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The Wolf Among Us Birthday Scenario Game

posted by Kenny_Luke on - last edited - Viewed by 8.4K users

A lot of people liked the walking dead scenario game I made so I decided to make one for TWAU!

MONTH: Jan: You choked Feb: You have a huge crush on Mar: You are plotting to kill Apri: You kissed May: You ran your car over Jun: You made out with Jul: You shot Aug: You saved Sep: You killed Oct: You live in an apartment with Nov: You decapitated Dec: You bought a drink for

Day: 1. Nerissa 2. Holly 3. Grendel 4. Faith 5. The Crooked Man 6. Dee 7. Dum 8. Mr.Toad 9.Mr. TJ (Mr. Toad's son) 10. The Butcher 11. Bigby 12. Snow White 13.Woodsman 14. Bloody Mary 15.Jersey Devil 16. Crane 17. Aunty Greenleaf 18. Lily 19. Vivian 20. Bluebeard 21.Bufkin 22. Beauty 23. Beast 24. Jack 25.Dr. Swineheart 26. Georgie (Puddin n Pie boss) 27.Flycatcher 28.Tiny Tim 29. Colin 30. Hans (PNP janitor) 31.Lawrence (Faith's husband)

Comment what you got below!

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