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The speculation Thread!

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it had to come up at some time, so i decided to do it myself. this thread is for the speculation of their new game announcement. as said in an interview it wont be sam and max, hopefully thats further down the line.
I'm guessing it's bone the comic book character. any hints troy, Brendan and Kevin?
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    No, I can't wait to find out myself! I don't really hear what's going on while I'm in my closet. It's kind of hard to hear through the door. If I only had some cup to listen with...
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    Have you tried a strategic trip that would land your ear right next to the air vent? Works wonders.
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    also, try filling a ziplock bag full of watter and listen threw the door with that. sound magnifies 10 time louder threw watter. or even better, get a fish tank full of fish and attach it to the door. the fish can then listen all the time and tell you whats happening.
  • I'm slightly leaning towards Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (what with the new movie in production), though chances are that the community page here at Telltale will give a clue (Grickle, Bone, Max Hamm).

    Here's what we know.

    It's not Sam & Max (though a future Telltale game may be S&M2 if they can negotiate the rights from Steve Purcell).

    It's almost certainly not anything that LucasArts holds the rights to (Monkey Island, Maniac mansion, Grim Fandango)

    "If you've enjoyed any of the products we've helped create in the past, you're sure to love this one"

    "we can tell you it's something many of you already know and love"
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    I GOT IT!

    it's toast, i'm sure they made toast in the past, and everyone loves toast!
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    ...and everyone loves toast!
    Never have I read a truer or more poignant quote.
  • Furthermore...

    "Telltale's only a part of the exciting things that are brewing around it (the license)"

    This mysterious character may or may not have something to do with it;

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    super grover with out his cape ?
    gumbie got in a car accident?
    jimmy the hideous penguin boy?
    some random blob taken of a goggle search page?
    some things will always remain a mystery.
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    :(( What? Not Sam & Max?!

    I thought the license of Sam & Max was expiring soon with Lucas...
  • May 2005 - Telltale have something else in store first! :D

    "Ok, we can't actually announce anything... yet. We can; however, give you a hint - some of you are right! "
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