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Molly & Christa: Dead or Alive?

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Do you think Molly and Christa are dead or alive?

Molly I unfortunatley think she's dead, it was a hell getting out of Savannah, and Chrisga I think is alive.

  • Don't know about Molly, but I'm almost 100% sure Christa is alive.

    I'll be super pissed if she isn't.

  • I think they're both alive. Molly's fate was left unknown but we've been shown that she does pretty well on her own. I don't know when we would see Christa again but I don't think they would do what they did with Clem's parents in season one: Clem looking for them the whole season only for them to be already dead.

  • I think they are both alive. They are strong survivors who can make it on their own. Although Savannah is overrun, Molly doesn't exactly travel exclusively on land; she is very good at scaling walls and jumping, and is also good at fighting so I'm pretty sure she would have made it out of Savannah on her own.

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