Do you think Snow White is jealous with the Nerissa and Bigby relationship?

Snow and Bigby are really close. Do you think Snow is jealous that Nerissa and Bigby are getting close? Like in episode 4, Nerissa was holding Bigby's forearm and looked straight in his eyes and Bigby feels bad for her and all. Then Snow comes in and see them and she has an dissapointed facial expression. Do you think she was jealous?

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  • It's clear snow has feelings for bigby, she does not want to get into a relationship at this point due to her past.

  • Not even remotely, in my opinion.

  • Okay, so hold on... to clarify, Nerissa is the adapted version of the Little Mermaid right?

  • I saw a bit more as her thinking he was being unprofessional.

  • Yep

    Poor Arie....I mean Nerrisa

  • I think they were trying to show that she felt a little twinge of jealousy, yeah. Probably just a bit of fan service. :)

  • ok, in my playthrough im certain she didnt grabbed my hand but i grabbed her :p and promised her wont tell anyone about her, then snow asked me about it and i didnt answer so she started getting mad at me, def jealous :p

  • Actuallyyyyy I think that she didn't expect that but anticipated something in regards to their job.

    But hey, you never know.

  • Even before you meet Nerissa, Snow asks you what she might want with you and if you decide to answer that you don't know she has that jealous look and answer.

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    Comics Snow, yeah not very likely.

    Game Snow has a glaringly different personality however and Telltale has been blatantly teasing that ship.

  • Sure she was, but that was such a sweet moment.

  • I thought that snow in episode 1 had a personality very different to comic snow, but since then had become more and more like her comic counterpart.

  • I think she does have some feelings for Bigby, but she tries to hide it well. That's what I like to think anyway :)

  • Yeah I think that's what they're going for.

  • dont think she hides it much, at start of ep4 she openly showed her feelings and emotions for bigby...

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    You got that right. They were so obvious about it, it couldn't have been more in-your-face if they had written it on a hammer and smashed us with it. Not at all like the comics where Snow White keeps it all bottled down till a very bad hangover.
    Not saying the scene in the game wasn't awesome though. A little bit of romance is always good.

  • The past is the past idk why Snow or Bigby just can't make a move.. she's so tempted

  • not sure why what i think is so wrong that ppl dislike

    lol out of curiosity rly

  • I loved that part I literally screamed xD I was so happy.. i was 50/50 if snow was gonna relieve some of her feelings towards bigby and that was like.. wow and it could of gotten far except Colin came in a ruin the whole moment

  • I've a "worse Bigby possible" save and after interviewing Nerissa when Snow asked what it was about, she got mad at Bigby for not giving her a "full report" and even asked why should she trust him after all the times he let her down.

    It's beyond question that she has feelings for him, but I don't think that she was jealous of them, she's just suspecting everything. There's no option to give her many details on Nerissa's situation, but if you managed to get her thrust, like I did in my "honest" save, she drops it and even throws a smile and a "Good work" at Bigby, so I'm guessing that's just it.

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    Lol it's nothing wrong with it. It happens to everyone that goes on here. I guess that's life for ya ;)

  • And Snow became furious with Colin, when Bufkin called it was quite clear Snow didn't want anyone to disturb her conversations with Bigby. Colin was lucky no matter whether he goes to the Farm or not.

  • maybe she thought bigby and Nerissa were having a sexy time xD

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    It's complicated. She's had some tender feelings that might have been developing into a tiny crush on Bigby almost since Fabletown's founding. Now that she's Deputy Mayor, she's probably realizing how horrible an idea a relationship between them would be at this point, and a spike of jealousy over Nerissa and Bigby's apparent closeness just reinforces that. She also has some trust issues to work through.

    This isn't a Bioware game, don't hold your breaths for flirting opportunities or elaborate, quirky romances just because we're nearing the end and Bigby hasn't boned anyone yet. If you want more Bigby and Snow, read the comics.

  • Well duh. You did play the beginning of episode 4, right? SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION AHHHH.

  • It's all gonna go down in Ep5, Bigby is Snows' love interest.

  • If it wasn't for Colin, they would've been smooching in 104. That's what i think/

  • This is one of my problems with the game. It's a bit frustrating that they're teasing this relationship when anyone who's read the comics know it's not going to go anywhere until well into the comics. In fact, all this sexual tension will seemingly be reduced to zero and forgotten, and doesn't show up again until Bluebeard does his thing to them in the comics.

    Of course some gamers are more invested in the game's romantic subplot than others, but since Telltale made it a thing in the game, there will be fans that will be disappointed they don't hook up in the end of the game.

  • that's exactly how I felt xD

  • I got a feeling that'll happen because one of the achievements is called "happily ever after"

  • Actually they were romantically interested in each other since they left the Homelands. It didn't reach full extent till Bluebeard used one of the blackmarket magics on them. Also you're forgetting the first story arc in which Bigby and Snow dance together. Bigby and Snow focus on what's important at a given time unless they really want something (mostly Snow). The problem ain't Telltale, but people not knowing what drives both Bigby and Snow.

  • Soon they will surrender to the sexual tension.

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    Bigby was interested in Snow since they first met. I don't remember any indication that it was mutual. I haven't forgotten their Remembrance Day dance, and it's actually one of the the main reason I have this opinion. Snow immediately and firmly rejected Bigby. It was so matter of fact, direct, and a little snarky and very unlike how they act in the game.

    If they've gone through all that sexual tension in game already, I don't think it's very likely Snow would be confused about Bigby's interest.

    And I am not suggesting Telltale has a problem other than teasing that they may hook up by the end of the game, and it's gonna bum some people out when they don't.

  • Perhaps, haha , that would be really funny if she just walked up to them, and was like'' Sup' guys?Oh..'' and made that face she made in the cab when they interrupted each other XD

  • Personally I think Game Snow is more like Comic Snow from about issue 50 or so onwards.

  • not sure if snow white jealous of nerissa but surely she would be jealous of faith
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  • You know guys, I noticed something that I didn't notice before because I never played that option:
    When Crane and Bigby drive together in the car, if you choose some interaction, I forgot what exactly, Crane says to Bigby: ''Snow was really fond of you'' and Bigby's like: ''Yeah''.

    It was such a cute moment that I made some really weird fangirl scream noise.

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    Snow hides her feelings very well, but it is mutual. From Fabletown With Love shows it a bit more since it has a longer time span. Snow doesn't like Bigby lying to her, and the moment Snow knows Bigby is lying or already lied to her the romantic advancements end for around a decade or two.

    I forgot to add that Bigby is very bad at choosing what to say after the Rose Red Case. Saying 'disarmingly charming' after Snow finds out Prince Charming returned to Fabletown from Europe. The only punishment Bigby gets for lying and saying 'charming' is a pause in his relationship advancement with Snow. Anyone else would be very close to loosing their head.

  • XD
    I was like "Oh, so Snow is really fond of Bigby huh.. tell me more"

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