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Forum Contest Suggestion Thread

posted by ShaleReeve BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users

Hello everyone, I'm ShaleReeve. As many of you know, I post forum contests that involve you guys and keep it up for about 2-3 days until I announce the winners. Well, I'm not gonna lie, I'm running out of ideas. There's just so many different things you can do with these forum contests. So, I'm asking you guys to help me out. You guys can suggest any idea I can make a forum contest out of. If your idea is good enough to make a forum contest, I will use it and credit you in that contest.

Also, mods, can you please keep it in the Walking Dead section for a while so at least a lot of people see it? No one really goes to check on the games section, so if it's moved there right away, I won't get any suggestions. Thank you.


-It must involve the forum members, not a walking dead contest. I am aware that someone else has started walking dead contests, but even before those started my contests were still specifically about the forum members.

-No popularity contests. I have done one in the past, and the feedback I received made me think about it. I understand now that many people get upset in those types of things, and since these contests are meant to be fun for everyone, popularity contests will not be allowed.

-It has to be something that I already know. (For example, it can't be guess everyone's names, because then I would have to contact the ENTIRE forum for their names).

-It cannot repeat the contests I have already done. Since I have lost the links, I will just give a brief description of each one.

1- Name as much forum members as you can.

2- Name your favorite forum members (popularity contest, not allowed!)

3- Estimate when each forum member joined the forums.

4- Estimate how much likes each forum member has.

5- Guess the forum members' gravatars/profile pictures.

6- Unscramble the scrambled usernames.

7- Repeat of #1, which I regret.

8- Fill in the missing spaces of usernames.

9- Forum user word search

10-Elimination game with forum members.

11-Sequel to #10

12-Walking Dead art contest

That's about it. As long as you guys follow the requirements, I will gladly accept any suggestions. Of course, this is optional and you don't have you suggest, but if you have any good ideas for a forum user contest, please let me know here. Thanks!

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