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Anyone else keeping their fingers crossed for a second season of this game? Since TWAU is set as a prequel to the comics, I am hoping they make a second season that follows with the comics or about a new story following our favorite Fables. Lets make this a point for Telltale to see :)


  • Yes. A second season please, but dont change Bigby as the playable character.

  • A second season would be great news. Do not change Bigby's character-ever! :) Have my fingers crossed, though!

  • But then wouldn't everyone need to read the comics to understand what happened?

  • I would love for a second season, although I'm not so sure it's going to happen. Telltale kinda has a lot on their plate already.

    I wonder what they would do for S2. I haven't read the comics, but for those of you that have, is there a certain story-line that you think would make for a good S2? Or do you think it would be best to have another new story taking place before the comics?

  • Sincerely hope they never stop this,
    seriously this my favorite game ever. gritty violence+complex moral choices+noir/detective setting+original lore..
    ripping out that fat fuckers throat gave me a straight up hard on,

    which meant that my cock exploded because tearing of that one eyed cunts arm off was already ridiculously erotic.

  • Damn right Snow. You know I have feelings for you right. I loved it when you held my arm. Just wish Colin hadn't of interrupted us so rudely.

  • Hey, there's a lot of Snow to go around, please share.

  • I'm Bigby, me and Snow are soul mates.

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    We may have DLC in near future, it may not be very much but its something. We can hope for a season maybe after borderlands (hopefully borderlands fail as TTG game like jurassic park ;p just kidding ;0

  • I agree with you that they might be busy with Borderlands and Game of Thrones, but I don't think thats gonna stop them from making a second season if they decide to (which they better). We might just have to wait a little longer than we want to.

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    I really hope they do. I think episode 4 was a little weak but overall it has been fantastic and I have no doubt a season 2 would be as well.

  • If the story is as bad and slow as episode 4 then nope. Telltale really needs to something and stop making episode with the attitude "it doesn't matter if it's bad people will still play it".

  • i'm not sure that's right... snow wasn't originally "fated" to be with him. does such a thing count if you take someone else's destiny?

  • i'd like to see a second season, but i think i'd rather wait till the other games are pretty much finished before they start thinkin about anything new...

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    I'm hoping for a sequel, I'm crossing everything I have. I've become so twisted someone nearly mistook me for a pretzel and ate me.

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    Glad I could help.

  • the story was not bad at all in episode 4, if anything it focused more on getting through the story than any other episode in the season.

  • I can live without it, but I'd be thrilled if there was.

  • I don't think it's going to happen but who knows? Maybe it will. Maybe there's going to a cliffhanger in episode 5 (Like the others) which I strongly doubt it will.

    But I wonder if they could actually turn the whole fables comic into a game itself. Wait, if that actually IS going to happen.. THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME!!

    But I don't think it will so YEAH.

  • Let us see what happend this episode that has anything to do with progressing te story.
    Bigby found the shard
    Bigby found the Crooked Man
    Seriously this episode was bad but episode 5 can make up for this garbage.

  • I would like to see an Season 2 but I think there should be another main character. Dont get me wrong, I love Bigby and I would like him to have an cameo but there is an whole world out there of Fable characters. Another fan favourite is Jack of fables/Horner or Flycatcher. We still have the Farm to visit and maybe the Homelands (Depends if Episode 5 takes place where I think it might take place in).

    Do something on the other side of the Law maybe. Maybe Jack is in big debts and he has to go on the run and all kinds of shenanigans ensue.

  • It sure did. I don't know what he is talking about.

  • Yes! One after the comics (its coming to an end.) to see how your choices reflect after such a long time.

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    My hope is they make a DLC revolving around other Fables, but they still make a second season that still has Bigby has a main character. That would one of the better things Telltale could do to continue this series in my opinon

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