• The last episode is ''cry wolf'' which means ''false alarm'', this theory does make sense and its possible.

    • i thought "Cry Wolf" meant people screaming 'Wolf!'

    • Yeah, I pointed out that Cry Wolf meant "false alarm" in my theory on the episode titles' giving away the plot.
      Check out: http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/70430/theory-i-think-i-figured-out-twau

      Since I finished ep.2 (when I joined the community) I've been saying that the girls weren't dead, or at the very least Faith wasn't, and that there was no serial killer, worst scenario that Faith had killed Lily in another theory of mine. Now I think I may have finally pieced together what really happened: how Faith faked her death. We just have to wait for the conclusion to see how it will turn out, what Bigby do about Faith and however worked with her (Nerissa is very likely to be involved. She may have stayed "behind" to serve as spy to the girls, and to point Bigby in the Crooked's man direction, like I pointed out in yet another theory) and, at the same time, what he will do with the Crooked man and his lackeys now that he has nowhere else to hide.

      I hope that in the end, Bigby can solve the case without anyone dying, not even Mary. If he saved Lawrence, spared Dum and manage to save/choose to spare everyone in ep.5, that would be awesome. Specially if we get to decide what will happen with everyone involved.

      As TWD showed us, a game doesn't need multiple ending (most of the time bad, neutral and good endings are a stupid, lazy solution) to be satisfying. (TWD season 1 spoiler ahead) When I had Lee tell Clem to save the bullet and leave I felt so fucking relieved. Even in the bitter end I was teaching her to be strong and play smart. I'm hoping that in my TWAU's ending Bigby get to show everyone the is changed, that he's a good, caring person, not a monster. That would be the closer to a happily ever after he can get by now.

    • Hi Gavin34. Thank you for reading my theory and pointing out some of my mistakes. I'll be sure to edit them tomorrow. But for now I would like to show you a couple of errors in this theory.

      1. There is nothing to suggest Swineheart has any motive or reason to do as OP states. Throughout the game and the graphic novels, Dr. Swineheart is simply the Fabletown doctor, and consistently stayed away from the affairs of Fabletown. He wouldn't prioritize prostitutes over all of Fabletown
      2. Why did the magic mirror pan to the magic dagger instead of Lawrence when asked by Bigby?
      3. If Faith did go through with this theory OP has and got the curse lifted from her, then why did the magic mirror still say "These lips are sealed", when asked about her after her "death"?
      4. I'd be more liable to believe that Faith was hiding in plain sight if she had her Donkeyskin coat. But she doesn't, Toad does.
      5. Faiths body was never discovered, Swineheart was only examining Faiths head. If you saved Lawrence, he is still having a hard time finding closure because the rest of her was never found. Whereas Lilys body was thrown in a pond, and then Crane threw her down the Witching Well.
      • All good points that I agree with.

        I'm having a hard time figuring out this whole puzzle because there are always some flaws in each theory. Really curious what Telltale has in mind.

        • Trust me ackwell, OP has you all fooled. Nothing about his "theory" makes sense. He hid our little discussion through the guise of a "spoiler warning" because he had nothing new to bring to the table. He couldn't refute any of my inquiries about his theory, and near the end he started to take personal shots. This theory is bogus and OP is just seeking attention. My course of action would be to move on, make your own theory, and wait for the outcome. Have a good night ackwell.

          • No worries, I have my doubts for each theory I've read about. But I think most theories have some good points and some of it will definitely be in the final episode!

            I've been toying with the idea to present my own theory, but I still have so many unanswered questions that I don't actually think I could present a creditable theory. There seems to be such a big change in the plot from episode 1 and then onwards. In that regard I'm totally onboard with the "they rewrote the plot because people figured it out after episode 1"-theory.

  • Swineheart countlessly says throughout the comics that he was the,"Greatest Doctor Ever to Live," And although it could be true, he was still unable to save one character (I won't mention his name, although he's not appeared in the game yet, if he ever will.). It's hard to say that reattaching Faith's head would bring her back, although I think with the work of a spell (Mighty expense one) It could be possible, I think. I don't know for sure though. There was an instance where Snow White was shot in the head, but survived because of the popularity of her Fable. And Swineheart was the one who patched her up. So he's gotta be good, right?

    • I can't answer based on the comics because I haven't read them yet (I plan to after the season ends) and I think that's good since the game is downplaying Bigby and other fables ability. It was from reading Swineheart's entry in the book of fables that the possibility came to mind. I believe he's quite capable of performing such operation successfully.

      It went like this... I knew Faith had to be alive and that it was her head, so she had to find a way to reattach her head, Swineheart was in possession of her head and we never got any feedback from him, he had to be hiding something, and that must be it. They planned to do it. After dropping off what she had in Pudding and Pie she went to Swineheart, had him put herself to sleep and removed her head and had someone place it "with care" for Bigby to find, stuffing the ribbon and ring in her mouth to speed up identification and lead Bigby to the Puding and Pie, where he would find Nerissa (remember the joy in her face when she first saw Bigby) so she could point Bigby in the direction of the Crooked man, through Beauty that he would meet there working to pay off her debt. The mess in room 207 is the part I'm not sure about... I've thought a number of different possibilities... it could have been a way to put Bigby in Crane's tracks as he too was involved with the Crooked man or somehow the girls plan backfired someway and Lily ended up killed (she got caught by Vivian and Georgie or something) and the Crooked man people created the scene to swift the murder's blame to Crane to stop the investigation from uncovering shit on their operations.

      Once again, the possibilities are many, it's hard to feel sure of much. But I think I figured enough of the plot to have some certainties. It will be very rewarding if some of my theories turn our right. I have to thank the community for sharing so many thoughts. Pondering here can be as much fun as playing the game. And it makes the following episodes and its revelations even cooler. :-)

  • Seem's possible, and I agree on swineheart getting more screen time than 'victim'.

  • Wow, really good theory.

    But it could also be someone ELSE doing it just to end the CM's control over Fabletown. Someone else killed Faith and Lily just to make the business office of Fabletown notice what has been going on under their noses.

    I think you have figured it out. Good job!

    • But who would murder 2 fables just to lead Bigby to the Crooked man? It could be that someone took their deaths as an opportunity, but who? Nerissa? How could it have happened? She's so scared. She would have to be working with other people? Who? How could she convince other people to help her? What clues and fact are there to indicate "someone ELSE doing it"?

      The girls faking their deaths in such convincing way, getting free of the ribbon and getting Bigby after their villainous ex boss is the only thing that makes sense to me now. Figuring out how they faked their death was the tricky part. Now that I managed to link the clues and facts, I don't think there's any other way that this part of the story can play out.

      I just hope when we get to see the girls again (or at least Faith, as it's possible Crane really dumped Lily's body down the witching well, making it impossible for Swiney to save her) they are left without a scar in the neck. Or they will have to keep using a ribbon to cover it, lol! How ironic that would be? XD

  • Alt text

    I never read the comics so I know nothing lol but I appreciate the theorie sounds superb and might just be right good shout I would love that ending it sounds so cool

    • Thanks! I will also love it if things turn out that way. It would be as close as "and all lived happily ever after" that we can get.

      And figuring out this much of the plot won't spoil the fun of the game. Like many here, I was absolutely sure Crane was being framed in ep.2, and ep.3 was all about Bigby pointlessly "chasing his tail" but was still fucking awesome, for some the best episode so far (for me ep.1 was the best, but ep3. was a close second). Wanna bet ep.5 will top it 10 times over? :-D

  • I find it very unlikely. A plan to have a head chopped off so that some doctor could reattach it later, with no guaranties that he would hold up his end of the bargain and actually do so... It sounds like a really messy plan, I mean, would you agree to do something like that? Besides, where would they find the money to pay such a service from Swineheart in the first place?

    On the other hand I believe that someone who's not responsible for Faith's murder left the head with ribbon in her mouth in front of the Woodlands to draw Bigby's attention to murders. My guess would be that it was Nerissa.

    As for Swinehearts "screentime" in the game I believe that's due to the fact that he is a regular character in comics.

    • Consider how desperate Faith and Lily could have been. Faith said it herself to Bigby, when he joked about arresting her, "Well, if you have to, do it now. I won't be doing this for much longer". She sure had something planned. She wanted to quit. Try replaying the whole scene with Faith with my theory in mind and see if you still find it so "very unlikely".

      Faith is a badass and Lily a troll and Holly's sister, another badass. They have been living under miserable, humiliating circumstances for who knows how long, and were watching other people fall into the same trap. It seems like Nerissa was new to it, and Beauty was next in line. They figured out a way to get free and at same time put the Crooked man out of business, of course they would take that risk.

      As how they meant to "pay" Swiney for his service, maybe the game answers (girl may have gotten money from Crane or Bluebeard), or maybe they will leave it to our imagination... I could think of a way Faith could pay me, eheheheheh. It's not like it would be any worse than the situation he was helping she get out. But I'm just kidding, there's probably a more fitting explanation for Swiney doing this service.

      • It is an very interesting idea, I admit that I really cannot argument why I find it improbable any more though, beside that it feels somewhat "off" to me. I guess Swineheart would accept to do it either for money or out of curiosity to test his skills (or both), though nothing I've read in the comics about him made me believe that he's capable of doing something of this magnitude. It would be very risky for Faith and Lily, but as you say, if they're desperate enough...

        Still, couldn't they incriminate Crooked Man in some other, less extreme, way? Considering the fact that they were involved with him and working under him (though not directly), they surely could have found many evidences against him to send to Bibgy, while hiding out of town until Bigby brings Crooked Man down.

        I don't know, I sort of like this theory of yours and in the context of game it is plausible, but even when I consider the deep shit Faith and Lily got themselves into and desperation that came out of it, it still seems like a too extreme solution to me, like there certainly must be few better and less risky ways to go with the plan.

        • What if like I suggested from ep.1, instead of the ribbons severing the girls' heads, the heads are already severed and the ribbons are there magically holding it together? If that's the case then exposing Crooky would automatically mean death to them. Therefore they would only dare to do so if either they were willing to die for it or if they had found a way to survive the process, like my theory implies.

          And thanks for the suggestion that Swiney could accept doing it for the challenge itself. Considering how proud he is of his skills, it's a fitting explanation.

          • Ah, like that creepy tale about girl who gets married and wears a ribbon till her dying day. That would mean that the hookers are practically already dead or living in limbo if you prefer...

            So, if I get you right, you're referring to the fact that after Crooked Man gets arrested/killed the magic of the ribbons would cease to be and their heads would fall off? That way he would definitely have them in the pocket. The way I see it, there might be plenty of ways to destroy the spell of the ribbon if they decapitate those who wear them, but if their heads are already dismembered and held by ribbons via Crooked Mans magic... now that's some deep shit.

            With that in mind I can fathom the desperation and that plan involving Swineheart. I still don't think that's the case, but your theory actually holds more water than I initially thought. I like it actually, good work!

  • I think he's too "minor" to suddenly play a major/significant part of the story. Plus, based on the previews, I believe episode 5 will focus more on Crooked Man & co.

    But I still can say that this might happen. I also haven't read the comics, so I don't know that much (though I'm planning to do so). Anyway, nice theory!

    • Don't expect to know much from the previews. The last one, along with the trailer, had us believe Bigby and Mary would have a fight in ep.4 and she barely made an appearance. She was on screen for about 5 seconds through the Magic Mirror, lol.

      Swiney is mentioned in ep.2, as being in possession of Faith's head to exam it, made a significant appearance in ep.3's beginning, and a even bigger one in ep.4's introduction. He's by no means a minor character. He's there, just acting under the radar. I would bet my dick he's linked to the prescription pills on Crane's desk (that he's likely using on the prostitutes to play out sleeping Snow) and beside a near death/dead Lawrence (I don't know how that scene at his house played, but I bet Faith got the pills from Swiney and was drugging Lawrence for some reason as part of her plans). Besides, he never bringing up Faith's head again is very suspicious. He having reunited it with Faith's body, which is also missing, to save/revive her as planned is the best explanation out there.

      • Yeah, I too was hoping Bloody Mary and Bigby would fight, but it turns out it was a dream if I remember correctly.

        Hmm, makes sense. But how would Telltale fit it all on a 1 hour-ish episode? I don't want them to rush it.

        I just hope Telltale will clear all of this up...

        • Hard to tell. Maybe they just reveal the central questions and leave the details for us to piece together. I'm for a 2h episode to make up for how short ep.4 was. A lot could be answered in 2h. And in the end it just really matters how satisfying things play out. Even a sad ending can be extremelly rewarding and fulfilling, like TWD season 1's ending was.

      • I just don't see it. I don't get why Swinehart would do any of that. He's a straight-forward, honest, professional guy. He wouldn't take part in plots and schemes like that.

        Unless he's also a brilliant Oscar-awarded actor.

        • He being key for solving the mystery may be a good reason for the writers to make him so "unsuspicious". In big mystery novels the following popular saying fits "it's always the ones we least suspect".

          • Well if you're right about this then that'd be really cool (that you managed to solve it), but damn I'd be disappointed by the whole story. Then again, at this point I'm starting to think that every possibly outcome will leave some unanswered questions that ultimately make me disappointed... Ugh, I'm getting worried.

            • I would damn well ratter be wrong if the plot turns out better than my prediction suggests, hehehe.

              I think that the more it makes sense in the end, the more the hints they left through the episodes and we missed, and the farther that all fan theories get from the true, the better and more exciting/rewarding the conclusion will be.

              • I must say that I will miss all those (crazy) theories when the game ends. I enjoyed those as much as the game itself, maybe even more sometimes. Bunch of people here proved to be very creative, imaginative and inclined to logical reasoning, you included. For an old cynic like myself, it was more than a pleasant surprise.

                • I totally agree, reading all these theories are making an otherwise way too confusing story all the more intriguing!

                  Don't take me wrong, guys. The game is amazing but it leaves too many questions and explains too little. After the last episode I felt like I needed to look for some answers, and now I wish I had joined the community sooner. At first I was afraid that I would spoil my whole damn experience, but even the richest theories around have a lot of uncertainty and room for alternate possibilities.

                  This thread might really have gotten closer than any other so far, but it won't be any less surprising if some of these theories turn out to have been right. Good work, guys! Way to make the damn wait worth it!

  • So okay this is what I can get behind:

    1. Crooked Man had a photo of Crane and "Snow" and used it to blackmail him.

    2. Faith stole the photo.

    3. Crooked Man was worried that the photo would fall into the hands of Bigby, making him aware of the corruption.

    4. Crooked Man hired Dee and Dum to find the photo.

    5. Dee and Dum can't find the photo. They rummaging through her stuff at the Pudding n Pie, as well as visiting Lawrence & Woody.

    6. Bigby found the photo and Crooked Man's operation is now compromised.

    7. Crooked Man tries to stop Bigby from getting Crane, making Dee and Dum tell him to leave Crane alone.

    8. Bigby doesn't play ball.

    9. Crooked Man tells Mary to deal with it. He lets Bigby live (not sure why).

    10. Crooked Man knows that Crane knows a lot, and therefore sends him off on a plane to Paris.

    11. Bigby finds his way to the Crooked Man's lair where Crooked Man is going to try to make Bigby work for/with him.

    Missing pieces to the puzzle:

    • Why did Lily die and who killed her?

    • Where is Lily's ribbon?

    • Who killed Faith (by Crooked Man's orders)?

    • Who left the heads on the stairs to the Woodlands?

    • What is Vivian's story?

    • Who is Crooked Man's 'slave labor' witch that makes his magic and potions?

    • What's the connection/significance of the Huff n Puffs?

    • Who called Beauty and the Beast?

    • Who pawned Woody's axe and why?

    • Why was Dee's collar bloody in episode 1 at the Trip Trap bar?

    • Why would Nerissa say "I don't have any friends left" if she's aware that Faith and Lily is very much alive/going to be alive soon?

    • Are telltale really going to be able to fit all this in a 90 minute episode?

    • Crooked Man knew Bigby was going to visit him soon because Jersey told Bigby how to find him at the Lucky Pawn. He obviously told the Crooked Man that Bigby found the mirror piece and would now be able to know where his door is at any given time. I guess TCM made the portal appear in the Central Park on purpose to lure Bigby in (assuming he can control where the portal moves next if he wants to).

      Faith stole a photo from Crane, who then hired the Tweedles to find it. This is revealed on her file at the Tweedles' office.

      • Who stole the picture from Faith's small little jewelry box and planted it in the room? Nerissa? Vivian?

        Assuming the picture was indeed in the box. Maybe it was just the Tweedles trying to find it but with no luck? Plausible.

    • Sure there are many questions, my theory tries to answer some and fits with other theories I had before... later I'm planning to piecing a bigger picture theory together, but it will take time and patience.

      But I can tell you now that I've no doubt that Faith's death wasn't Crooky's or anyone's doing. It was her own, planning to be revived by Swiney, to use it to disappear and to bait Bigby into going after her former "boss". She is hiding, probably in plain sight like she did in her fairy tale. She's likely pulling Nerissa's strings. The parts I'm not sure of is how her plan played on Lily's death (if it was fake like hers or if something else happened) and what happened in Lawrence's apartment. These 2 parts are too confusing. I'm still trying to piece the clues. It will be fun to replay the episodes again to see if anything else comes up, before the final episode is released and with that hopefully all the answers we can ever ask for on top of an epic conclusion to one of the best videogame stories ever.

  • I think this thread has gotten closer to the actual answer than any thread so far.

  • My theory's along the same lines as the OP with Faith alive and well, but I don't think Swineheart is as involved as OP says...simply because he hasn't had enough character development to make him interesting enough to be a crucial piece of the puzzle. Rather I still think it's the Donkeyskin coat that's keeping Faith hidden, given that it's what hides her from her father in her story, and so must have some magical power. It's getting way more appearances than is required for just a piece of Faith's backstory - we see it at Toad's apartment (with the letter for misdirection) and again at the pawn shop, for no real reason. As for how she can use it when Toad has it - maybe it works by hiding her inside the coat? Would be a neat twist for her to be under our noses all along.

    As for motive - I reckon Faith and Nerissa (and maybe Vivian) are trying to catch Bigby's attention so he can end Crooked Man's hold over Fabletown and free themselves from his grasp. They faked Faith's death using the coat, but then Lily was killed for real, maybe by accident by Crane removing the ribbon, or by the Crooked Man as retribution for Faith's escape (somehow he knows she isn't dead, possibly because the ribbon should disappear on use as it does with Lily).

    I have some more ideas as to why the girls are behind Faith's 'death' - are external links kosher? http://steamcommunity.com/app/250320/discussions/0/540744934193957045/
    If not I can post some of my theories here directly, though warning - there's quite a bit.

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