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EASTER EGG: I think I found an Easter Egg in Episode 4?

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Hi everyone!

I just signed up here tonight to post this, and because it was long overdue as I read threads on here all the time. I was playing episode 4 and I think I came across a possible Easter Egg that may be referencing the original copy of the Wizard of Oz. In the first release of the film, you could see someone hanging from the tree for just a quick glimpse before it was gone. In Episode 4, You get a very similar quick glimpse of the view in the screenshot, and in the background you can notice a body hanging from the tree for just a split second before it shifts angles. After this quick glimpse, I have never been able to see the body again and after several play throughs of the game, have never noticed it, except for this one part.

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  • This guy is his own fable, not related to the wizard of oz.

  • This was in the first episode and people already covered it.

  • That is the Forsworn Knight, a minor character. More of a cameo than an easter egg. There's at least one other character that lives in the business office that i can recall.

    The rumored hanging in the Wizard of Oz movie turns out to be a blurry image of a bird, by the way. Hi def versions of the movie shows it clearly.

    • bufkin, the knight, the mirror, and the head of frankenstein, wasn't it? the knight's got his own role in the comics around half wayish through, and while certainly not one of the bigger characters, last i read, they were leading up to him bein a part of something bigger than some wallflower char.

    • At one time or another the business office houses quite a menagerie of characters. There's Bufkin, lilliput girls, Frankenstein monster's head, Wooden Soldiers' heads, Baba Yaga. Also without spoiling it, the forsworn knight gets a pretty pivotal part to play in the comics. And he is someone very famous.

    • The POWs happened later, and the Barleycorn Girls even later. But yeah, the Frankenstein's Monster's head should already be there, though.

      I'm not aware of how much bigger the Forsworn Knight's role becomes. I guess I stopped reading the comics before then or just forgot.

  • I noticed that. That's cool!

  • I was reading vol 10 of Fables (that's where the hanging man makes himself known) around the same time I was playing episode 3. To try to test Telltale I thought smugly to myself "There's NO way they put the hanging man in ! Haha! What an error" Then I saw the hanging man in the background of the office and had to admit that Telltale no what they're doing.

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