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It just occured to me, that I haven't introduced myself yet. Better do that. I don't know if it is customary in this forum for new users to introduce themselves, but here goes anyway :)

Me: 37 ys old adventure fan. I started out playing text adventures on my Vic20 when I was 12, and have since been hooked. Ooh - I guess that makes 25 years of adventure gaming for me. Whaddya know. Time flies.

Fav. adv. game company: used to be LucasArts, but since they stopped producing adventure games and became totally fixed on StarWars, I feel about them somewhat like the love of my life has left me for some cheap, stupid blonde with huge knockers. And I just don't understand why - I thought we had a good thing going, LucasArts and me, and even though LucasArts don't care about me no more, I will always love LucasArts and treasure the good times we used to have. :(

New fav. company is - of course - Telltale Games. I am so grateful to them for bringing the adventure genre to life again. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Telltale Games!

All time fav. games: Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Little Big Adventure II, anything featuring Gabriel Knight, Sam & Max, Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People, Peasant Quest

Hugest disappointments: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (really! if I had wanted to play Tomb Raider, I would have bought a Lara Croft game! Pshh!) Kings Quest VIII, City of lost Children. Oh, and Loom, which was quite good but waaay to short. (As was Out From Boneville! Really - one had just settled into the sofa with a cup of coffee and a triangle of Toblerone and bang, it was over.)

Most recently played: Bone - The Great Cow Race, Dangeresque 3 - The Criminal Projective. Oh - and the rivaling Dangeresque game by Videlectrix. :D
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