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My art made directly from game-files - may contain spoilers for past episodes

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my art-thread :)

After my last thread got merged with the FanArt-Thread, I've talked to the mods. It won't happen again :) So here we start anew :)

Important: Due to the recent misunderstanding I need to clarify something. I don't mind if you post my pictures elsewhere. But please give me proper credit. For example: Just refer to this thread or link my Twitter-Account . If you just post them without, people will think you made them. Thanks :)

Alt text

Alt text

I will rotate the pictures I display in this post from time to time.

You can find all of my work here: My Gallery

Now, what is this? Who am I? And why am I doing this?
First of all I've opened this thread because of the overwhelming positive feedback I received in the old one (you can find the old thread here). So I can have pictures in the opening post and don't scare people away with a wall of text :)

What is this?
Well, I've spend some time digging through the game files and figured out how most of them work. So what you see on my pictures are actual unmodified models from the game itself. I've written a program that's able to read and translate the files and display the models in my own OpenGL-Engine. So basically everything except the model itself I've created myself. What you see on the picture are screen-shots of that OpenGL-Engine :) My goal is to evolve this someday into something interactive ;) So the pictures are actually just a byproduct ;)

Who am I?
I am about to get my 2-year-post-graduate degree (equivalent to a M.Sc) in computer science in a few weeks and am starting to look for work in the video games industry. hint hint So I'm trying some things out :)

Why am I doing this?
For fun, mostly. It started out as a little project to see if I could read the game-files. When I was first able to pose models, I wanted to share the results with you guys :) I'd still love to get some feedback from someone at Telltale, what they think about it. :)

I will take requests of what you would like to see next. But remember, I am using the game-files, so I can't use models that are not in the game.

So, I'm looking forward to more feedback, ideas and maybe even some pointers of what I could do better or different :)

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