• I think Brannigan was supposed to find the video evidence they left behind after crane used the mind wipe spell and was going to suspect bigby of being the murderer.

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      MrLee BANNED

      Well I think that she just see him ass a suspect but keep this for herself but in the files she was very important I believe. Jack was in The Open Arms you know and NO SEX! The guy who was having sex in a room with a girl had a name but don't remember it

  • dont think they would have done any better since current ep 3 was probably best in the whole series and brannigan plot was too predictable imo

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      MrLee BANNED

      You could be right but I want to come her back I saw her model in a hacked video file and it was almost done just some changes and in the files Crane didn't take all the proof but you had to take all the proof with you. Go to a advidence room and take all the proof of the murder with you... But I want her in EP 5

    • I agree with kappafan. Yeah, it's obvious that they changed some things, but the episode that we got was really good. Maybe the original plot sucked and that's why they rewrote it. Anyway, rewrites happen all of the time, it's just that because of the nature of Telltale's episodic games it's kind of obvious to the players that it happened in this one case.

      Maybe Brannigan had potential to be an interesting character, but perhaps the whole "mundy cop finds out about Fabletown" thing took away from the core of the investigation. I don't know. I do know that episode 3 was my favorite of the series so far.

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        MrLee BANNED

        Yes Episode 3 was the best of the season but I can't stand it if they change something and never gonna tell what it was... Come on Telltale tell us what you had planed for this Episode

        • But, that's kind of what I'm saying. I'm sure they've changed lots of things. All games, books, movies, etc. go through rewrites and fans never know because the final draft is what it is. We just know in this one case because of the first version of the ep. 3 slide and I'm pretty sure the Brannigan plot wasn't the only thing that ended up on the cutting room floor. But, again, what they gave us was a great episode and that's ok with me. I can't really miss a plotline that I never read.

        • I know exactly what you mean. It's like wondering about the end of the road not taken.
          I was always curious about the alternative plot of Mass Effect with the Dark Energy theory. Still am I guess.
          I hope the original story does leak out someday.

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            MindWeb BANNED

            I'm fairly sure Bioware changed ME3's ending BECAUSE the original Dark Energy one was leaked. At least, that's what I heard.

            • Oh no. On the contrary the leaked script had contained the starbrat ending, which was something that caused furor even before the game was released. They made some minor changes to it before release of course.
              Meh....bad times.

  • intially the episode 'coming soon screens' are placeholders.. with some hint towards what's coming..

    but they do make changes based on feedback/testing.

  • I sort of hope they're saving her for S2, if they decide to do one.

  • Also, we see cindy and some other woman at the pudding and pie in the first ep2 trailer

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Admittedly, I was first disappointed to see evidence indicating that Telltale toned down the role of Brannigan and the other mundane police cracking down on Fabletown.

    However, sometime around when the Episode 4 trailer came out, I really got a taste of what Telltale was going for with their story and I've since embraced the change. I hope that they at least touch upon Brannigan in Episode 5 though. It'd be perfect timing with Bigby wolfing out in the open if the Episode preview is any indication.

  • cooked man is working for brannigan maybe? can be a possibility cant it?

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    MrLee BANNED

    I'm gonna post over a few hours what the original idea was about the open arms but I have some problems so that takes some hours.

  • Disappointed that the bluebeard as deputy mayor storyline was dropped.

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    MrLee BANNED

    Toad had to appear with a glamour in EP 2 because some files and EP 1 a cop was talking, I believe he was after those Dee or Dum.

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