Since the Pre-sequel is going to be like a "Rise of Handsome jack" story. Do you think Rhys will be a NPC in it? Since TTG has said that Jack was pretty important to Rhys, Or would he be already be working for Hyperion. I don't know.... I just really like Rhys for some reason.... Maybe its because he looks like Jack


  • Storywise it would make sense, but it depends if the dev team for the Pre Sequel and Tales are exchanging ideas or not. As well as when they started development.

    The Pre-Sequel seems to have all the groundwork in there now, whereas Tales seems to still need some work.

    The resemblance is also uncanny... leaves me wondering if he and Jack are related.

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    I also wonder which one is coming out first, I know that the Pre-sequel is coming out around the end of this year.

    There was lots of speculation as if Jack and Rhys were related, but the aren't. That one guy said in the ToTB SXSW panel, that they weren't related in anyway. Which saddens me.... It would be cool if Rhys ended up being Jacks son or something.

  • Hmm... well, I'd assume that Tales will be coming out around the same time as the Pre-Sequel. Wolf Among Us is going to be wrapping up very soon, with TWD soon after that. Tales will probably take up the mantle from then on until its finished, perhaps alongside the Game of Thrones game.

    New characters like Rhys do seem cool, but I'm still hoping to see a lot of returning characters from BL1 & 2, such as Maya, Lilith (because Coleen Clinkenbeard has been a fantastic voice actor for the series) and Zer0 (who is already confirmed)

    I presume we will receive a massive info dump over E3.

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    I really hope we get to see some characters from 1 and 2. They better have Kreig and Tiny Tina in there or i will not be impressed.... Not at all...

    Since the wolf among us is ending soon( Most likely at the start of july) and TWD might be ending near august i assume that Tales will start around October since that's when TWAU first came out.

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