Do Fables eat?

Throughout the game Bigby and the other Fables have never been seen actually eating anything and even Bigby's fridge is full of cigarettes. I haven't read the comics but if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated.


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    even Bigby's fridge is full of cigarettes


  • Bigby drinks some beer in Episode 4

  • He possibly had some Chinese food that he didn't remember getting in S1

  • He's been seen drinking alcohol twice, once at his own house in ep 1 and then with Grendel and the Woodsman in episode... 3, right?
    And then the Chinese food.

  • Yes they do. Most of them.

    You don't see them eat in the game, but you have Colin who Bigby tried to have for lunch long ago, for example.

  • Asking if fables eat is asking if god has a dick. If you're going to "believe in" them, then it has to not matter.

  • Well, yeah. Even though you don't see any eating during gameplay, I imagine they grab a bite in between episodes. It'd be nice to see a scene where Bigby's chompin' on a sandwich of some sort, but TellTale isn't exactly focusing what each person is eating for breakfast. In the comics, there's a scene where Bigby cooks eggs while Colin is in his apartment (For the thousandth time of escaping the farm.) and when Colin asks what's cooking, Bigby says bacon which makes Colin say something like,"Nevermind, I'll pass." So yeah, even though there's not much in his fridge, he probably just buys most of his meals unless he actually has something to cook up.

  • Yes. There are multiple scenes in the comics where the Fables go out to eat and you can see them eating food.

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    Here's an example in the comics! :)

  • It's possible that it could have been Colin and Bigby unintentionally tricked himself into thinking that he had ordered it and forgot.

  • Swinehart tells bigby to eat more chicken in ep 3 i believe

  • Bigby is very known for eating, that is why he is not allowed on the farm.

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    Fabletown does have a diner if you hadn't noticed, both in the game and the comics. It's like the ultimate Fable hangout for eats.

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  • Such a cool name, someone must make a place like that IRL.

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    Indeed they must, the place even comes with a green flying monkey for a head chef!

  • They eat, but only Mundies...

  • Thanks for the great example, it definitely shines light on the subject

  • Bigby used to eat scores of people, men women and children. Now Im sure he eats a burger now and then, he just doesnt cook, lol.

  • Are you forgetting the first volume in which Bigby cooks ham & eggs... it was even posted here at 6:22.

  • Those panties on Bigby just crack me up.

  • Yeah, I guess I did. It was one panel in the very first volume.

  • Everything he's wearing should more or less, including oven gloves.

  • I agree that Bigby would buy a burger, especially when working on a case. Bigby probably cooks when he hasn't worked on a case in a while, and only cooks things he used to eat as a pup.

  • I don't read the comics either, but I figured it was obvious considering Bigby's history with Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Is Bigby a stripper in his spare time XD maybe he works at the pudding and pie. (am sorry if I upset some one you with my comment)

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    you notice whenever bigby has no shirt on in The Wolf Among Us, he doesn't always wear that thong xD it seems he wears Calvin Klein.
    Now that i say it, i picture bigby as one of those buff underwear model guys

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