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season 2 dlc

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i already know this idea came up but i was not going to go find the original one to post to so i thought i would put up my own and expand on it.
i know we had 400 days being season 1 dlc before they did season 2 but maybe we need a 400 days 2 dlc or we could call it something else but something that could be the same as 400 days with different people in it or if not and we do a dlc with one person in it than we will have to have more than one dlc but if we go like the 400 days route with one dlc than i have a start in mind Kenny, Crista and Omid, Luke, Molly, Lilly, Vernon, Nate, Eddie and who ever else i am not thinking of plus who ever tell tale adds in but we need one with Kenny to know what all happend after episode 5 of season 1 before we met him in season 2.

We need to know about Crista and Omid before we met them in season one we also need to know about Crista and Clementine right after Omids death before the 16 months later we also need to know what came of Crista's baby we also need to cover what happend to Crista after her and Clementines separation in season 2.

We need to also know what Luke has been doing all those times he was not around.

We need to learn things about all that Molly did before we met her and what she has been doing after she left us in season one.

We also need to know what happend to Lilly after she was either left behind or left the group

We need to know what happend to vernon after we last seen him

we need to know what happend to Nate and Eddie after we seen them in 400 days.

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