How old is Bigby?

And I mean how old does his glamour look. Not how old he is. Maybe... mid thirties?


  • I'd say mid thirties is right.
    Also BTW, not to nitpick, but Bigby does not use glamour. He is a shapeshifter. A power he inherited from the North Wind, but never fully learned to use (beyond the various degrees of wolf forms that is) because of his hatred for his dad.

  • Late thirties, early forties.

  • In dog or human years?

  • Bigby isn't wearing glamour, he can change his shape and I would say late thirties

  • Dog...?

    In dog or human years?

  • One human year is like 7 dog years.


  • 41 and 137 days.

  • I say in the comics he looks in his early fifties but in the game he looks in his mid thirties. BTW Biggs doesn't use glamour.

  • Snow turned Bigby into a reverse werewolf so it's not actually glamour. To me, he looks like he's 40-50 depending on the artist.

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    Seems to look older in the comics than he does in the game. In the game, I would say he looks like he is somewhere in his mid to late thirties.

  • isn't bigby like 6 centuries old

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    I think hes like 500 years old or older. Bigby is a Fable so he doesn't age and he doesn't have a glamour.

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