• He only appears in 2 flashbacks, it`s thought that he is working for Fabletown by helping the fables outside of it.

    • Was he one of the tourists, then? Cindy, Mowgli and him?

      Edit: Speaking of Riding Hood's arrivals, the first heralded the Battle of Fabletown. Woody could have been one of the heavy fighters (Beast, Grimble, Weyland ect.), but say he was too far away at the time. Who else lives in Fabletown who totally would have been drafted as heavies? Gren and Holly. So is the existence of Gren and Holly another one of those things that contradicts stuff in the comics, or will their appearance now and lack of appearance later be explained?

    • Several people make comments about the Woodsman possibly being a tourist. I don't remember that at all. Does anyone know which issue, or even which story arc they mention this in?

      • I don't.

        I remember there being at least 3 Tourists, though. I used to assume Charming was a tourist who then quit or was fired. It fit his lifestyle, abilities. and he all of a sudden had mouse police working for him.

  • If Bigby interviews and vets every Fable before being allowed to be a part of Fabletown, why is not at least aware of Faith, Lawrence, the Tweedles, Nerissa, pretty much half the characters that show up in the game, actually? I mean, why is he ignorant of who they personally were, not that they formed a crime syndicate or whatever.

    Fabletown posts guards on every known gateway back to the Homelands not closed off on the Mundy side. There haven't been any new refugees in a hundred years.

    Why does Snow, an employee of Fabletown since the beginning, opts to burn down Greenleaf's tree instead of confiscating it? Both result in Greenleaf losing it, but one increases Fabletown's arsenal, is a standard thing Fabletown does anyway, and isn't a motherfucking danger of also burning down Greenleaf's apartment and building and could cause several deaths!

  • You can't say he SHOULD have showed up. Fables don't necessarily hang around with the other characters in their fable except married ones and Pinocchio. 7 dwarfs don't hang around the business office.

    • I don't quite understand what you are trying to say. Woody would have visited Ride if he was around. It's not unreasonable to think this.

      The Seven Dwarves are dead. Snow killed them.

  • I'm sure he doesn't remember every single fable he has vetted. Plus in ep. 1 Gren makes reference that some Fables are ignored and unrepresented. Even Bigby does not associate with those who are not popular or have some wealth.

    • Unless they're glamored to look different, Bigby would remember. And you're claim about who Bigby associates with is false, seeing how he's friends with a broke-ass pig from from The Farm, for example.

      The game features The Little Mermaid, and Bigby not recognizing her doesn't make sense for many reasons. He would also already know her legs aren't glamours.

  • Flycatcher was not actually a payed employee of the Woodland. He's doing community service for a series of infractions. It's very important that he's bound by law to work in the Woodland, rather than merely being an employee. People in the Business Office knows this.

    • I really loved how they referenced this in the game when Bigby had a conversation with him before examining the Tweedles' office.

      "Gotta stay busy, y'know. Otherwise..."

      That's why I didn't tell him to take the night off right away, but asked where the office was instead.

      Crane being the prick he is probably no longer cared what happened if he let Flycatcher go. And I don't think it's stated in the game that he was an employee of the Woodland. Especially since Flycatcher said "Crane let me go recently".

      • Thing is the game makes it seem like Fly was fired and Bigby is offering him his job back and to call Snow about it. I think you even have the option NOT to do this which is essentially allowing him to eventually go off and get killed (or try to).

        But I suppose it would raise some questions ultimately irrelevant to the game if Bigby had said something like "Crane's ousted and his pardon's revoked. You'll resume serving the remainder of your sentence."

  • Cindy is the off-the-books tourist. Bigby keeps her a secret even from his superiors. In the game we see that her entry in the book about Fabletown residents is marked classified and has several lines redacted. Isn't this pretty much being ON-the-books? Anyone who happens to see it will know she's not some regular Fabletown resident.

    In episode 2 it's possible for Bigby and Bluebeard to start fighting as in physically (cut short by Snow's arrival). Bluebeard is actually a coward and is all talk, and would have probably tried to weasel out of the fight if shit got real.

    • I think that the books in the office mainly provide some easter eggs for the comic readers and some exposition for the newcomers. I just saw the books as something for the players to examine, a way to get them into the story and explain a little bit about the characters that you'd met so far. For the benefit of the players only, definitely not something that would have existed in the comics.

      I agree about cowardly Bluebeard, though. If Bigby hit him, he would have backed down immediately, probably sneered a bit to try to save face, and then gone back up to his penthouse to pout.

      • Speaking of easter eggs for comic readers. I think that headless horseman statue that shows up in Cranes apartment, and later at the pawn shop, is the same one Crane will have in his apartment in France and what Bigby will use to murder him.

        • I agree that it's the same. Also considering it's Cinderella's hotel suite, not Crane's, Bigby probably gave it to Cindy. That could only mean Jersey Devil gets killed in the next episode.

  • Bigby is not the Hulk; He transforms at will, like She-Hulk. Him wolfing out is not based on how pissed off he gets. He isn't really the type who gets pissed off a lot in the comics anyway. He's a calm, collected, and unlikely to do things off-the-cuff.

    Beast's transformation, on the other hand, is (or was) entirely based on an emotional state, but not his own. He changes when Beauty gets pissed at him, implying she becomes less in-love with him (this happens over tiny little nothings because she is a fucking bitch).

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