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so most people will say that there will never be a "second lee" but i mean obviously hes dead and there seems to be a sort of stuggle to be clems protector/father figure between Kenny and Luke, who do you pick to be your guardian for clem, for me although Kenny apears physically stronger and will do anything to protect kids id pick Luke because hes smart, plans thing out, and is a lot less reckless and is able to make tough decisions such as proposing the possibility to have to leave some people behind and such


  • Why can't she have both?

  • I know who the new Lee is, it's Eddie's sticky.

  • The guy with the profile name " Kennysucks ", voting for Luke instead of Kenny. Didn't saw that one coming!

    Anyway, you already said it yourself: " there will never be a second lee "

  • We shouldn't have to choose.

    ...But I'd say Kenny.

  • Since Dont_Look_Back is not present at the moment, I'll be substitute.

    Mexican music starts playing

  • you can but im just meaning to ask if you had to chose

  • you know telltale, they will make as many tough decisions as they can

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    We had our "The Second Lee" but we lost him too. R.I.P. Uncle Pete. Seriously though, Pete was the combination of both Kenny and Luke. Like Kenny; his family is matters most than anything. His protective towards to Nick could've been a example. He can sacrifise his life to protect someone. Pete's sacrifise for Clementine to escape explained everything. Like Luke; he was a moral compass for the group. He was kind hearted, idealistic and reasonable. He was still had his hope about humanity. That's why he trusted Clementine in the first place even if you stayed silent. Man I would've choose Uncle Pete over everyone. (Except Lee of course.)


    starts crying

  • I said most people would say that

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    I don't think either of them are looking to replace Lee. There's a type of history there between Clementine and Lee that can't be replicated. Kenny was there to witness this, so while he's protective of her because not only is she young but she's the only other one left from that original group, he's also respectful of what he meant to her. Luke, on the other hand, knows only a small bit of information about Lee but he knows enough to catch on to how much of a role he played in Clem's survival.

    I think they both look to protect Clementine because they both care about her. Luke probably sees Clementine as a sister by now and Kenny looks at her like another daughter. So... yeah. I choose both? I mean, I guess Kenny since father figures are typically considered as the older ones but Luke can be equally protective of her.

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    If you chose to go with Nick he will tell you that he is suicidal, im not positive but i believe if you do not cheer him up he will risk his life since he doesn't really care anymore, but if you cheer him up, Nick realizes he has a lot to live for but he still takes on the whole group of walkers and draws all the attention to himself just so Clem can escape, and if she tries to stay with him he refuses and tells her to keep running, and when the whole bridge shooting happened, Luke protected Clem from fire meaning he was willing to take a bullet for her

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    At this point i don't think Clem needs a protecter, she proved she can survive on her own, she has better survival skills than most of the characters we know, she is brave and smart, if i had to pick a protector, i think it would be Kenny, she knows him more than she knows Luke, even though Kenny can be reckless sometimes Clem can put some sense into him, also Kenny would really do things Luke wouldn't, i like Luke, yes, but it hink Kenny has more experience and he is able to do what others won't do, and that is really important for survival.

  • I agree that she's smart and knows how to use her environment to her benefit, but she's still only eleven years old.

  • I'm tired of bringing up Christa in all of these threads. So I'm just going to call her Xena. I choose Xena.

  • I know she is little, but she is strong, there's a quote i loved and i always think of it when i see Clem or she is called little:

    • "I don't know much 'bout you folks, but y'all keep goin' like this and that girl ain't gon' make it. You gotta consider her a living person, that's it! You're either living or you're not. You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong or smart, you're alive." Charles.

    yeah i agree with you, she is little but she is one of probably the few children alive, to me her being a little girl surviving in ZA means more than being an adult surviving in ZA.

  • If I see one more of these threads.....

  • Kenny's more of an uncle. Luke's the brother. Aaannd... Christa was Lee's "wife"/Clem's mother. One big apocalyptic family.

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    Hard to say yet..
    Lee did not only act as a guardian, he did act as a father too (teaching her, taking care of her well-being (feelings and all), and more).
    Kenny.. We all know how far can he go now, but I want to see how he changed..
    Luke, he definitely cares about Clementine, but how far will he go ?
    Jane, well, she is going to teach her things in the following episode, but I don't know enough about her..

    So yeah, no-one could replace Lee.

  • No one can replace Lee.

    Jussayin, not even Luke. And y'all know how I love Luke.


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    Ugh, I remember when Pete was telling Clementine about Nick when he was young that first time playing through the episode, and during that whole speak it was thinking "Wow, Pete's a really nice guy, I'm starting to like this character. Look at him all happy and smiling and acting like a really cool uncle to Clem, he'd be perfect to look out for her along with the others too. They can all be one crazy happy family"


    And then the son of a bitch had to go and get bitten! Dang it Telltale! I really liked him, more so after I realized his facial hair kinda looked like Lee's.

  • No, we shouldn't have to choose because both are too big to be determinant characters. It should work itself out.

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