Can Bigby handle them all??

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When bigby entered crooked man's place ... Every antagonist ie tweed le dum and dee , pimp , jersey devil are present ... What happens if a brawl broke at once ... Can bigby handle them all? Including Bloody Mary



  • Can he overcome the odds?

  • Yeah, he can handle them all. If Bigby went all out on them in his werewolf form Dum and Dee along with Georgie are dead in a couple of seconds. Jersey also won't bother him at all. I think it's safe to assume Bigby wasn't at full strength at the lucky pawn because of the silver bullet and he dealt with him relatively easy, in werewolf form he will pound him.

    We know nothing about Bloody Mary,though. Still, those markings on her arm give her quite the strength, since she was able to break Bigby's arm like that when he was transformed. But as of right now, Bigby won't have a problem with her either.

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    I doubt that he can't take them, not unless they have silver bullets. Bigby is probably expecting silver by now, and when Mary shot Bigby he was distracted by Snow...

  • I think he can, but he is there only because CM wants him there.

  • He can, if he transforms in a bigger form.

  • I'm not sure anymore, considering TTG aren't taking all of his powers into consideration.

    They nerfed him in a couple of scenes.

  • This 'nerfing' is unfortunately true...

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    I believe that, if his weaknesses weren't used against him in the process, he would be more than capable of taking them all at once, even if Bloody Mary teleported in through some mirror to join the fight.

    Bigby seems to be practically unstoppable in his werewolf form and if he's any like in the comics if pushed he could go way beyond it, by transforming into a giant wolf the size of a bus. That said, I doubt Mary wouldn't have any more silver bullets or else she would have kept Woody's axe, and also I don't think the Crooked man would expose himself without some security measures.

    If you guys payed attention, the Jersey Devil was actually scared of him until he remembered Bigby got fucked up by Mary and the Tweedles. He knew about his broken arm and the side where Mary shot him with the silver bullet, and he tried to use his preview wounds to his advantage from start to finish.

    Jersey may have proved to be considerably stronger than Woody but I don't think that he is anywhere near the Big Bad Wolf to even think about starting a fight against him without some significant edge, and I bet neither would Mary. They are all pushovers compared to the whole armies, dragon-eating wolf.

  • yeah but jersey and mary could create a problem if they team up

  • u mean he will be beaten?

  • bigby will have a tough time but can put them down

  • No that would be, "I doubt that he can take them."

  • you mean the form when he took the bullet

  • not sure because if they team up they can be deadly

  • right but devil and mary are a deadly duo

  • yeah he is being portrayed a bit weak in the game compared to comics

  • Silver still messes him up just as easily in the comics. They did tone down his senses, due to lazy writing.

  • We still don't know if the crooked man has any power, people seem to be frightened of him.

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    Watch the teaser again. It seems like everyone's backing away in fear of Bigby (and they're still in the church, by the looks of it). The crooked man looks like the only confident one in the situation. The others don't look interested in fighting.

    So, in other words, Bigby won't have to fight them all because they likely won't want to fight him.

  • There will be no fight in the crooked room. The Man wants to talk to Bigby, possibly to get him to join his side, but almost certainly to request his help in finding out who killed the prosties. They ultimately, work for him.


  • This nerfed version of Bigby in TWAU certainly can't. But he's scared them enough for a brawl not to happen.

  • Did you listen to Jersey at the pawn shop? "If they're dead, it's because the Crooked Man wanted them dead."

  • Actually Bigby would be able to take them on. I think the options available show that quite perfectly. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me" " I'm gonna enjoy this" and Bigby lighting a Huff & Puff. There is only one option to talk. There will be a fight at the beginning. Dee & Dum are scared of Bigby's wolfman form, Bigby beat Jersey in werewolf form (same form fighting Gren), and was strong enough to hurt Georgie in human form. If the real trailer shows Bigby in full wolf form it will be enjoyable for Bigby.

  • Even still, he seems fairly superior to any other given fable.

    Just curious, what particular scenes are you referring to?

  • At the end of the episode, Jersey looked like he wanted to have another go around with Bigby. The only thing that stopped him was the CM calling him off.

  • Bloody Mary's the only one who might pose a threat and it's unclear if she will be in the brawl if it comes to that. Jersey Devil seems to be strongest of those actually in that room and Bigby handled him pretty well in his wolf-man form. Of course, based on the fact that The Crooked Man was mass-producing so much magic, I'm sure he kept a few spells for his own uses.

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    Vivian might actually be able to do something for all we know. Not really sure what fable she could be though.

    (working on my Mirror rhyming skills..)

  • Finding Snow, knowing whether alive or dead, sensing whether someone's lying or not, giant wolf etc.

  • No one is taking into account what the Crooked man can do. Sure he looks like a frail ordinary man, so weak that he has to use a walking stick. But with Fables, you never know.

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    We need FULL WOLF. Like Comic Book Wolf. This isn't Wolf Man, this is the Big Bad Wolf. We need Full Form Beast, Full Form Bigby, and Grendel Team up. That would be epic

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  • Let me see. The only person who could 'fight' him in that room was Jersey in his true form, the rest of them.. the Tweedles ain't nothing without their shotguns/weapons. Georgie wouldn't bother, Bigby would rip him in two. Mary isn't even in that room, she's possibly gonna have 1vs1 with Wolf.

    And judging by their faces, someone died in that room.
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  • beast can't stand a chance against bigby

  • yeah but i think we wont see this form in the game because we can't punch and kick in this form

  • yeah ..... but if he gets help from grendel they can take them all

  • yeah telltale games are not into the sense of smell

  • he looks old and beaten up .... i am not sure but i don't think he has any powers he leave the dirty work for his goons

  • we still don't know what made them back away but jersey was interested in fighting him again

  • yeah he can kick ass just like bigby

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