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Just Around The Corner (The Walking Dead Interactive Fan-fic)

posted by imighthavebrokenit on - last edited - Viewed by 87.5K users

I know that there are other fan fictions on the forums but I wanted to try my hand at it so here we go.

The story takes place during the earlier months of the apocalypse, with planned regions of Georgia (cliché, right?) and Ohio. This story is going to focus on the consequences of action, the conflicting personalities, and of course, the dead. That's really all I can say for now! Character submission is there, I check that occasionally.

Introduced: ATR, Richard, Cole, Clementine, Fox, Kara, Willy, Katie, Lana Reuflor, Santiago Sanchez, Pia, Vanessa, Crystal, Joseph, Kylie, Clarice Chang, Dylan Corbin, John Kozlov, Aidan, Sylvester, Troy, AC, James, Brian, Katherine Wety, Amario, AWESOMEO, Jessica, Emma, TinyCarlos, Tyler Jenks, Sam, Sirena, Nad, Rosie, Amy/Tatiana, Sagig, Geronimo Röder, Hopeless, Andrew, Jenny, Peter Crealde, Jude Roneiro, Seth, Athena Miller, Super, Sonia "Jinx" Ibarra, Charlie, Paul, Adam, Lucy

Waiting: Adrien Bishop, Steven Taylor, QueenJuiceBox, Jason, Paul Berger, Randy, Brent, Ricky Tate, Benjamin, Gordon, Leon Carter, Jo, Ron Shepherd, Katrina Coulson, Nick Coulson, Nathan Fraxinus, Benedict Manson

Missing: Gia, Ethan, Mitchell, Zack Lockwood, Harry Gramsci

Deceased: Puncake, KingJuiceBox, Devyn, Leroy, Spark, Reynold Harrison, Peggy Ma, Tera Michaels, Daphne, Ian, Hodge, Nina, Jeremy, Matt, Artie, Emery, Christa, Steve

New schedule! Updating every other day at 8 PM central time, rather than every day!

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