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TWD 2 - 360 wireless controller issue MAC

posted by blackvulcan3 on - Viewed by 599 users

Hi, I played TWD with a 360 wireless controller with official Microsoft wireless adapter and it worked flawlessly. I have bought TWD 2 and loaded up as per normal. It recognises the controller and I can walk around with it, however, it will not recognise the right stick, so even though Im using the controller, it wants me to use the mouse for right stick interactions. As you can imagine this is frustrating and as I result I've stopped playing the first episode of TWD 2. Can anyone please assist with a resolution. Ive opened TWD and it still works fine with the controller but TWD 2 does not. Help.

****I can see, what appear to be, the issue. The mouse pointer does not disappear despite the fact that the game is seeing the controller on the controller screen, the mouse pointer continues to be active. This did not occur on TWD. Can this be looked at please.

I have pics if that helps.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Thank you for the extra information, unfortunately at this time we do not support the use of wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers with the game. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    • That is disappointing Mike considering that you guys don't even appear to be interested in investigating this to ascertain, what should be, an easy fix. Its also shortsighted in the fact, that we have supported Telltale, your games have worked with this controller in the past and is our preferred way of playing. It is a game issue, not a controller issue. Please reconsider Telltales position and at least investigate what should be a quick fix for the next episode release. Thanks.

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