Why did the Crooked Man..

Why did the Crooked Man spare Bigby back in Episode Three? I'm not sure that this question needed it's own thread or not, but I'm curious. If he simply had Bigby killed in the alleyway, no one would have been left to oppose him. Does he maybe want Bigby on his side? Maybe that's what he wants to talk to Bigby about at the end of Episode Four.


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    I think that him wanting Bigby on his side is a very good guess. Bigby is extremely powerful, and even though he was weakened by the silver bullet at the time, even though Mary had the Woodsman's axe, there's still no guarantee that she could have completely "killed" him. He managed to survive a run in with that axe before, after all. Maybe the Crooked Man just felt like rather than trying to kill Bigby, which could prove to be futile, he'd just try to sway him instead.

    Also, if you wait by the door at the end of Ep. 4 and listen for a bit, you can hear the Crooked Man's voice saying something along the lines of "He'll come around."

  • It would have been easier just to kill Bigby since he's been a huge thorn in his side, but he doesn't. I think that beating was just a warning on what he was dealing with to make Bigby think hard if he really wants to oppose them. In the next episode he'll talk to Bigby and try to sugarcoat what he's been doing and probably does want Bigby on his side as muscle. He basely beat up almost all of his henchmen with ease, scary. I'd want Bigby on my side.

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