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  • He even implimented that Floatym'n thing Homsar has. Maybe he can do Homsar as the Captain CAAAAVEMAAAAN of the Graveyard Train!
  • What the heck is MUGEN?
  • Snicklin;102748 said:
    What the heck is MUGEN?
    A fighting game engine, that lets people make their own stuff... somehow. I haven't been able to find much about how it works.
  • Wow, that's really, really great. I love the interactive stages, needs more moves though.
  • Yeah, I thought about adding the "Captain Caveman of the graveyard train" thing, but first of all I don't really know if it has background music mixed trough it, and second, I'm pretty lazy. I still need to implement the Rocoulm move I wanted to implement, and the Worm is hard as nails to sprite.

    But I mostly try to implement moves from the cartoons, or at least try to implement moves that fit Homsar. I still am not so sure about using that Horrible Painting as a stun move, but it would be kind of unique to add a new Jibblies status for MUGEN.

    And I still need to figure out what should trigger the "Heavy Lourde" move. I already know that his bowler hat should spawn it, since I don't want it to completely appear from Hammerspace, but it also means I need to sprite yet again a new bowler hat sprite (I already made his train machinist hat transformation, which I still need to figure what move it should be given to).

    That's the biggest challenge, though, to add moves that are typically Homsar. Especially by his non-violent behaviour. It would be kind of weird for him to suddenly spawn rocks from the ground to pound his enemy like a pulp for example (although he might be capable of doing such thing), so using Sweet Cuppin' Cakes characters as strikers is something hilarious to do, and it doesn't really seem all that violent. Only cartoon violence, but who hasn't seen the Loony Tunes?

    Oh, and I have some small surprises on the way, unfortunately one surprise has already been guessed by someone else on YouTube.


    By the way, the stages aren't really interactive. MUGEN still doesn't allow for that. It's only animated and such.
  • Much like Homsar giving the Jibblies Painting a case of the Jibblies, Homsar's Captain Caveman moment doesn't have BGM.
  • Need I mention there's a Character called "Stinkoman 20X6"
    He's an OK character, but he has a Lack of Specials (Cheatball Throw, Cheatball Uber Throw, 20X6 Kick is all I think..) And I;ve seen him use Pan Pan from time to time. I'll try and remember where I got him.

    http://infinitymugenteam.com/ Here, Its in Chars/Misc, Its called "20X6
  • GaryCXJk;102780 said:
    That's the biggest challenge, though, to add moves that are typically Homsar.
    Some sort of sonic scream(with the Wah-aha audio)? Also, you should put some thought into making use of Homsar's invisible arms. Maybe having air current-like effects to show where they are generally.

    You could also have a Meteo-like attack (from the Final Fantasy games), where Homsar exclaims:

    Well, it looks like I won the Powerball.

    Using Powerballs ping-pongs in place of Meteors.
  • Wait, A move that hits various places on screen at the same time? that'd be an incredibly cheap move. Almost as cheap as Hyper-Neo Kamek's moves. (undodgeable lasers, 5 second stun, Instant-Hit anvil, 10 rechargable special-Gauges.)
  • Can you really make your own characters and stages on MUGEN? If so, I'm downloading it.
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