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Why Ben is Usful

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  1. He causes the attack on the bandits that leads to Lilly going ape shit. About time we got away from that crazy b'tch and her mote.
  2. He takes the hatchet keeping the doors closed and the walkers away. We needed another shoot 'em up in an adventure game.
  3. His general attitude is inspiring. That phase of transition to adulthood where we are all young and stupid is a time that must not be forgotten.
    In conclusion, Ben is clearly the most useful character in the history of not just games, TWD, media, America, but the whole MULTIVERSE!
  • *useful


    Ben is alright. But not the best.

  • Guys what's with the downvotes?

  • Now make one with Sarah...

    Thats right you cant.

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  • Ben was useful because he made Lilly more upset and partly caused her to shoot Doug/Carley?


    • Ben was useful because he caused Lilly to go ape shit and give the group a reason to dump her. I was ready to introduce her to Lee's massive fuck-off axe.

      • Yes, he, together with Kenny and optionally Lee, were the reason why she killed Carley or Doug, but how is that a good thing?

        People may not have agreed with her methods for whatever reason, but she kept them alive well enough, and she was the main person telling people to be suspicious of the St Johns to begin with.

        • True, but by Episode 3, if you kill Larry, I was starting to dislike her. Because she was so upset about her dad, it affected her leadership as well. Staying at the motor inn would have been a mistake. They had gotten pretty much all of the supplies out of the drugstore, so if they stayed, they would run out of food, ammo and medical supplies. It would have been best to just take what they had left and find a new place to settle, or maybe just leave some supplies in the RV in case the bandits attack. And at the end of Ep 2 when we see the stranger's car, I chose not to take the supplies, but the group was starving, and Lilly put the needs of strangers in front of the needs of her group. I'm starting to doubt that I made the right choice.

          • I agree that it wasn't necessarily a good idea to stay, however saying you were already willing to kill her before she even did anything wrong was quite depressing to hear.

            Her life was torn apart after her Dad's murder, we can't blame HER for that, and we certainyl can't say it's a good thing ben made her more upset.

            • I said I was starting to dislike her. The axe part was a joke. And I can understand that, but it's no reason to snap like that. She became paranoid, and not a good leader. I understand that losing a family member can put someone in a bad way, and Ben was trying to help by giving the bandits supplies. IT just backfired, and the amount of pressure she put on Ben was just unfair. And when she didn't get her way, she shoots Carly/Doug. I'd never kill her, but I don't have much sympathy for her after she treats everyone else.

              • Hahahaha what? She shoots doug/carley because she 'doesn't get her way'? Come on, that's absurd.

                She shoots them because she snaps after everyone has a go at her, murders her father and tries to leave her to her death after she tries to save the,.

                She shoots them because she thinks she's helping the group.

                Here's why you should feel sympathy for her:

                She leads the group, and keeps them alive for 3 months under her leadership. Lots of people have a go at her for giving food to her dad, and being in a very stressful food situation, while most players gave food to Clem in the same manner.

                She doesn't want new people in the group. She is overruled, and Katjaa nearly dies and Ben causes like 5 deaths.

                She suggests leaving the Dairy as soon as possible, and not doing so gets them trapped.

                Her dad is murdered brutally before her eyes, and yet if you don't assist in the murder she still gets herself together enough to save your life and to shoot andy st john.

                After this, she continues trying to keep them all alive, even the man/men who killed her father.

                Kenny calls her crazy for thinking supplies are gone, when she is correct.

                Then, when the camp is surrounded by bandits, she tries to save all of them by shooting the bandit. Then what does Kenny do? HE TRIES TO LEAVE HER BEHIND.

                Everyone called her crazy, and she just tried to save all of their lives, and Kenny DRIVES OFF WITHOUT HER.

                MOST people would snap if they've been treated that badly in a small space of time.

                I'm not excusing her horrific deed, I'm just saying I feel sorry for her. And still do.

                • It's dumb that she thinks she's helping the group by killing Carley/Doug. I'm not debating that she kept them alive for three months, or that she wasn't a good leader. In fact, I agree with you there. But during Episode 3, she's clearly going to snap and get someone killed. And I don't understand why people blame Ben for Carley's death. Doug, sure. But Lilly shot Carley in cold blood. And also, even if you let her back on the RV after she murdered a member of the group, she'll still tell everyone that you killed someone before the outbreak. Even when you try to save her dad, look into the missing supplies for her, and back her up on everything she says, she still betrays you. Ungrateful.
                  Also, I'm going back to the statement that this thread was intended as a joke.

                  • Well, it's not that dumb.

                    She thinks ben was the one giving bandits supplies and tries to shoot him in the doug version, only hitting doug by accident, and suspects both carley and ben, and then carley is horrible to her and she snaps.

                    Ben caused Carley's death indirectly: Lilly shot carley because she thought she had stolen supplies. If ben hadn't stolen supplies, Carley wouldn't have been shot.

                    The fact that she tells everyone you killed someone IS a valid point, though, isn't it? Both murders were very similar: both fueled by raw emotion and not intention.

                    Also, she doesn't always betray you. In my playthrough, she said that she had to leave and said I coudl join her. I knew she didn't really mean that as she needed to be alone, and so I politely told her I wouldn't leave with her. She apologised to me and left, which I was happy for her to do.

                    Furthermore, most people who hate Lilly seem to like Kenny, and he betrays Lilly by leaving her beinhd before she did anything wrong, and betrays you by saying that the group should kill you or leave you behind in the attic, no matter what you've done to him. He also throws a statue at you. Just saying.

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    I like how no one here can take a joke.

  • Lolo, I gotta feeling the list of reasons why Ben isn't useful would w a bit longer... :P

  • He was useful to Telltale's writing to kill characters off because of him killing them indirectly.

  • Useful in this game by far,

    but not in all game history.

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