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I feel bad to start another silly adventure...

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I wonder if there is any shame in starting another one...

You are this guy, probably Blockhead's seventh cousin. You are probably not as dumb as him, unless you are in real life.

Again you start in a room. Do what you want.
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  • >wonder what this was drawn in, then kick a hole in the floor.
  • Microwave the canvas!!!

    (nice shading, by the way)
  • Thanks, it was actually drawn in MS Paint. (Amazingly)

    You kick a hole in the floor.

    You grab the canvas and try to microwave it, but you are faced with two problems.
    1. The canvas won't fit, and
    2. It's actually a TV.

    You feel stupid. To wash off your shame, you turn on the TV. Damn! It's the 24 hour Soda Poppers channel! Man you hate that show...

    You wake up lying on the floor. There is a TV shaped indent in the wall. The walls that aren't in the frame (that I couldn't bother to draw) don't look much better. Apparently the horror of the @#$% Poppers is enough to throw you into a crazed rampage! Keep that in mind.

  • >jump down hole, then realise you forgot to bring a match, so it's too dark to see.

    p.s. that was drawn using MS paint, I first thought it was drawn in flash using the painbrush tool set to "paint selected area".
  • You might as well use the TV to light up the room. Hope the @#$% Poppers isn't the only channel...

    Maybe the signal's not so strong down here... but that's good! Goodbye annoying soda jerks!

    The room is dully lit by the blue light of the TV. It's way too hard to draw.
    You are inside a very messy room. There are several PILES OF CLOTHES scattering the floor. In the corner is a BED. A DESK is to the right, covered in PAPERWORK, KNICKNAKCS and OTHER CRAP. A LAMP submerges from the junk on the desk. Obvious exits are UP, SOUTH, and DENNIS... Wait, forget DENNIS.
  • >Look at OTHER CRAP.
    unless you meant in in the literal sense, in which case you should
    >Take KNICKNAKCS (possibly related to KNICKKNACKS?) and PAPERWORK.
  • It's pretty hard to make out each individual item in the dark... (Hint, hint?)
  • >Turn the lamp on?
  • image
    Ok, I kinda lied. There wasn't that much junk on the desk. Oh well.
    There is a manuscript to a book called "Why I don't like forums", by Kevin He. (Hey, I didn't write it!) You read a few pages. This is some pretty good stuff!
    There are also some extremely valueble signed pictures of various celebrities. Next to that is a Sam & Max Season One Casefile, with working Hypnotic Goggles. Next to that are some Babushka dolls. (Look them up on Wikipedia!)

    Here lies your inventory.
  • > use the book manuscript to get ideas for a film, direct it, then put it on tv so there's something OTHER than the soda poppers on the tv.
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