• Next thing you know, Godzilla is going to rise up from the ocean and help the group find Sarah.

  • There were just as many in season 1, All fictions especially zombie ones have things that dont make complete sense but there you go. They never really bother me

  • I agree with every single one of these points. I just replayed episode 5 of season 1, which was amazing. Sadly, it appears the second season simply isn't living up to the high expectations Telltale has created for us not only on the story side, but also in terms of gaping plotholes and inconsistencies like the once mentioned in the original post.

    It's a shame, really. Season 2 had so much potential, but I fear a lot of it has been lost due to the quirks presented so far.

    • Season 2 could have easily gone toe to toe with Season 1 if Telltale didn't get so damn greedy wanting to work on so many games at the same time. Every little thing that started setting up in S2E1 looks to have been scrapped and now we got a game that is nothing but lots of wasted potential. At the beginning I was super hyped about Ep4's slide but now i get the feeling it's not even going to be anything impressive.

  • I don't think it's very unrealistic, I just see it as TTG wanting to keep the story interesting. I do kinda agree with you don't get me wrong, but I just don't find it really annoying to be honest.

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    No offense but it seems silly to me to point the unrealistic things in a ZA story. I do agree with you on the dog bite thing, but i think that was a plot hole.

    • I mean nothing's too crazy anymore considering there's dead walking around.

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        I don't find the story to be that unbelievable, where i am just sitting there shaking my head. I just let the story flow, and immerse myself in the moment. One situation i found completely believable was when we got caught stealing two of the eight total radios. I saw that coming as soon as i saw how many radios were on the table.

  • Alright, i know season 1 wasn't realistic to begin with, but season 2 becoming...you know...


    Omid and Christa leaving Clementine alone

    That's what they get for thinking with their genitals.

    Clementine not being smart enough to take the gun with her

    It was so painfully obvious shit was about to go south that I screamed at her for five minutes so that she'd grab the gun. Oh, and what do you know, shit went south.

    Here now I know the world in this universe is fucked up but i don't think in reality Michelle would be as rough to Clementine as she did with her only being nine years old

    You'd be surprised at what bullies do just for the sake of bullying, but her hat? Really?

    Clementine not drowning or getting hypothermia or at least commenting on the cold

    She shivers. A lot. Also, I don't want my protagonist (especially Clem) dying in the first minutes of the first episode.

    A doctor not knowing the difference between a dog bite and walker bite

    Hey Sarah, I ate paint when I was a kid, doi!

    Instead of washing the bloody walker knife she rubs it against her pants then uses it to open food and then continues to eat the food

    Hunger, man. That was an iffy moment, but eh.

    Luke and the rest of the group doesn't know how a dog bite looks

    Yeah, that seemed pretty stupid. "If she gets a fever (which most severe dog bite victims get) she's a walker fo' sho. Later, you can determinately hear Carlos saying that he knows very well that she could die, but that the script made him like he was straight outta Crawford, during the house meeting scene.

    Sarah being....Sarah ( No she's not autistic, she's highly sheltered, but still..)

    I have the basic sympathy and empathy any decent human being is supposed to have (and I'm not really one) for Sarah, but not much beyond that. She could've been written as a sheltered and still somewhat naive kid, sure, but going to this extreme, she feels like baggage. Again, I do not hate Sarah, but the approach to her character could've been more subtle; she could've been an inexperienced yet somewhat mature girl with whom Clementine could strike a real friendship with. I'm calling what we have right now a relationship of compromise, not really a friendship. If you can, good for you, I just can't.

    How the hell did an eleven year old girl withstand the pain of horribly stitching herself

    Like you saw her do.

    The sudden personality change with Carlos and Rebecca

    There is a bit of justification, but it still does not convince me to date. I guess that TT did what they could to make those characters more likeable with the time limit that they have - IMHO - rather foolishly imposed for themselves. Had we had more time to gradually develop those relationships, it could have felt more natural, perhaps.

    The odds of finding Kenny ( I love Kenny, he's my favorite character, but I doubt in real life Clem and Kenny would of ever found eachother )

    It was nice for what it was. Sad that they have to drag a character who has more or less finished his arc to have him practically lead the season instead of sticking and developing the cast that they came up with.

    Carlos not knowing how to grab a Key and twist it to stop the wind turbine.


    Carlos letting Clementine turn off the wind turbine.

    Batteries for everyone. Of the most badly written moments of an otherwise pretty good episode.

    Carlos telling Clementine the adults are talking after everything she's done for the group.

    Thankfully, Clem's response saved that scene.

    A day or two after saying that to her Carlos doesn't mind letting her go fucking mission impossible style sneaking on the roof and getting the radio and somehow Tavia did not notice this happening in front of her.

    Plot blindness and Carlos.

    I understand she just lost her father, screaming once would of been acceptable in my book, but then she screams again, and again, in a horde of walkers...

    Considering it is a pretty traumatic experience to see you father being teared apart by living corpses plus the fact that it's Sarah who we're dealing with, I do not blame her.

    If Sarita survives the amputation that's breaking Kirkman's rules, that hatchet had walker blood on it.

    If Sarita does not, we can cry "choices don't matter either way" and call it a day. Kirkman broke his own rules in the latest issues, it seems. Both Rick and Negan had walker blood enter their bloodstream, but survived. Then again, plot-armor for those two, so Sarita may not get so lucky.

  • I don't want it to be for real anyway

  • "Clem not being smart enough to pick up her gun." I wouldn't have either. Once in the middle of an airsoft war my pistol ran out of gas, so I reached into my pocket, grabbed the can and dropped it while putting it in the pistol. It rolled since I was on a hill in the woods and got stopped by a tree. I placed down my rifle and pistol and just made a run for it. That was when I knew I was gonna get shot at, but walking about a foot in a bathroom you've already cleared? That's just plain paranoid.

  • I agree with everything except for her being able to stand suturing her arm... yes she did take it like a beast, but it was clear that she was about ready to pass out if she hadn't stopped at about four/five stitches. I feel like it's something that'd be easy to do if the only other option was death.

  • It's just a game. It shouldn't be taken seriously...

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