Things that need to be resolved in the last episode.

So as a lot of people know, we expect a lot of plot points to be resolved in this episode. But do you think they'll all be resolved? Or do you think that some of them might be a determinant thing? List some of the things that need to be resolved.



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    Well to state the obvious, the murderer will be found.

  • Mine is, is Cryer relevant?

  • We should find out Vivian's story and talk to Swineheart about Faith's head, and maybe find out what exactly happened to Lawrence.

  • Where is Pixel,the cat?
    The last scene should be bigby walking down the street... Seeing someone removing the posters from the wall. Bigby turns to her/him and sees pixel in there arm :D
    Happy End

    • Why was Faith murdered?
    • Who is the killer?
    • What's Vivian's story?
    • What will happen between Bigby and Snow?
    • What will possibly happen to Crane?
  • I want more character development from crooked man and Bloody Mary, it seems they are saving everything for the finale.

  • "What will possibly happen to Crane?"

    Comics answers that

  • I want to know just three things: WHO killed the girls. What happened with Faith's head and who the hell Vivian is and her story behind all this These have bothered, especially the last one, since episode 2.

  • wow that's interesting

    pls answer with a spoiler tag

  • well, we're not gonna see crane in episode 5, be sure about that, the last scene we saw him was with bloody mary, and she told him that he will go to europe, in the comics, first(and probably last time) we saw him was in europe, cinderella, who is a secret agent for bigby, act like his girlfriend, and like she's with the adversary(the main enemy of the whole fables universe), that bastard crane was going to go with the adversary for her ! then bigby came.. and it wasn't so beautiful to see xD

  • Was it ever shown what happened to prince Lawrence? I mean, I don't really care because he died on my file (Damn you Toad!) but it would be nice to know if he shows up again.

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    And probably the rest of her body too, right? If it hadn't been thrown down the Witching Well already.

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    Meanwhile, Bloody Mary throws a surprise party for everyone while Snow makes the most tastiest cake ever baked!

  • Or, more likely, we will find out there never was a murderer in the first place. Like Jersey said, "Are you still looking for whoever killed those girls, or are you done chasing your tail"?

  • he does come back if you save him but in the first part of Ep 3

  • Spoiler tag dammit!

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    We also have to find out why Bloody Mary's tattoos glow before she breaks your arm, then it slowly fades.

  • I hope to see some more closure of the Brannigan story.

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    Hmmm, we could get a scene after the credits with her discovering something or at the very least trying to piece some clues together. It will end the season with a cliffhanger, that's true. But at the same time we will have confirmation for a second season,making everyone happy in the process:).

    It's unlikely, I know. But it will be pretty interesting to see something like this happening.

  • Yeah, shortly after which he states "I don't know what they did, but I do know this: if they're dead, it's because the Crooked Man wanted them dead. That's all it takes".

    His statement is not a confirmation of the Crooked Man's involvement behind the murders though, since Jersey seems to be very loyal to him and might be exaggerating to convince Bigby of Crooked Man's power and influence.

  • What is Bluebeard's involvement and why did he burn Crane's things?

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    i hope we get a payback of whatever we have done so far from episode 1 till episode 5. The complain i have with this game is that episodes are soo disconnected for example i didnt broke Gren's arm, i didnt kill dum, didnt hit beast second time so there should be payback untill now it feels whatever i would hv done it doesnt matter and trust me i love being violent but because of some people and fable town i played peacefully. To add to that i did burn tree, i sent toad to farm, i saved lawrence. I want payback

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    Who exactly killed hookers? Why/who was leaving heads on the doorstep? What photo did Faith steal? I want to know more about CM and his reasons. Why the gang of fables forced other fables to work for them. Are they that bad? And ribbons, break the fucking spell.

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    A question that has been nagging me throughout the series - why was Faith’s coat apparently left at the Woodman’s apartment. It seems so nonsensical on its face it ought to have a good reason.

    1. They were experiencing a record heat wave, thus no need for a normal coat that night
    2. Why would you leave this valuable heirloom in the apartment of the man who just assaulted you
  • True, but I'm quite sure that the Crooked man and his crew know something about the girls deaths, that it wasn't their doing and that it also was't some serial killer's doing.
    (Check out my theory if you haven't:
    I think that's what the Crooked man wants to tell Bigby personally, and that after the big revelation as introduction the final episode will follow more of a straight line for the conclusion of the story, instead of Bigby roaming around cluelessly, whatever leads come up first after another.

  • im not sure if it is the crooked man's seal, but if it is, remember when the butcher was explaining the seal "it breaks peoples bones, etc." maybe it gives her strength??? or at least the ability to break shit

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    Besides, Crane's fate is foreshadowed in the game itself - for example, when the game presented me with an option to attack Jersey with anvil or the Headless Horseman statue, I chose the latter. Many people felt that this was out of place and went for the anvil, but after reading the comics the significance of the statue is revealed :)

  • Even though I got the reference right when I saw the statue, I still went for the anvil because it felt more badass.

  • dojo32161dojo32161 Moderator

    It's not the Crooked Man's symbol. Take a look.

    Alt text

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    Aside from the obvious Crooked Man/Bloody Mary problem, let me point out the plot points that I would like wrapped up:

    • Beauty and Beast's financial future/relationship with the Crooked Man
    • Auntie Greenleaf's role in the story
    • Aftermath of sending Toad/Colin to the farm
    • Seeing how Gren and Holly are getting by at the bar
    • Possibly a dialogue with Flycatcher?
    • Maybe a dialogue with the Woodsman? I don't know, it seemed like goodbye in E4.
    • Brannigan's role.
    • Bluebeard/Snow's argument on the future of the business office (granted, King Cole might come back and resolve this)
    • Seeing Toad Jr. again and his final reaction to our Bigby. It's been a long time.

    All I can think of at the top of my head, but that's a long list for a single episode...

  • Also, Bigby and Snow don't start showing feelings for each other till the comics. You're other questions are definitely valid, though.

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    Point 1, 3 and 8 are more or less dealt with in the beginning of the comics. Point 6 goes either way, there's drastic development in Woody and Bigby's relationship from its current state to the way it is by the time of the comics, and some exposition there would make sense. On the other hand, this state of affairs isn't alluded to in the comics themselves, only mentioned by the author in an interview, and that scene in Episode 4 did sufficiently imply a brightening in their relationship and I can't see that happening overnight.

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    A journalist sniffs his way to some of the truth in the beginning of the comics, and it's stated that the last time someone found them out was in the twenties. The game has broken away from the comics like that before, such as Comic!Bigby stating that he has never been in a firefight while Game!Bigby is shot several times over the course of Episode 3 alone, so as you say it's not impossible. But don't hold your breath.

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    But a firefight is between two people, both with guns, shooting at each other not someone being shot at with no gun to defend themselves.

    From noun
    an exchange of gunfire between two opposing forces, especially a skirmish between military forces.

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    I don't know if Bigby would make the distinction, especially as he was perfectly capable of defending himself, but kudos for catching that.

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    We also have to find out why Dum was in that picture from episode 3 with the other women. Maybe we'll find out only if he's alive.

  • I hope we will find out which store Snow bought those fabulous clothes?

  • Bigby served in the army if you remember, hence he would make the distinction.

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