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Full wolf form in Ep5?

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What are the chances we'll see the true big bad wolf in the finale?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Just a volunteer mod with no inside info pulling a guess out of thin air, but I think that for Telltale's interpretation of the game, what we saw at the end of Episode 3 was Bigby's "true wolf form" for the intents of the game.

    I know Bigby's Wolf form is more powerful in the comics, but I'd venture a guess that Telltale mildly downplayed Bigby's powers so that the player could better relate to Bigby, while also adding more agency to the plot.

    • It could also be that Bigby doesn't want to assume his true form because it would considerably increase the risk of Mundies spotting him if he has to deal with the bad guys in Fabletown.

    • I'm assuming that's also the reason he's unable to solve the case exactly the same way he would've in the comics. He relies a lot on his sense of smell, and if there was more indication of that in the game, he'd probably know a lot more than he seems to while solving the case through out each episode. For example, he'd know Crane probably didn't murder either girls, even if he smelled Crane's scent on lily, because only having Crane's scent on one body and not the other wouldn't make sense. So yeah. I still like the game despite it's simpilization of what Bigby can actually be capable of.

  • I'm so tired if these final form posts...

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    JonesJ BANNED

    Right? I must be the only pleased with the 'form' he has now. He looks pretty badass, either way.

  • Chasing someone with that full wolf form would be pretty sweet but I doubt that'll do that, it's okay though from the looks of the trailer we'll hopefully be spending quite a bit of time in the form we got in episode 3.

  • I haven't read the comics, but I'm curious to see what he looks like in "Full wolf form". I'd imagine it looking something like the picture we saw in Faith when we got to look in the book for fables.

  • telltale can't make him a giant wolf -.-

    i really doubt that. they'd not even accept that.

    • They have to...cause that's what he is...and it's a canon prequel to the first issue of Fables therefore he has the capability now they may not let him do it for a story/moral reason but they cannot take away that Bigby's real form is a Giant black Lupine wolf

  • I doubt we'll see him morph into a full wolf. Non comic book readers can relate to a biped. Even as a werewolf Bigby is recognizable and relatable. When he transforms into a wolf no matter how powerful he gets he's still more animal than man and not many games take the chance of using an animal protagonist.

  • If he doesn't go full form it could be for a Moral reason (He doesn't want to surrender himself completely to that side) or like the post above doesn't wanna draw too much attention in case it escalates to the Mundy world...but then again he probably thinks he doesn't need to go that far cause he's dealing with a bunch of beings who are humanoid or humanoid in stature..the Big Bad Wolf would prob come out for the most dire of situations..which is pretty funny cause Bigby could slaughter the entire room at the end of EP4 but he's doing his job..they may hold off on that for season 2...lord i would love to see "True" form Bigby maul Bloody Mary but got a feeling we not see that

  • I only want this scene .

    Things go pretty bad , bad stuff happens etc , etc . Bigby starts a monologue .

    "Crooked Man , you've laid your powers upon fabletown , abusing and corrupting in ways I've never known , never tolerated . AND I won't endure it a moment longer . You've played your games of power and lust , tempting me to resist holding on my vow to never become the monster again . But I won't do it . I won't become the mindless creature of past . I will be only what I am . A man sometimes ... And a wolf all the times"

    Proceed into turning to his final form , gloriously kicking ass .

    For comic readers , this is one kickass line Bigby says in the Great-Fables-crossover(with a few changes) . It would make a great fit :) .

  • I hope they have a massive chose around it

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