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Walking Dead Forum Contest #5

posted by Cany0udance on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users

I am thinking of 3 Clementine quotes. Your job is to guess them.


No editing, can post more than once if there are 3 posts inbetween yours, if you get any amount correct I'll tell you, comments can contain up to 8 guesses. Very similar to the second WDFC.

Good luck.

EDIT: There's lots of Clem quotes, so I'll give you occasional hints.

Hint 1: 2 quotes are from S2, 1 from S1

Hint 2: One of them is from the second episode of the second season.

Hint 3: Alphabet 2, 4 (relates to hint 2)

Hint 4: One of the quotes have two ending marks (?,!,., etc.)

Hint 5: 105201202

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