The Walking Dead: Tales of Europe. [Interactive fanfiction] [Character submit open]

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Hallo! I'm back again after ending off Island of the Walking dead, this time I'm back, WITH EVEN MORE SKILLED WRITING!!!

This is the ZA, but in Europe, the continent that there is no tales about. Woop de loop! This is also going to be full of easter eggs referencing all kinds of stuff.


Character submit:

Characters introduced: Joe, James, Devyn, Devin, Ethan, Curtis, Ilary Pavone, Artie, Nate Andersen, Margareth, Alexander, Winston Tsao, Gary, Charlie, Stefan, Nicole, David, Tyler, Katherine, Duncan, Valdis Simoniv, Willy, Eli, Brent, Chris, Adrian, ATR, Jimmy, Tiffany, Gia, Rosa, Marcus Richter, Jamie, Kaden Fox, William, Victoria, Earl, Igor, Martin, Jake, Clarice Chang, David Strover, Pia, Alin, Mildred, George Fromley, Damien Balton, Matthew, Alyx, Raimundo, Javiera, Tara George, Baby.

Characters waiting to be introduced: Some unlisted.

Deceased character will be displayed like THIS and unknown characters like THIS



  • Can't wait for this! :) I submitted a character!

  • I submitted and btw, are you Swedish?

  • Yay, submitting soon!

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    I've lost count of all the fanfics in this forum. :S

    But I'll submit a character because why not. In which country is your story taking place?

  • There's a lot, but that's good. There all different.

  • Cool! Submitted!

  • I might do this! Can you use a fictional character?

  • Don't quite know yet, there's going to be a shit load of traveling tho.

  • Im Italian. And i added one :)

  • Is it okay if one of my characters was Eli and the other was Elias??

  • Will start writing tomorrow, it's late as fudgeballs over here in Denmark.

  • Hoosah! \o/
    Submitted a character.

  • Submitted!

  • submitted

    hope you like tyler ;)

  • submitted! c:

  • OK i submitted a character, i hope that my character doesnt die soon...

  • Submitted a character. Very excited for the story!

  • I am Romanian,so l can group up with Azlyn,Swaggyguykiller69 and nusi2.We'll be the best villains ever!

  • Submitted, hope you like Kaden. :^)

  • I'll work on this later today, I've got to play soccer today.

  • Good luck playing soccer then! :P Can't wait to read this!! I hope I don't miss the voting session though... I'm going to go to bed now since its 6 AM here, lol.

  • So many fanfics! Anyway, submitted a character, good thing Europe gets some spotlight, seeing I'm european and shit. My character's Val Calderon.

  • Make Adrian a crazy murderer like the Governor!Please!

  • You are from Denmark, damn. I live in Norway cool

  • I love this whole interactive fanfic-thing :D

    Submitted my character, a German guy whose name is Marcus Richter

  • My character is Margareth. According to her bio, she has a son - I submitted him too. I hope you noticed.

  • Okay well.. Lost that soccer match 5-0, but that means CHAPTER 1 IS GOING TO BE OUT TODAY.

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    Episode 1: Chapter [1/5]

    Netherlands, Countryside, day 1.

    “I can’t believe it.” You say to your friend James.

    “Did your car break again?” James smiles at you.

    “Yeah, we ain’t getting to Amsterdam today.” You look at him with skeptical eyes.

    “Don’t be such a wussy.” He smiles at you.

    “But.” You say.

    “No, we should just walk, we ain’t that far away.” He started to lose his temper.

    “Fine.” You look at him with a sad face.

    “Stop being such a wussy.” He looks at you.

    You both open the car doors and leave.

    “Look, James, strangers.” You say to him.

    “We should threaten their little asses.” He smiles at you.
    “Hello? Hello?” You walk towards the strangers.

    “Who are you?” They ask.

    1. [Threaten them]

    2. [Be friendly]

    3. [Loot them]

    France, Orleans, Day 1.


    “Devyn, we have to go.” You look at your younger adoptive-sister.

    “Devyn.. We.. We have to..” Your younger adoptive-brother Ethan agrees.

    “Okay, okay, I don’t want to start an argument.” She smiles at you.

    You open the door out of your rented vacation apartment. A man starts walking towards you in a very weird way.

    “Hey, who are you?” You shout at the man.

    You only hear the man moaning and groaning.

    “Seriously dude, what are you?” You keep shouting at the man.

    The man stumbles towards Ethan, you punch the man in the head.

    The man turns towards you, still moaning and groaning. You punch him once again. He jumps towards you, thankfully you managed to shove him to the ground before he bites you. You start kicking him in the head.

    “Devin, stop it.” Your sister looks at you with an angry face.

    “Look what he did to Ethan!” You’re mad, really mad.

    Suddenly more men start stumbling towards you, a big group of at least fifty.

    “Quickly! Into the alleyway.” Devyn shouts.

    The three of you run into the alleyway.
    “Come on, we have to climb the ladder, up onto the roof.” Devyn shouts at you.

    You start climbing up the ladder as you hear a scream.

    “HEEEEEEEEELP!!!” It was Ethan, one of them grabbed him.

    You look down and see Devyn fighting one of them.

    “Devin, save Ethan! Now!” She shouts at you.

    1. [Save Ethan]

    2. [Save Devyn]

    3. [Go on without them]

  • [Loot them]

    "What do you say, Joe? We just kill these folks and take all their stuff?"

    [Save Ethan]

    Devyn and Devin will get confusing.

  • Loot them!
    And save Devyn,but give her a nickname,so we won't mix them.

  • [Threaten them], [Go on without them].

  • Quick note: Devin is 18, Dev (Devyn) is 16 and Ethan is 14.

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    [Threaten them]

    [Go on without them]

    Sweet cornpotato, it has begun!

  • [Be friendly]

    No need for violence yet.

    [Save Ethan]

    That one was a hard decision, but Ethan is already grabbed by the walkers, while Devyn only fights them. She might be able to save herself. I hope so at least :D

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