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I am a MASSIVE mass effect fan and i thought maybe we should start a discussion here about Mass Effect days before E3 and the possible reveal trailer of ME4.

  • Do we reckon it will be set pre or post- ME3? It's exciting to think there might be a trailer at E3.

    • I personally think It'll be post-ME3. And it won't feature the Andromeda galaxy as may think eventhough i wish it will. They said that there're only two new species, Doesn't make sense if it's set about a galaxy's first contact with another one. How will they handle ME3's ending input into ME4 is still a mystery and i can grantee it will upset a partition of the fans. Yes, It won't relate to Shepard, But a massive war and decision like ME3 ending can't be ignored.

      • The two new species could still fit if the contact war also involved other known species, however I suspect you're right about it being set post-ME 3. I'd quite like to see how things were before Shepard, yet I guess there's no real point as the technology would - surely? - have to be downgraded, and that doesn't fit with the niche they've got going.

        Though I've played all three games and enjoyed them, I wasn't that bothered by the original ending. Sure, it might not have been the best in terms of fitting into what was referenced in previous games, I just think the hate seemed extreme. Shows people care though.

        • Ending was bad. I admire the EC Synthesis ending, But the whole Starchild thing and Priority: Earth is so poorly written and i understand why. The change of the writing team in ME3 was too much and too focused on Mac Walters' Artistic shit. Yes, Fan outrage was overrated and for the wrong reason. That they wanted the "MEHEM". But ending is bad and it needs to be fixed. I'm new to the ME community, About 6 months ever since i started playing ME1 and I'm doing a project to fix the ending and add it as a DLC.

          About ME4, First contact war wouldn't be an RPG and besides, It's already addressed in the Comics. I'm pretty sure it's the future.

          • Also, Mass Effect history has no record of new species during the first contact war.

          • The Synthesis ending was the first one I did, which might explain while I wasn't overly riled, however I do agree that the Starchild thing was a complete shift in writing. In comparison to the other games, and most of ME 3 up to that point, it all seems pretty realistic, or whatever realistic is for a story set quite some time in the future, whereas the Starchild thing was really - weird. Not necessarily bad by itself, just in context to the rest of the established fiction.

            I admire your efforts to make your own ending. I haven't got the games on PC so I wouldn't be able to play it, yet I'd be interested to know what you do.

            Looks like all eyes will be on the future, then.

            • Yes, The Tuchanka and Rannoch story archs were already set in previous games. Mass Effect 3 was supposed to add a reaper arc, Yet the writing staff failed. The whole Act III of the game was so poorly done that it feels I'm reconstructing it. I'ma actually calling the project "Reconstruction DLC". I'm creating the concept, "Near finishing it" and then will write the first draft of it on my blogger to check public's opinion, such as yours.

              • The Rannoch storyline was even better when I was romancing Tali :p

                • Actually, Rannoch was quickly escalated and needed to slow down a little bit. Also, Legion was supposed to survive somehow.

                • Did you ever get to see behind her mask? That was one of my disappointments of ME 2 - not getting to see - after playing it through again and romancing her :P

                  • Sorry for being late but all you get is some shitty real life photo look:

                    Alt text

                    I have to admit she is kinda hot.. LOL NOT REALLY

                    • I heard about this issue and have seen the photo. But I never really romanced her, She kinda annoys me. For me, Male Shep, Miranda. Fem Shep, Garrus. And I want to try a full Liara romance.

                      • IDK for me I picked Tali in ME 2 because IMO she was the best fem character on the ship at the time.

                        Jack looks like Miley Cyrus and is more of a Renegade romance (Which I'm Paragon all the way)

                        Miranda seemed a little too forced (Constant ass shots, is uncaring for personal feelings till last minute..)

                        But this is my opinion so don't take it personal.

                        • No, No, No, No. Nothing personal. We're here to have a friendly chat about Mass Effect. :)

                          I do agree Jack is Miley Cyrus though. xD And I'm a Paragade. Miranda has always struck me as a very strong women, Even FemShep made mention of that during Citadel DLC. She was talking to Miranda and then said, We're not girly girls, We're like Space divas. THAT's what compel me to her, Not her ass xD, Not for being a human. I'm open to dating aliens. xD

              • On consideration it does seem as if the story backed itself into a corner with the Reapers. They make for great antagonists, however they're not going to be gotten rid of easily or quickly, unless something like that ending is done.
                Okay, I will search around and keep a check out for it.

                • YES! Mass Effect 3 ending has to be unconventional in order to end the story. They brought an average and a plotholed twist with no atmosphere at all.

                  • I agree, it was executed without finesse. You said they changed the writing game for ME 3 - why was it changed?

                    • Well, The lead writer for ME1 Just left the staff, Most of the rest were changed as well. Not much has remained. Only Mac Walters and two more. And Mac Walters isn't really that good as a "lead" writer.

                      • Ahh, fair enough. Personally ME 1 was my favourite as I felt it captured that sense of impending threat with a genuine need for exploration of different planets, i.e. going to Novaria and Vermire. It didn't feel forced.

                        • YES! Me too. But ME2 portrayed the terminus very well which gave a sense of a complete galaxy to different variations of people.

                          • Indeed, Omega served as the perfect counter-point to the Citadel. I couldn't agree more that ME 2 gave a sense of completeness to the galaxy.
                            The writers of ME 4 will certainly have to prove their worth.

                            • Indeed. Though the presence of Mac Walters disturb me. He was the lead writer of ME2, But he was surronded with a lot of people to prevent mistake.

                              One of the writers of ME3 Talked about the ending that Only Casey Hudson and Mac Walters were the ones who worked on it ditching the whole team but he denied that the interview was legit eventhough some of what he said was added in the EC DLC.

                              • It wouldn't be the first time a writer commenting such and it later being denied has happened. Yet why ditch the team? A lot of people blame E.A. for certain implementations that have occurred in the business side of video games, and whilst I'm not the company's number one fan I've never been so irked as to particularly bash them. Could this be an instance where ME 3 was forced before it was ready, however?

                                • I don't think it was rushed. I think the new writing team just screwed it over. Wanted to have something BioShock Infinite-ish. As you can see, BioShock Infinite's creator and most invested fans have liked the ending of ME3 just as it is.

                                  • Bioshock Infinite came out after ME 3, unless you mean the storylines of the Bioshock universe in generall?I'm a pretty invested fan of Bioshock, especially Infinite, so perhaps that also explains my above opinion.

                                    • Yes, I didn't like it, But i respect that opinion. Though it doesn't really fit the setting of Mass Effect.

                                      • Oh, I certainly agree that it doesn't fit with the setting, I just meant that I'm not mega-annoyed by it. Though the more I talk about it the more it is becoming annoying haha

                                          • Tell me, What's your favorite ending?

                                            • That's a tough one.

                                              The Refusal ending is certainly different from many other video game endings as it implies that you didn't exactly win. I like it and dislike it for the fact that it puts you almost back to the first Mass effect game, with finding the Prothean Beacons, rediscovering a lost civilisation and uncovering the Reaper threat and so forth. There's not much closure, yet it's a different sort of ending.

                                              The Destroy ending seems the most obvious one that could be followed on from in terms of a post-ME 3 game as it removes the Reaper threat, yet doesn't particularly change anything else. Is Shepard alive or dead? I'm not sure that inhalation was necessary to see - they can't get away with rebuilding him twice, can they?

                                              The Control ending doesn't really do anything for me. If there's some sort of invasion threat in the galaxy Shepard - or the essence of Shepard - could get the Reapers to wipe it out; that being said, it's entirely possible to have Shepard go mad with power which seems too much of a cliché for my liking.

                                              Lastly, then, is the Synthesis ending. It could be a real game changer - a universe changer, even. Will they follow ME 4 on from it? I doubt it, however this ending and the Destroy ending seem the most satisfactory out of the bunch.

                                              I'm finding it a bit tricky to pick a favourite, yet I'm going to say the Synthesis ending. It just seems to wrap things up in a more unexpected parcel than the Destroy ending, which would be my next down on the list. After that is the Refusal ending, due to liking and disliking it for the reasons I mentioned above; and finally the Refusal ending.

                                              How about yourself?

                                              Also, sorry if a. I've got some of the implications of the endings wrong, and b. if you really didn't want a mini-essay on it. I've just never had chance to discuss the ending of the game with anyone before :3

                                              • Synthesis is my choice. I choose Synthesis, I am alive and I am not alone. xD For a variety for reasons, Synthesis is the ending i looked forward to ever since Mass Effect 1. But it was so poorly introduced that it sounded very bad before i chose it. That's one of the main issues we're focusing on fixing in ME3. Introduce Synthesis correctly.

                                                Destroy is kinda good, But it has a lot of flaws to me. Firstly, You become an alliance hero. Actually, I'm a Spectre to the bone, Not an alliance solider. Secondly, It ditches the whole responsibility of understanding and analyzing the situation and to create the solution that really fits the situation. "Synthesis".

                                                Control is for people who likes power, Mostly Renegades. Requires you sacrifice yourself to save everyone. Not really my type of choice, But i respect it. Refusal's brilliance is that as you said, It's really different than anything we've ever seen before.

                                                Verdict: None of the endings represent a Paragon/Renegade choice. It represents how the trilogy will end and leaving morality for you to decide. The ending has a lot of potential, It just needs to be put right. Unfortunately, The fans don't see that potential. Try googling "MEHEM". That's the kind of ending they want, Though It doesn't fit Mass Effect, Not by a long shot.

                                                • I'm intrigued to see what you do with the Synthesis ending.

                                                  Being honoured as an alliance hero sort of makes sense when you consider that for the first and last games Shepard is flying an alliance ship, and is a commander in the alliance. I agree with you on the Control ending.

                                                  I looked up MEHEM, and, yeah, doesn't sound right. Far too idealistic, which ME has never been. One of the brilliant things about the series is the decisions in the first game reach across to the third, there is a lasting consequence, and often the choices you face put you in between a rock and a hard place. Take Virmire from the first game: there's the Ashley/Kaiden choice, or the repercussion of not having enough of either Paragon or Renegade and being able to talk Wrex down.

                                                  • Yes, But for me, I only used the alliance to get to a higher position. I told the rear admiral from Mass Effect 1 to shove it and that The Normandy is now a citadel propriety and he can't inspect it. That's exactly the kind of attitude i have towards the alliance. Miranda even mentioned that The Alliance isn't flexible and it did take a lot of room than it's supposed to take in ME3. Also, hackett thinks he owns the world and always bossing me around in ME3. Typical attitude that piss me off. The debriefings are getting improved as well.

                                                    • Upon consideration it would seem that such player choice is not given room for consequence. Here's hoping they allow for more in the next game.

                                                      • Yes, I'd like that. So tell me, Krogan vs Salarians? Geth vs Quarians vs Peace? What did you choose?

                                                        • Krogans. I don't normally go for the heavy-handed approach to things, the running-gunning style, however the Dalatrass really annoyed me with what seemed like underhanded tactics during a galactic crisis. Obviously having not seen the full force of the Krogan Rebellion means I don't know just quite what they did.

                                                          As for Geth, Quarians and Peace, I went for Peace. At least I think I did - I can't remember if I had quite enough Paragon points. If I did I know I would have gone for that.


                                                          • I actually chose The Salarians. Not one my first walkthrough but when i did, I felt like, Hell, I should always do that. Actually after plenty of thinking, The Salarians have a point. The Krogan can't even accept that the Rachni doesn't need to go extinct, How can they be a part of a galactic diplomacy? Yes, The Dalatrass was very close-minded, But look on the bright side of it. I actually either kill Wrex on Virmire or never recruit him and destroy Maelon's data in order to save Mordin. I had hoped i could save him with Wrex around to face the consequence of my actions when he attacks you on the citadel afterwards.

                                                            For the Geth/Quarian situation, I always thought peace is the best solution. Admiral Koris proved that The Quarians' engineering brilliance can be supported with keen diplomatic minds. Besides, The Quarians are mistreated by the entire galaxy and i can put things right for them and then they can change and open their minds as Tali changed her mind in ME3, The Geth are mistreated by The Quarians, And i stood in their favor ever since ME1 when i didn't even had a choice. However, Rannoch's event escalation was very quick that makes you feel as it's rushed. Despite the fact that The Rannoch situation is more difficult than The Tuchanka situation diplomatically. That's one of the many screw-ups of the writing staff.

                                                            • It's a valid point that the Krogan can't accept the Rachni - it's not very geo-politically minded. I might have gone with the Salarians if it weren't for Wrex, who I'd seemingly built up a rapport with; I really like Mordin though.

                                                              I completely agree with your view on the Quarians and Geth.

                                                              • I wasn't really a fan of Wrex. So it didn't matter to me. Since you're a Liara-mancer, have to ask, Did you play Lair of the shadow broker DLC?

                                                                • I most definitely did play the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. Yourself?

                                                                  • I did play every DLC known to the Mass Effect universe. Except for the Pinnacle Station from Mass Effect1.

                                                                    • Same, a part from the ME 3 ones, which I think I will come back to, and I played Pinnacle Station. What did you do with the Collector Base at the end of ME 2?

                                                                      • Destroyed it. I always wanted to keep it, As Legion said, It's just data now. But can't trust Cerberus or The Illusive Man with the data. What about you?

                                                                        • First time I destroyed it, second time I kept it, and the latter save ended up being the one I went into ME 3 yet. The supposed consequence was, I think, that Ceberus troops were indroctrinated and husk-like. I figured that was probably the same for everyone, though. Some team mates are a little annoyed, such as Jack, come to think of it.

                                                                          • They're husk-like anyway and i don't really believe TIM is indoctrinated. The only consequence of saving it is more war assets after the Cerberus HQ mission.

                                                                            • Thought they would be.

                                                                              • I see. Opinion of Cerberus? Save or kill the Council?

                                                                                • Cerberus: I can understand their prerogative of human survival - I'm sure all the other races have sections that are interested in self-preservation. However I disagree with their methods and the extremes to which they take their ideology, as I prefer working with people for the benefit of all instead of working against for the benefit of one.

                                                                                  Saved Council. I'm curious to see what things would be like if I hadn't, however.


                                                                                  • Cerberus is a decent bunch. I don't really agree on their methods but every main player in the galaxy needs to be supported by some people that aren't official, Specially that The Alliance is the least flexible galactic government.

                                                                                    I saved the council in order not to insure human dominance. I can tell you what happens if you kill the council if you wish.

                                                                                    • What with the humans being seen by the other races as inferior, or rather just that the humans have turned up to the party late, it's understandably that the Alliance would have little maneuverability if they wish to stay in favour. That said, any races seemed to consider them as having too much power anyway.

                                                                                      If you wouldn't mind letting me know I'd thank you for it, though you need only give the salient points.

                                                                                      • Yes, That kind of behavior is exactly what makes aliens think of humans that way. Every species has started to admire Shepard after he saved the council, If he did so. If he did not, Mass Effect 2 council will be all humans but you won't get to meet them and you can't get Spectre status that way. In Mass Effect 3, There'll be a new council that consists of the same formula of Salarian/Asari/Hhuman/Turian. And then the Asari councilor makes mention of Shepard's selfishness of killing the council off.

                                                                                        Verdict: If the Alliance became open enough, It can create balance with them involved. But they're too military-ish.

                                                                                        • Thanks for letting me know, they're sensible consequences. Indeed, they are very military-ish.

                                                                                          Anyway, all this discussing is making me more excited for Mass Effect 4 now. Perhaps it will have a subtitle.

                                                                                          • E3 Is only 4 days away, Patience, Young apprentice. xD "Star wars quote if you didn't know."

                                                                                            I wanted to let you know about the consequences but i thought you'd like to experience them yourself without spoilers, So i backed off a little bit.

                                                                                            • Tell me, How do you think the reapers' motives can be improved instead of using Starchild's?

                                                                                              • Patience? If that is thy bidding, my Master. ^_^

                                                                                                I appreciate your consideration. As for their motives, I'd quite like to give this one some thought, so I will reply soon.

                                                                                                • The motives are the only missing element of my project's first conception. And i thought maybe discussing it here will give me some clues to what to do.

                                                                                                  • Happy to discuss it.

                                                                                                    History could be a good place to start. Are are you accepting the Leviathan DLC to be canon in terms of your project? If so, the idea that the Reapers were made to, in a sense, emulate the Leviathans gives other routes to explore. Obviously leaving out the Starchild, who or what made them? That could lead to a motive.

                                                                                                    Regardless of the above, it's established that they come once ever 50,000 years, and that they're synthetic and organic. Lying dormant in dark space, one motive, albeit a rather simple one, could be that they harvest to restore their organic parts and thus keep themselves alive.

                                                                                                    What sort of ideas are you considering?

                                                                                                    • I have no fucking idea what to do to be honest. xD

                                                                                                      The Mass Effect trilogy needs a en ending that you could have never saw it coming, The Synthetic vs Organic formula is too obvious, The dark energy ending wasn't that good or even the current ending was that good.

                                                                                                      My idea will revolved around Biotics vs Tech as the canceled ending thought but expanding upon it. But that's the philosophy and that's how you'll get your choices at the end of the game. It won't be represented by the reapers.


                                                                                                      • I need a BIG cliffhanger when you enter the citadel's core. A cliffhanger that answers the question about who's controlling the reapers and what're the reapers motives. And you need something beyond the formula of Synthestic vs Organic as the original writer of mass effect 1 said.
                                                                                                      • I actually accept the Leviathan DLC but as long as it doesn't contradict what i plan to do with the ending.

                                                                                                      Everything in the project is very ready except for those two points.

                                                                                                    • And in order to understand the motives i have to go first with the cliffhanger of who's controlling the reapers. Also, The mood of The Citadel's core need to be close to the mood of the room where The Collector General was in The Collector Base. Unlike the current unatmospheric last mission.

                                                                                                    • However, I still think Dark Energy and Element Zero are two fundamental players in the ending. I just need a new plot. Something similar to the Indoctrination Theory in its mechanism. You never saw it coming, But it connects the plot well. Even if the concept is very weak, The mechanism was correct.

                                                                                                      • This is quite the challenge - ending a AAA trilogy.

                                                                                                        The Collector General's base was very atmospheric; being inside of their ships, you always felt something was watching you.

                                                                                                        Anyway, here are two fairly out-there, so to speak, ideas.

                                                                                                        1. Something living in the dark matter. Dark energy could be tied into this, and it's currently hypothesised that dark matter accounts for readings of mass where no such mass can be seen. Here's a link with more information: Dark Matter

                                                                                                        2. I'm not sure of details, however what if you tied it into the Mass Effect fields? It ties in eezo, dark energy, biotics, and is the name of the game. It's perhaps hard to see how this could be tied into an ending, I just think that it might have something to it.

                                                                                                        This isn't much, I know, and I like the idea of the cliffhanger ending; I'm just trying to generate ideas to get things started.

                                                                                                        • Yes, I thought about those two. Actually According to The Codex:

                                                                                                          *Element zero can increase or decrease the mass of a volume of space-time when subjected to an electrical current. With a positive current, mass is increased. With a negative current, mass is decreased. The stronger the current, the greater the magnitude of the dark energy mass effect.

                                                                                                          In space, low-mass fields allow FTL travel and inexpensive surface-to-orbit transit. High-mass fields create artificial gravity and push space debris away from vessels. In manufacturing low-mass fields permit the creation of evenly-blended alloys, while high mass compaction creates dense, sturdy construction materials.

                                                                                                          The military makes extensive use of mobility enhancing technologies, with mass effect utilizing fighting vehicles standard front-line issue in most military forces. Mass effect fields are also essential in the creation of kinetic barriers or shields to protect against enemy fire. *

                                                                                                          So, The increase and decrease could be a very possible motivation. I just don't like to be too similar to the canceled ending of Dark Energy. So, I'm researching a new element to count it in and then will think about the Reapers' controller. Actually coming up with those two ideas illuminated something. I will make you an offer, Why don't you officially work with me on the storyline?

                                                                                                          • Sounds like this could be a line to consider a bit more then, it has potential. There are things to figure out with it however, such as how it ties in to the Reaper's 50,000 year cycle. Anyway, I agree that not encroaching too much on the Dark Energy ending is a good idea, as they're isn't much use putting effort into someone else's binned idea; not least because everyone knows about. The new element is intriguing.

                                                                                                            I will be honest: I wasn't expecting that offer. Your clear dedication and enthusiasm for the project is inspiring, and I will accept.

  • I'm pretty sure they confirmed it's post ME3

  • We need a silence option in ME4 urgently. All those parts with the council...

    • You mean disconnecting the council. Yeah, it was hilarious. Didn't do it in gameplay but saw it on youtube. I always have this feeling of the diplomatic consequences of my actions.

      • No, I wanted to have silence options in those moments from Mass Effect 1 where you really get to see the councilors and all. But silence options in all conversations would also be good, even though it would work better if we had a timer.

        • I... don't think that'd fit mass effect. They have already announced a deeper Paragon/Renegade and conversation system, But i don't think they will have silence option, Or a timer.

          • They'll improve the Paragon/Renegade system? How? Please be true man, even though I was Paragon I had to use some Renegade options.

            • They only said that the game will feature a more complex morality and choice system. They didn't say how.

              • I honestly hope they just ditch the Paragon/Renegade system altogether and perhaps adopt Dragon Age's companion approval system. As is, the trivial morality meter just restricts the 'role playing' aspect in a supposed RPG, as we're hindered down the line for straying from either Holy Goody Two Shoes of Justice or Royal Dickbag of Douchery. Attempt to blur the line between those two? Well, now the Quarians are dead because you didn't have enough points. Better luck next time.

                • The system has a good point that I'm you're not influential enough, You can't really have a good influence on others. I agree with you that it entitles how you see the world in only two visions, I'm actually a Paragade player for that particular reason.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    After Mass Effect 3, i could care less about that series. Choices matter my butt. I am Rome 2 done with mass Effect series as a whole.

  • Mass Effect :) . I still think Citadel was the best dlc ever made ever. Pretty excited for ME4. I seriously hope it's not a prequel though. It should be an alternate universe thing. I thought that maybe it should be that the Reapers existed, but they never came back. I hope there isn't as much auto dialogue as Mass Effect 3 though :\ . My Shepard became too serious. They also removed the hair color I used, so he acted kind of different and looked different. Auto dialogue can seriously ruin this game if they put too much in this time.

    • They got a lot of stuff wrong in Mass Effect 3. Most of them are fixable.

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      I didn't play any of the DLC, I nerded out hard. I played through Mass Effect 1, and 2, to get my story just right for #3. After that ending i was done with the game. I got the awesome Green orb ending.

      • I actually played all DLC packs. The game is still flawed, That's why i created my project, "Reconstruction DLC". The retake movement is too soft to act. And actually, I liked the concept of Synthesis so very much. It was just poorly presented.

  • Can't wait loved the series(yes even threes ending though it annoys me we don't get a definitive answer is shepard is alive.) can't wait till e3 probably gonna get a trailer with a 2015 release date(2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year). Plus they will probably announce when the trilogy comes to ps4/X1

  • I'll probably look into the next Mass Effect if Dragon Age Inquisition hits the right notes with me. BioWare's been a bit on and off for me as of late.

    I won't deny I'm still a raging fanboy though, so I'll probably pick it up down the line no matter what out of obligation, but...

  • Would you guys still recommend Mass Effect 3? Even though it has a shitty ending? Because I technically haven't played it yet.

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