"Stop laughing at me"


A little something I noticed...

In Episode 2, Toad Junior says he witnessed what may or may not have been Faith's body being thrown into the river he was swimming in, and hearing "noisy feet", laughter, and a strange voice say "Stop laughing at me". This piece of dialogue is only heard, however, when you further question him and say "Were those the exact words?" otherwise he just says he heard someone say "Stop laughing".

In Episode 4, right at the very end, before Bigby is about to walk through the door to see The Crooked Man, you hear laughter (which I assume is Jersey, because it's not Dee, Georgie, The Crooked Man or the the lady with blonde hair that works at the Pudding 'n' Pie (sorry that I forgot her name!) and after the laughter you hear Georgie reply back with "What did I say? Stop laughing at me" which kind of indicates he's said "Stop laughing at me" previously. Might be a coincidence, but I doubt it. So Georgie and Jersey may have had something to do with killing Faith, and/or they were just dumping the body because The Crooked Man requested them to do so.

I'm not sure if it really has much significance right now, but it's just something I noticed. Also, the dialogue can be cut off if you opt to open the door yourself, to which Tiny Tim's dialogue "Let me handle that", or something similar, cuts over it, so some people might not have heard.

Post your thoughts about it below.


  • in ep4, when narissa shows up at bigby's office, you have the option to remove the ribbon.

    this scene implies the ribbon when removed by someone other than who put it there, chops off the head.

    or at least that's how i see it.

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    Yeah, when she leaves she tells you not to tell Snow, but if you tell her, Bigby even says "It's what killed Faith and Lily". The main concern right now is the fact that The Crooked Man is enslaving Fables. Lily and Faith are somewhat old news, but it's just uncanny how Georgie said "stop laughing at me". If it was him that disposed of the body, that's pretty effed up, considering she was one of the girls that worked with Georgie.

    EDIT: Also, I don't think Bigby has what it takes to bring down The Crooked Man. He's strong, but I'm pretty sure Bloody Mary would annihilate him, since she has the ability to use magic, and she's smart. I really hope Bigby and Snow hire someone to help, like Boy Blue, as a partner, that'd be awesome, like tag-team fights, kinda like the one with Woody in The Lucky Pawn.

  • "He's strong, but I'm pretty sure Bloody Mary would annihilate him"

    I guess you don't know how strong bigby really is

  • apparently from what i read here (since i never read the comics) he's been dumb downed. I didn't think he was "that strong" until i read about people here and the comics

  • I meant in-game. I haven't read the comics (yet) :)

  • I think the reason why people think Mary could do so, is because some have been easily seduced by Bloody Mary's character. Also they watched her break the arm of a Bigby weakened by a silver bullet, then jumped to conclusions. In a straight-up fight, Bigby being a demigod, wins no problem.

  • well it looks like we're going to find out in ep5..

    i'd say in ep3 mary only wanted to stop bigby from getting in the way not kill him, she'd know what would kill him if she really wanted too..

    cos she really needed crane.

  • Logically it would make very little sense for Bigby to be killed in this series at all, as the comics have already accounted for his deaths (in the comics narrative itself). Mary is a psychopath, a cartoonish one, however being a psychopath all Mary really want's to do is kill people. I'm sure Bigby was not an exception.

  • I guess we'll find out. When there's a comic series and a game where the characters are vastly different, it's hard to determine who'd win. It's all situational. It depends on who has what weapons, and what powers are and aren't involved. But I'm interested to see what happens in the next episode. I doubt it'll be anything like the "Next Episode" teaser, because those are never accurate.

  • Read the comics, they're addictive. Only don't make the mistake I did and just buy the first few to see if they're any good. You'll have to sweat it out while you wait for UPS to bring you the other hundred issues.

    Yeah, it's THAT good. Firefly-calibre writing.


  • When there's a comic series and a game where the characters are vastly different...

    The characters aren't vastly different, just different enough to be irritating to a Fables fanatic. BTW, Bluebeard is EXACTLY the same as in the comics.

  • No this is a cannon prequel to the comics, the characters are not 'vastly' different. The lore has not been broken in any major way, Bigby's senses may have been tamed due to lazy writing but that is about it. There is nothing 'vast', between the game and the comics, TWAU Bigby is no French Poodle. For the remainder of your comment, I mean what am I to say? We won't find out next episode? Cut the tautology and cliche, of course we will find out next episode, unless Telltale pushes this story into another season (which is unlikely). Going by who Bigby is, it is unlikely Bloody Mary could beat him in a straight up fight. Bigby is a demigod with a prophecy, Mary is a crazy lady who murders kids.

  • Thanks for the heads-up Faye! I'm actually only at Chapter 2 right now, but I'm liking it so far!

  • Yeah from what I've seen Bluebeard is exactly the same.

  • I wouldn't get so serious about it. I've never read the comics, but am planning to, but from what I've heard from other people some of the characters are vastly different. It's impossible to say Bigby would beat Mary, considering we know barely anything about her. I mean, she won't beat him, cos he's the main character, that much is obvious, but like I said, we don't know much about her. Does she have multiple forms? What other powers does she have that we aren't aware of? She may end up making Bigby look like a push-over, but I doubt that's the case. I'm just saying, it's hard to say who'd win when you can only analyse one of the characters fully.

  • Seriousness is a red-herring, tautology and cliche are distasteful in any situation, formal or informal. No it is not impossible to say that Bigby can overcome Mary, I've said that the odds are greatly in bigby's favor. Bigby is a DEMIGOD, meaning he is kind of hard to beat unless you have the most powerful magical weapons, and will be able to escape the prophecy surrounding him. There is a lot of problems with your above statement, some contradictions and what not. I will just point this out, when you say that you have read on these forums that the characters are 'vastly different', you are going on anecdotal evidence.You should not rely on a few cases, use your reason, this game is a canon prequel, start with that and read the comics. Don't rely on anecdotal evidence, it gets you nowhere.

  • that actually makes sense

  • I KNEW IT...I WAS LIKE "Wait am I the only one who thinks that those two are connect". OH, I AM SO HAPPY

  • She wanted cut off his head, but Crooked Man stopped her by agreeing to the deal. ( Crane for Bigby's life. )

    And I don't think she would spare Bigby because she needs Crane, she could just kill Bigby and take Crane since Snow can't really stop her.

  • It might be the person on the answering machine in Beast and Beauty's apartment.

  • Yeah Bigby in the comics is pretty much a one man army and he heals way faster than in the game. Like in episode 3 when Bigby got shot in the shoulder, in the comics Bigby would never have needed Dr. Swineheart, the wound would've been healed in a few hours.

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