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The Mime Among Us

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So I was doing my second playthrough, this time doing a silent Bigby, to see all the deaths and the reactions when I just keep silent all the time, and I had this bug happen, it glitched and now all the characters eyes appear closed, dialog and subtitles disappeared while sound effects and music still played. no one was talking when they should, even their mouths didnt really move to make it obvious they were supposed to be talking in the cut scenes and the subtitles were gone, and all my choices were replaced with "This choice is blank!". this reduced the game to "The Wolf Among Us: Mime version" and so far despite reloading my save file its not fixed. it was hilarious because everyone just stares (with their eyes closed in some scenes) at each other silently and awkwardly and making faces.
It was ironic this happened on my silent playthrough, at first I thought it was a last minute work around due to that I couldnt be given the choices because they would have information I didnt uncover because of being so silent, or that this was some snarky easter egg or a vengeful programmer that made it so the game just did this when you chose silence an unreasonable amount of times.

so far I have played to the latest episode since the bug started in the Trip Trap, with everyone being like a mime and giving exaggerated facial expressions. the fight scenes are so funny, Bigby and whoever he is fighting still make grunts and other sounds, but the actual dialog is missing so it just shows them pausing and frowning at each other in the middle of a fight, eventually coming to blows for no reason. This glitch ended up feeling like a funny DLC since nothing has seemed to fix it, but its only affecting one save file so i dont care.

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