goes down, but also be in need of help himself, trying to deal with his own demons, and seeing if he can be redeemed by the end of the story.

          • Or... by "This will never work" was directed to the failing fire she was standing over.

          • She'd been alone with Clem for 16 months. I think it's possible that if she thought her and Clem being together wouldn't work, she probably would have thought that sometime after Omid died. And let's not forget that when she was captured by bandits and had a gun to her head, she refused to rat Clem out to them.

  • I think Luke just because he is probably more mentally stable than Kenny

  • Nobody can replace the all mighty Lee!

    I guess Kenny and Christa come close, but Lee can't be replaced, maybe.

  • Neither. She doesn't need a protector anymore. If I HAD to chose, I guess Luke? He's more moral. Plus I fear for Kenny's mental health after what he did to Carver.

    • Completely agree, she's pretty much able to take care of her self at this point. Even in the last episode I got the feeling she was taking care of both Sarah and Kenny in a way.

  • I don't think she needs one anymore, she's already smarter, more stable, and more capable than anyone else in the group. But, in the interest of answering your question, Luke, because he has a calmer, more rational head on his shoulders, would help keep her from losing too much of her humanity, and because he wouldn't see her as his surrogate child (which, I don't blame Kenny for doing that, I just don't think it's what Clem needs at this point).

  • Uhh... no one? What's the point of the first season if Christa has biggest influence on Clementine? And don't tell me that because Christa took care of her 16 months. (I REALLY hated that time skip!) Yes. Christa went through so much shit: losing her husband and going through miscarriage/losing her baby somehow, she just turned bitter. But you can't tell that after a 2 minute chat at the fire. I don't think we have had enough of Christa-Clem intractions nor we did see enough of Christa in situations that would let us know her and know how she thinks and feels, to have enough material to make a judgment. Remember that station by the train and their adorable "we're a team" attitude? I don't think Clem and Christa ever reached that point.

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