Why did Lilly lie to Lee?

This question goes back all the way to Season 1 and if you let Lilly back onto the RV and she later steals it. Before leaving she asks Lee to come with her. If you agree, she'll tell you to go get Clementine and they'll leave, but after stepping out, she drives away. Did Lilly just use Lee to help herself get away? Or was she being serious, but then realized at the last second that she couldn't do it because she wanted Lee to help Kenny and his family?


  • Hard to say....I think both of them are pretty plausible.

  • Because Telltale didn't want to branch storylines

  • What Tyranitar said.

    But in the context of the story, I lean more towards the second option. There doesn't seem to be much logic in lying to Lee just to get him out of the RV when she was perfectly capable of pushing him out. And even if she did do that, presumably to avoid a potentially messier confrontation, then it still kind of bleeds over into the second option, since if you were on Lilly's side up until this point, she'll still show signs of affection for Lee, saying she's not going to hurt him. So I guess my conclusion is that either way, Lilly just figured she was better off on her own, either for her own sake, or Lee's.

  • Maybe pangs of conscience? It depends on how you play, but up until then I had a good relationship wit Lilly. Maybe she felt like she'd be dragging you down with her if you did? Or that she wouldn't be able to look you in the face after what she'd done?

  • I think she realized that she didn't trust Lee, so she decided to go on her own. Also, I doubt she even knew there was something wrong with Duck. And I don't think she was just using Lee (specially if they're friends), 'cause she just kicks you out of the van if you refuse to go. She wasn't in her best mental state, so such a rash decision makes perfect sense to me.

  • Maybe she thought Lee was going to tell Kenny?

  • Maybe she did want to go with Lee but realized that if Lee and Clem just went into the RV it would look suspicious, so she left so she could at least leave.

  • Maybe she thought that he was actually going to tell Kenny instead of getting Clementine.

  • It would have been very interesting if they did, though. Clementine wouldn't have even been kidnapped by The Stranger.

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    Because Telltale didn't want to branch storylines

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