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Spore for X-mas

posted by vyperspit on - last edited - Viewed by 208 users
I'm thinking about adding the game Spore to my Christmas list, but I am concerned that it might not be so good. If any one of you has played Spore, can you please offer your reviews? Thanks.
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  • I've played it! It's really great! I think you should do it!
  • As long as you don't expect it to be some sort of ultimate uber game like we all thought it was going to be, it's fantastic. Even better for creative types. I'd say it's essential, but it's not because a lot of people will hate it because they dislike the creators. Try the creature creator demo before you get it because the creators are the soul of the game.
    Is that expansion pack out yet?
  • Dunno, I'm kinda neutral on it. If I were more creative it'd be great, but the last couple times I've fired up Spore, I've just ended up sorta staring at the various creators for awhile, then throwing something crappy together.

    Least I have one good one, anyway.

  • I've made some really cute ones. If you do end up getting it, look up the creature "Squeep". :)
  • I enjoyed it. It gets a little samy after a while but it's great fun to dip into. You can lose hours to it, in various stages (I'm addicted to the creature stage, I admit it!)

    Plus, who doesn't love making abominations of nature and unleashing them?
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