If you could re-write any scene from Season 1 or 2 what would you do?

If you were to rewrite any scene from the Walking Dead, how would you rewrite it? You can choose any scene from Season 1 or 2.

Personally, I'm not sure what I'd choose. Maybe Pete living a little bit longer than just one episode, damnit!



  • I'm not sure exactly which scenes I would re-write, but I do know that Carver would still be alive.

  • I agree. Killing Carver was a giant waste if potential. It may seem cliché but it would have been really cool to see him track down the group.

  • Clem: " There is a small house over by the bridge. "

    Carlos: " How big is it? "

    Alt text

  • Ooh yeeeeeah... XD C'mon Carlos!

  • Omid's Death. He should have killed Michelle in the struggle and Clem and Christa look in horror at what he done. It would be interesting character development.

    Also not really a scene but I would re-write most of Carver in Episode 3. In Episode 2 he was set up as a morally grey character, who implies the group has secrets. But in Episode 3, (which I still really like) he is just a straight up psychopath. It was probably so you would not want to keep him alive, reason to him and that you didn't care when Kenny killed him.

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    I'm considering writing a fanfic about my version of "In Harm's Way" and "ATR" and "NGB" (even though the last two haven't been released yet, since my story would be different).

  • i would delete that scene in a house divided where Clem and Luke looked at each other weirdly before they both entered the bridge. in my opinion that scene was awkward and it gives Clukers the excuse to justify Cluke

  • I would make Walter save Nick no matter what cause that pisses me off that he's determinant

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    2x03: Reggie is either only reprimanded or beaten up by Carver during the berry scene, leaving him alive to later sacrifice himself during the beatdown scene where he finally stands up to Carver and dies for it, providing everyone with reason to leave the camp. Technically two, but connected.


    2x03: After expanding on some bad blood between Carlos and Carver throughout the episode, including more of a look at what Carlos was saying to Sarah after Reggie's death (thus setting the stage for his view of raising children going up against Carlos'), Carlos is the one who beats Carver's face in, telling a frightened Sarah to wait outside, with a callback to Luke promising her that Carlos was the nicest man he knew and wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody. There is the implication that Sarah understands what her father is doing, ending Carlos' role in the story as he has finally shown Sarah the truth of the world through his own actions, and thus setting the stage for his death.

    Multiple scenes in this one, I know, but there's a lot I would have liked to have seen done in episode 3.

  • What would happen to Omid? Would he disappear along with Christa, or would he have a confirmed fate?

  • Both of those would make the episode a lot better in many ways. Nice choices man.

  • Mine? Hmm, I'm not sure yet. It may be on Fanfic.net but it could be on here!

  • Is it going to be interactive?

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    Nick never dies either way.

  • Write parts into the most recent episode where PEOPLE ACTUALLY REACT TO NICK BEING DEAD. Specifically: Luke. They're supposed to have been friends for 20 years, and he doesn't even mention him when he dies?? What?

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    You didn't kill Nick on your first go... did you?

  • Mine? Hmm, it might be. I was thinking about putting it on Fanfic.net but I haven't decided yet, but it could be on here, or both!

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    Ok, Ok, just nearly had a heart attack there. Nvm. And if they don't react to Nick's death... that's just kinda cold.

  • No no no of course not! I love Nick. I've just watched playthroughs where he IS dead, and Luke doesn't even say anything ):

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    He would be with Clem and Christa at the campfire with the baby(Omid Jr.) although they have a strained relationship after 'the incident'. The bandits (Ralph, Winston and Victor), however come after hearing Omid Jr's cries. Omid has lost some of his humanity after killing Michelle however and when the bandits hold guns to Clem and Christa (who is holding Omid. Jr.) asking are they alone Omid grabs Winston's spear and slices off a bit of Ralph's ear and scars his face (you know where I'm going with him). Victor quickly shoots Omid in the foot and he cries out in pain. Christa hears him and he screams 'CHRISTA, RUN'. Christa runs off with Omid Jr. and Ralph chases her into the woods, Winston chases Clementine leaving Omid alone with Victor. We hears gunshots, punches, falling and struggling. We have no indication as to where he is now though.

  • Indeed. I still hadn't quite warmed up to Nick my first time through, and that was still a sore spot for me. Also, an actual reaction from Nick when Pete's fate is revealed to Reggie would have been nice... considering he was the one with the most connection to the guy, for crying out loud.

    That reminds me of something else I would have liked to have seen, which is acknowledgement of Walter from Bonnie when she mentions the kindness she received from strangers, which was really only Walter when you think about it. Maybe something like regretting that the last thing she saw of him was the look of betrayal on his face when he saw her. It would really give Walter a more lasting impression (as the start of Bonnie's questioning of Carver's ethics) than just that guy who decides Nick's fate, which is more of a Nick focus than a Walter one.

  • Yeah, it was a little weird that Nick didn't even react to the mention of Pete's death. You'd think he would, considering how he had been acting about it just last episode.

    That would have been a nice idea. You know... you talking about Walter reminds me, did anyone even mention Matthew in episode 3? Like, did everyone just forget about him...? Surely Kenny and Sarita still thought he was alive somewhere?

  • I would change just one scene in S2Ep3.

    From the moment Clem stepped into Carver's office I wanted her to grab one of those apples on his desk!

  • I thought they were hot coals. Is that weird?

  • Ah, very true. More mentioning of Matthew would not have gone amiss. Maybe not even a reveal, but like a quick line from Kenny or more likely, Sarita, saying something to the effect of, "If we're lucky, your friend will find Matthew" after Carlos mentions that Luke may be their only hope. This would naturally be followed by a sad glance between Nick and Clem as they share a silent understanding not to say anything, at least not yet. And if Nick's not around, then just a sad look at the floor from Clem, getting across the same idea.

  • I wouldn't have killed Carley off because she was awesome. Beautiful, intelligent and knew how to defend herself. I still struggle to see her death even 2 years on. Seeing her rotting corpse in 400 Days really got to me.

  • It's camoflauge, so nobody tries to steal his apples.

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    That's a bit cold. Kind of harsh too.

  • Ralph = Mike, eh?
    What happens to Victor though? Would we see him in the river?

  • Yes, except Clem asks about Omid instead of Christa.

  • jaja i didnt mind it but its true, lol

  • i would change a lot of things, specially becouse there are a lot of useless characters.

  • Eh, technically I thought it was important for their relationship (no, not a sexual one). When Clementine and Luke are able to smile at each other, and share this experience, it's the beginning of their ability to trust each other. We had Clem open up to Luke about her history with Lee and now they're working together.

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    They're building Clem and Luke up like family, just like how they're doing with Clem and Kenny also. So naturally they needed a 'kick ass bonding moment' to help that along.

    And I thought smile thing was cute XD it's like the smile thing after the hand five was a 'yay we're awesome' and the other one where Luke tells her good job is a 'oh hey this kid can handle herself, awesome!'

    Bet if Luke was a woman, he wouldn't have this problem x_X seriously a guy can't smile at a kid?

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