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Things that should have killed characters or got them sick but didn't?

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Just so you guys know this is not a this game needs to be more realistic thread its just discussing whether these things would actually get a character killed or seriously ill

So I was just thinking about this the other day you know in episode 1 of season 1 where lee is in Clem's house and when the babysitter walker shows up Lee falls and hits his head on the bench well if you really think about it that fall should have incapacitated him long enough for that walker to get on top of him and take a chunk out of his neck

and also when Clementine is going through the river in s2 ep1 to my knowledge (which isn't very much on this subject so correct me if I'm wrong) shouldn't Clementine have developed hypothermia (i think that is what it is I am terrible when it comes to this stuff) especially if she is wearing the same clothes that were most likely still wet from the river for a good portion of the day.

are there some others anyone can think of?

  • Mark surviving after his legs were hacked off like that makes next to no sense if he's able to trail that much blood behind him when he drags himself down the stairs. Seriously, how did he survive that long?? How did he even make it down the stairs? :P

    That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are others though.

  • Jewfreeus, hypothermia is a condition when a person's body temperature gets too low for it to perform it's normal functions.

    And, though I'm a fan of Kenny, it's his survival, in both scenarios. Well, less so in Christa's one, but much more in Ben's one. It is very under-explained, "got real lucky" is hardly an explanation.

  • Clem's arm should have gotten infected when she stitched it up. She "cleans" it with Hydrogen Peroxide, which actually does nothing to clean wounds. It's a common misconception but it doesn't do anything - it just looks like it does cuz it fizzes. But that fizzing is just oxygen (fixed) bubbles forming in a chemical reaction. If anything, it would actually do damage to your tissues by killing them. Hydrogen Peroxide is corrosive and it's what's used to bleach hair.

    If you get injured, your best bet is ethanol/rubbing alcohol. Even vodka will do the trick. Applied to the wound, I mean. Though it also has the added benefit of being able to take the edge off beforehand :-D

    • It cleans out wounds. I'm 100% sure it does.

    • As both a chemistry and biology student at uni, who has used H2O2 in the chem lab, it is my opinion that you are incorrect. First H2O2 doesn't form CO2 when in contact with the air it forms oxygen and water 2H2O2 + energy from air = 2H2O + O2 there is no carbon involved in the reaction, the fizzing is O2 not CO2. Secondly while it is true hydrogen peroxide will not disinfect her arm by killing all the bacteria, it is a chemical used in the body to signal the immune system that a threat is present. By placing it on the arm, the water formed washes the injury, and the oxygen (which is surprisingly toxic in large amounts to some bacteria) will kill a small amount of bacteria. The main effect however will be in drawing lymphocytes (white blood cells) to the area. So as long as you have a functioning immune system pouring H2O2 on an injury will greatly decrease the risk of infection.

      The real question is how does it still work after at very least 2 years. H2O2 is extremely unstable and it should have turned into a plain old bottle of water by that point. Plus unless they got it from a lab, or a company that uses it for bleaching it wouldn't have been very concentrated in the first place, it wouldn't have fizzed that much.

      • Oops, sorry, I meant O2 not CO2. But as a person with a degree in Immunology and Microbiology, I would say your idea of how it interacts with the immune system is incorrect. It only shows a reaction because your red blood cells have ruptured. It itself does not recruit or signal the immune system. Your body has its own signalling mechanisms.

        EDIT: I was trying to figure out where you got the impression that hydrogen peroxide will recruit WBCs and decrease infection risk. I think you might have read it on the Wikipedia entry, because I found a paragraph there mentioning that H2O2 inside the cells of Zebra Fish increases after tissue damage, which "is thought to act as a signal to white blood cells to converge on the site and initiate the healing process."

        To jump from this (H2O2 increases inside cells in fish which MIGHT signal to WBCs) to concluding that pouring H2O2 on PEOPLE will FOR SURE recruit WBCs and "GREATLY DECREASE the risk of infection" is not only incredibly unscientific, but also very dangerous, considering the pseudoscience currently being spread that H2O2 will cure cancer because of its miraculous power to stimulate the immune system.

        The decomposition reaction you mention (2H2O2 + energy from air = 2H2O + O2) is actually pretty slow, which is why bottles of hydrogen peroxide don't fizz all over as soon as you open the cap. It requires energy, but this process is greatly sped up by the enzyme Catalase , which catalyses the process by lowering the required energy. This enzyme is found inside RBCs, so when RBCs are ruptured as in a bleeding wound, there's plenty of catalase for the H2O2 to react with. The very fact that you can see with your own eyes that the decomposition of H2O2 has occurred (thanks to fizzy O2 bubbles) should indicate to you that H2O2 has decomposed. So even if H2O2 were able to signal the immune system (which is NOT proven) - something that isn't there can't do that!

        Long post short: do NOT suffer under the illusion that H2O2 will disinfect and recruit WBCs when poured onto wounds.

          • lol! Sorry, I just want to make sure that people don't rely on false info about household chemicals being miraculous immune system boosters when they read it here. I've heard of people actually drinking H2O2 because they thought it would help their immune system, or even inserting it up delicate body parts...

            Dabbing your cuts with it isn't gonna do you much good but it won't do you much harm either, but relying on it (or any other home remedies) when you've got a more serious medical situation or just using it when/where you really shouldn't or in higher concentrations because you think it's going to boost your immune system can really do you harm.

        • Bravo, well done sir. I bow to your superior knowledge. claps

          After thinking about this for an unreasonable amount of time, I asked my biology of disease lecturer about it and it would seem you are correct. I don't know where I got the idea that H2O2 signals the immune system as I am suffering from sorce amnesia, I would like to think it wasn't from wiki but knowing my brain and it's ability to remember information from poor sources while forgetting info from good ones, it's definitely possible

          Thanks for the correction : ) it's always annoying when I learn things that are incorrect.

      • Interesting read. I should probably take he Hydrogen Peroxide out of my first aid kit. Alcohol swabs will have to suffice, I guess.

    • I've read that clean water is best used to clean wounds like that

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      I never knew this about Hydrogen Peroxide, i did some i saw this post and apparently you are right. It gives me another reason to stock up on whisky. Thank you for teaching me something new today.

    • True,but this was before they knew that it did that.

  • I've been teaching first aid for a couple of years and some things in the game really bothered me...

    -Mark: Should've bled out much quicker, nevermind going into shock.

    -Kenny: He got shot with a .308, which is a big, fast-moving bullet. Even a glancing blow in his side probably would've shredded a kidney or part of the intestine.

    -Carver: Another interesting case. He was shot through the shoulder with a .308. Even if it was high enough not to drop a lung, the round would still destroy the joint and clavicle.

    -Clementine: Oh boy...the dog bite. A little girl fixes it by subjecting herself to excruciating pain, in a cold shed, after bleeding a ton. Perfect recipe for hypovolemic shock, which is REALLY dangerous for a kid her size. Good thing Clem is immortal. ;) Not to mention, the rifle-butt to the face would probably have broken the cheekbone.

    • No... just no. A dog bite is fuckin' easy as a mofo to sustain. And it wouldn't break the cheak fucking bone, you've probably never been hit with a gun before. Most gun hits don't even leave a mark. The .308 can vary, you even seen Kenny fall to the floor so WTF are you trying to say? Carver, he got up much quicker so that's kinda fake but he does have a big thick coat on, he has some other shit under it too.

      • Are you serious? Have you ever seen a serious dog bite?! They don't just bite and let go, they thrash back and forth, ripping skin, muscle and blood vessels apart.

        Rifle butts were regularly used to finish off downed enemies if a bayonet isn't available. If it can crack a skull, it can crack a cheekbone. An AK-47 weighs approx 8lbs and has a nice wood stock. I'll tell you what, get someone to give you a good, hard smack in the face with one and we'll see if it leaves any marks.

        As for the bullet wounds a coat makes no difference. A .308 round will go through skin, muscle, bone and out the other side unless it's specifically designed not to.

        In Kenny's case, I'm trying to say that the bullet would pass through him, creating a big wound channel and shredding any organs in its path.

        You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, do you?

        • Yes I fucking do, just because you have you shitty fucking University bullshit thing doesn't mean your a fucking expert, I've been hit with a fucking gun before so I know the facts here, pal. And you're assuming all dog bites are left in the arm for ages, I've dealt with that shit before.

          • Yes I fucking do, just because you have you shitty fucking University bullshit thing, doesn't mean your a fucking expert,


            -I didn't learn first aid at college. I learned it through the Red Cross. Then I helped staff a wilderness first-aid course.

            -Your story is irrelevant, you can clearly see the dog latch on to Clementine's arm and thrash around, as I stated above.

            -Conventional wisdom dictates that a 7.7lb blunt weapon is perfectly capable of breaking the bones of the face. One personal account isn't going convince me otherwise.

            Your posts look like they were written by a twelve-year old having a temper tantrum. Either try to be civil or fuck off, I don't care which.

      • Are you trying to pull a Dr. Carlos moment?

  • That fall Lee took in Clementines's kitchen probably should have killed him instantly. At the very least knocked him unconscious.

    I also agree with skaydee's post. Hydrogen Peroxide is almost completely useless as an antiseptic.

    In the last episode, the beating Carver put on Kenny should kill him considering the medical care available to him. A blow powerful enough to cause a fractured orbital bone would likely also cause severe brain swelling and edema.

    • All good points, especially the first one

      In Wadō ryu they taught us that a powerful rabbit punch or knifehand strike to the occipital region can seperate the skull from the spine and kill. Those of us under 18 were never allowed to try it (for obvious reasons), but it makes sense, despite there being no guarantee of causing death. Lee effectively got Karate chopped by a stone countertop, there should definitely be some damage.

      • OOOOOOH I wanna learn that!

        • Eh, it's not that spectacular. There are much more painful ways to (non-fatally) incap someone. It's basically a guaranteed kill though.

          1. Groin Punch, attacker doubles over.
          2. Strike downward onto base of the skull with the bottom of your fist/hand. (Like an axe coming down)
          3. Stomp the downed attacker in the same place to ensure dislocation.

          Don't mention my username if you decide to try this at home. :)

          • A blind martial artist... You're not Zatoichi are you?

            • Nope, I'm Half-Zatoichi (blatant TF2 reference). I'm only half blind and I'm a mediocre martial artist.

              In all seriousness, self-defense is actually very important for a cyclops. Violent crime against the usually impaired are an unfortunate reality. I'm an odd case though, since most learn judo or jujitsu, whereas I took Karate and a bit of Krav Maga.

              So if you think about it, I'm an unusually dangerous half-zatoichi.

              • Holy shit you seem like a'd make the perfect guardian for Clementine

                • I've never been called a badass before! (blushes)

                  I'm not sure about being a guardian though, I'd probably trip over a rock and get bitten. Clementine would have to warn me about obstacles like my friends on backpacking trips. XD. I can see it now...

                  Clem: "His name was Max; he taught me how to survive. He's the reason I have a terrible haircut."

                  Luke: What uh...what happened to him?

                  Clem: I killed him. I was too young and stupid to warn him about the uneven sidewalk...

  • Lee should have been killed in the car crash. He wasn't even wearing a seat belt.

  • This catastrophe is completely unacceptable! The realism is far too little! 0/10, horrible game, not real enough.

    I'm joking.

  • When Lee was saving Katjaa from David/Travis. His hand was so close to it's mouth, why didn't it bite him in stead?

  • In S2 E1 Clem pulls a knife out of a walker, briefly wipes if off on her pants and then uses it to open a can of food. Wouldn't the dirty walker knife have contaminated the food and infected her? Or is it strictly only a bite that will do the trick?

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      Dude wtf was with that. I am playing the game for the first time, a huge germaphobe and that was the worst part of the game for me. Wtf Clem go back to the river and wash the knife you stupid kid. She could have at least given the top layer of beans to the dog, and ate the bottom part at least then you kinda know that it probably would be ok, but me i'd still wash it.

    • I'm pretty sure it's strictly the bite or, as seen in All Out War, the muck around the mouth. No other way has been shown to infect a person.

  • When Ben fell from the balcony 20-30 feet below. Wait, that's not it, impaled in the chest in impact too.

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