• You even reminded me of some details I had forgotten about.

  • It's incredible to see the richness of Borderlands lore!

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    This is an incredible write up! I might link to this thread from the unofficial FAQ sometime later on if you don't mind. :)

    • Thanks, I was planning on adding more sections as I missed some stuff. I would be happy for the link :)

      UPDATED with large Corporations information near the bottom

  • This is great! I wasn't a Borderlands fan, but due to Telltale Games being just about my favorite game company, I'm probably prone to play TFTB. So thanks a lot. I didn't know anything in detail about the Fables universe when I started playing The Wolf Among Us, so it took some time to understand. Even if Tales From the Borderlands is going to be a prequel (From what I hear), I'm sure at least some of this is going to help!

  • Basically, every major corporation is evil and should be destroyed as soon as possible by the Vault Hunters. I can't wait until they eventually destroy the Hyperion space station that overlooks Pandora, probably in a possible Borderlands 3 (or Borderworlds)? :)

    • Hopefully! A new trailer just came out for Borderland: The Pre-Sequel that shows off the Hyperion Moonbase a fair bit. (As well as Unmasked Handsome Jack.)


      Jakobs is more um... neutral than evil. I mean they've been d**ks before, but who doesn't have the odd bad wednesday. And Maliwan is just full of liberal arts majors.

  • I appreciate this, thank you. I don't know if I'll end up getting this game, but if I do I'd like to be prepared :)

  • UPDATED with information on Bandits, and the Vault of the Warrior. Contains spoilers from BL1 & 2.

    • Very, very nice. Thinking tackling Sirens sometime soon? Seems like it's probably going to come up during the course of the story.

      Edit: Just re-reviewed and noticed the entry. May be worth noting their effects on vault keys and rid-rock though.

      • Big update to the Siren entry, in accordance ;) Thanks

        • And well done yet again. I again applaud your efforts on this. I think it will probably be a big tool for anyone not familiar with the franchise or those who have been bantering about that "Borderlands doesn't have any lore! Why bother!"

          • It's why I wrote it in the first place. At the time, the most popular threads were by TWD fans complaining about the games existence or saying it would be terrible since Borderlands doesn't "have any lore", and other threads for people having to defend its existence. I thought we needed some threads that talked about the subject matter :P

            I do wish Gearbox had put a Codex in the games, because people would then see exactly how much lore the game has. Spoilers: a whole lot more than TWD does!

            • I think at this point we'd settle for them for saving echoes somewhere on the interface so we can re-review information without going to youtube, but yeah. You'd think GBX would be interested in getting stuff out there now that it's kind of their flagship franchise, but whatever.

              Good on you.

  • Wow, this is indeed a nice write up! Even if I played the game, it's always nice to have a reminder just a few clicks away:). And I'm not ashamed to admit I didn't even know some of the details here.

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