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If you want to do a season 2 you could a story based on Beast's time a sheriff.

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A good villan for season 2 would be rumplestiltskin or maybe Slender Man

    1. I don't think Slenderman fits into what a fable can be (although I could be wrong).
    2. I don't think Beast ever was the sheriff and if you mean Bigby TWAU season 1 IS playing as Bigby as a sheriff.
    • Yeah, I think Slenderman is way too modern. Fables cover a lot of stuff from myths and legends to fairy tales and literature, but they are generally older.

      Beast was also sheriff for a while in the comics (avoiding too many spoilers, though. :p ). But, I'm not sure how I'd feel about playing him. I always liked Bigby more, and I loved the chance to play this game from his point of view. I think if they did a season 2 and switched to Beast a lot of players wouldn't like it as much. Especially not after they've made us all like Bigby so much, and after how much of a snot Beast was in the last episode. :)

      • with beasts... inability to transform on a whim, he'd pretty much have to bring beauty along and piss her off each time he needed to get into a fight. that's not exactly something that'd translate well. i suppose slenderman could make for a curious antagonist, but rumplestiltskin... i suppose this just kinda ruined him for me. I stole a baby!

        slenderman's a bit more current, and if bloody mary and the jersey devil count, he's close enough. for the fables, how many believe/know of them is more important than how old or many their tales are (just look at Jack's side project after leavin fabletown in the comics). older fables are more likely to have more or alternate tales, but that doesn't make newer fables impossible. i think a few discussions in the comics were along the lines of how/why the mundies were able to write these stories based on their lives. so, a new up and comer could be possible, an agent of the adversary sent to abduct members of fabletown...

        i dunno. unless they time stamp things, they have some wiggle room, as well as other characters not seen or mentioned, so a season 2 is possible, if unlikely. i dont see them managing one about beast, tho.

  • Slender was brought up 2008/2009, he's too modern. Majority of fables,folklore,fairy tails been around for hundreds of years and decades.

  • In my opinion, Beast sucked as a Sheriff. I dunno, i feel like only Bigby can fill that role. Plus, Beast and Beauty annoy the holy CRAP out of me, and i'd rather not play as him. He's lame.

  • Slender man is folklore doesn't matter how early it is, he still fit the same vein as bloody mary and jersey devil

    • Eh... I'd say he's not quite in the same vein. He began life as an internet meme around what, 2008 or 2009? Maybe he could loosely be considered folklore for the internet age, but I think that when you start getting into memes you start getting away from the literary or legendary feel that the Fables universe has. That's just my opinion, I'm sure that some people would disagree and it's not like I write the comics or anything. But, just from what I've read of the comics they stay away from things that come much later than the early 20th century. Even Bloody Mary is a bit of a stretch for the universe, but I think she works because she's not tied to something as modern as the internet.

      • the meme may have been what jump started it, but that's not to say such pictures and questions didn't/couldn't exist before then. it's just that rather than word of mouth through ghost stories, a "being" was pointed out and made popular due to the internet's vast availability of such pictures. as the saying goes "pics or it didn't happen."

        • Well, this is from the wiki page:

          The main characters of Fables are public domain figures from folklore, mythology, and literature. Bill Willingham has said the only considerations in deciding whether or not he chooses to use a character are "is the character or story free for use?" and "do I want to use it?" Most of the characters seen so far are from European stories. The major exceptions are Arabian fables and American fables...

          So, I guess it's just all about public domain and what he feels like using. But I've never seen him use a meme or anything that's mostly internet based. And although Slenderman definitely has traits in common with ghouls and other characters from folklore, as we know him he's basically an internet specter that took off because of a forum. It just seems like there are other characters that would be a better fit for the universe.

          Edit: I also just read this morning that Slenderman's creator has filed for a copyright on the character. So there's another reason why they'd probably stay away from using him.

  • The Beast Among Us just doesn't have the same ring to it as The Wolf Among Us. If TellTale does do a season 2 of TWAU i think Bigby should be the protagonist. I know the comics are going to end at Issue #150 which isn't far away (Coming this Year) i think the next game should take place after the events of the comics this way TellTale will have more creative freedom over the characters making the game less predictable. Because TWAU is a prequel we know characters like Bigby, Snow, Colin, Mr Toad, Jack, Bluebeard etc are never going to die in the game because they are in the comics.

    • Most writers don't like people messing with their story and characters once they are finished with them and given them a definitive ending.
      Anyway even if Telltale does manage to work out a deal to do a sequel....
      Big spoiler in the next comment.

  • Beauty would never let Beast take a dangerous job as being the sheriff. Having to fight people all the time XD

  • They completely need to do a season two. The long wait between episodes and the terrible cliffhangers have only increased my appetite to play TWAU. Besides I am not even sure they will be able to wrap the plot for season one up in episode five. One episode is very short and there are so many questions and conflicts they have raised, to resolve them all in one episode would seem kind of rushed. I am honestly anticipating a very big cliffhanger of some sort at the end of episode five. I mean seriously the games still haven't even explained exactly what is going on with the crooked man. There has to be more. Were just getting started.

    • Episode 5 could be the longest episode yet. There may also be an extra DLC episode similar to The Walking Dead's 400 days.

      • But why wouldn't they make another season? I know more people who play TWAU than TWD. Besides it deserves a longer run anyway.

        • I think their will be another season i just don't think its going to be about The Crooked Man. I think it will be about Bigby again taking on a new threat. I'm hoping it will be something about the mundies nearly discovering Fabletown and something to do with Brannigan. But i think The Crooked Man will be done and defeated by the end of episode 5.

  • nah i think it would be better to play as bigby

  • TWAU is set 20+ years before. All of Beasts time as sheriff is written about in the comics.

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