• I'm pretty sure she's talking about the baby. The "she's going to get us killed" comment is probably because Rebecca's baby is crying and it's drawing attention from walkers.

    • Jesus, that's dark.

      • Similar cases have happened in the comic series, (I'm specifically thinking of the twin boys, Ben and Billy. Ben has a warped sense on how the world is and brutally kills his twin, with the belief Billy will come back just fine, so long as his brain wasn't damaged).

        So, given Sarah's mental condition - especially considering she heard what Jane said about walking safely amongst the dead by pretending to be a walker via smearing oneself with zombie guts and and shambling - she could very well believe that walker Carlos is actually her dad using these instructions and returning to her. (I think Carlos' comment in episode 1 - about Sarah ceasing to function if exposed to the real life dangers of this new world - and Luke's comment about family being something that people want the most were meant to be not so pleasant foreshadowing of future events).

    • The only way the baby will be a danger to the group is if walkers are nearby to hear its cries. Otherwise, so long as the baby's need can be seen to, its relatively harmless to the group (though chances of that baby surviving if they're attacked by approaching walkers are ridiculously slim).

  • Heh, annoying or not, I'm not letting a 15 year old girl die.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I think she could be talking about Rebecca, maybe she needs to take lots of rests due to her being close to giving birth and is holding the group back and slowing them down.

  • I don't think we'll see Carlos as a walker. The herd chose him to devour, not bite.

    • We've seen people that were devoured by walkers come back (remember Bri from Season one? She was chomped on and had her guts ripped out by feasting walkers; but she was one of the first walkers to break past the baracade at the house Lee and his troupe was hiding in.

      So, it's not unlikely that Carlos could very well have turned and be amongst the walkers attacking the survivors in episode 4.

  • Cant wait to salt lick Sarah.

  • Sarah's pretty much jumped into a pair of concrete Nikes at this point. If she doesn't nut up in the next episode, I'm leaving her behind. It's the law of the land, and the land says you either fight for dear life or you die.

    • I only watch the game play; but if I did play it myself, I couldn't bring myself to have Clementine just abandon her. I'd be making as many choices as I could to protect the kid (she can't help her condition; and she shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of being feeble minded if there are people who can aid her).

      No lies, though - she is very much a liability and I think, despite the best efforts of any of the more able bodied characters in the game, Sarah will perish by episode 5.

      • Being kind hearted and altruistic (no matter what Ayn Rand says) in general is a good thing, but once it starts to endanger you or your group it's time to change tactics.

        • Is it weird that when it came to Ben in Season 1 (who was the major liability to the group), I was more inclined to want the bastard to die; but when it comes to Sarah, I'd rather she lived - despite the fact she just as much a liability as Ben was?

          • With me it's the opposite - I was more inclined to forgive Ben (mainly because it reminded me of my own teenage fuck-up moments). Besides, his problem was that he didn't think before acting and this could have been easily rectified. With Sarah the problem goes much deeper. With her it's a way she functions and one can't fix that over a few months. That shit takes years. If it even does any good at all.

            And I'd say she's more of a liability than Ben as she needs more care, gives nothing to the group and has put it in danger. Ben needed no care, he worked best as a look-out, and he did put the group in danger once (I'm not counting episode 3 as everything was going alright until Lily in her bitchdom fucked it all up). So Ben was OK.

            • Yeah, I'll have to disagree about Ben. The boy could just not be trusted with anything (judging from Kenny's viewpoint, Ben made for a poor lookout, and he was horrible at watching over Clementine in Lee's absence- abandoning her when they were attacked by walkers and forgetting to keep a watchful eye on her when Lee specifically asked him to keep an eye on her while he and Kenny searched for a boat).

              From the very first choice he made, he put the lives of others at risk (as a result of his stupidity/cowardess, five people - Carly/Doug, Duck, Katja, Chuck and Bree - had lost their lives). And one woman (Lily) was thrown out of the group she fought so hard to help protect after her justified suspicions over their supplies being stolen by one of their own caused her to become a mental wreck that could no longer be trusted.

          • Ben was more likeable than Sarah in my opinion

  • People on here underestimate her. She has an understanding of Walkers already and has common sense. It is purely a social thing, and may just be due to her being sheltered from a young age. She was fine until her DAD died, her reaction is justified because of how much he ment to her.

    • By no means am I saying her reaction wasn't justified - but by reacting that way, she did draw the walkers attention to herself and her companions- forcing a fight for their very lives as she ran blindly into the forests.

      And like Ben from the comics, she knows that walkers exist and that they're dangerous. However, given her mental state (especially after witnessing her beloved father first getting shot, then chomped on by various walkers), she may not recognize the immediate danger if she happens across a zombified Carlos (especially if she recalls Jane's earlier instructions on how to wander amongst walkers without being detected. She could really sink into a complete mental meltdown and confuse a walker for her living, loving father).

      • Comments like this is what caused me to say that in the first place. Do you seriously think she is suddenly going to lose her shit and confuse a walker (Even her dad as a walker) for her somehow alive dad?

        • If she has a complete mental meltdown, then yes - as similar cases have happened within the comics (benn killing his twin brother with the belief that his brother would return as his brother, not a walker. And Carol, who willingly got close enough to a walker because, in her deranged state, she wanted someone to love her).

  • "Special needs" usually means somebody with a form of mental retardation. If Sarah has any medical problem, it's an anxiety disorder, and that doesn't seem to be a huge problem. Despite what Carlos said, she has yet to 'cease to function,' even seeing her father shot and eaten (shocked, terrified yes, but she didn't have a full-on panic attack, barely able to breath and hobble over. Even somebody with a moderate anxiety disorder would usually get shakes and she doesn't.

    In regards to "case and point" when Carlos got shot, I think whoever no matter who would lose control if a parent were shot right in front of them...

    • ...how do people keep missing the part where I said her reaction to Carlos being shot/bitten by walkers was understandable. O.o

      And maybe Sarah does have an anxiety disorder, but she also has got some kind of mental condition, if only mildly (she's 16 years old, but acts and thinks like someone much younger than that. Her first conversation with Clementine heavily hints at this and everything that involves Sarah afterwards just supports the idea).

      • Oh, my bad, I guess I read too fast. But given how understandable it is, I really wouldn't fault her for that...

        It's been a long time since I was 16 (I thought she was 15? Either way, high school was a long time ago...) but she doesn't strike me as being particularly immature (or psychologically underdevelopped - except, perhaps, the friend conversation with Clementine in e1).

        Even without being sheltered, two years out there, especially if codled, would stunt development. We don't know how Omid and Christa treated Clementine (obviously well, I just mean as an adult or as a kid) but depending on how they treat you, being only around adults can be heavily stunting or maturing (even to the point of alienating you from peers). Given the 'cease to function' idea, I'd say the former. As somebody with mild anxiety problems, you can break out shaking, I had a friend who would have panic attacks that were much more severe, but my guess is Carlos knew about that and subsequently tried to shelter her even more. There's a line (which in our society is unfortunately blurring) between psychopathology and personal problems (ironically a problem exacerbated by the systems seeking to fix it - people who have mild depression or the sort need a diagnosis for their therapy to be covered by insurance, but at the same time that risks pathologizing legitmate sadness... It's a complicated issue, and I don't mean to jump on your answer... But just stuff floating around my head). Sarah isn't a real person so I can't sit her down and diagnose her (or even if she were, I'm not trained), but just food for thought.

        As to hugging Carlos - I doubt that. Even if she wants to mourn her father I think somebody would pull her off pretty quick.

        • That's true - but then, that would depend on how distracted everyone is (if the preview trailer is accurate, there's a walker attack, and a woman going into labor at the same time. That won't make it easy to keep an eye on Sarah and what she's doing during the chaos).

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    InfiniteDawn BANNED

    "Seeing another little girl die.. might just do me in."

  • She is RIGHT,that's why she survived this far,and the people who get mad at her will be served like Chuck's advice to Lee.

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      InfiniteDawn BANNED

      Not the whole group will bring Clementine down. Most of them will, but not all.

      • "They're all gonna die, Clem"

        Me: Yeah, they probably will.

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          InfiniteDawn BANNED

          Pretty sure Rebecca is going to die at birth, Nick is determinate, so bye bye Nick, sadly. Luke is hot, he ain't dying. Kenny's got the 'stache, so he ain't dyin' either. Jane is Jane, and Mike, well, I don't really care for Mike. so. Not all of them.

          • Let's hope when Nick dies we actually get a reaction from Luke. Like, that's just embarrassing that we didn't hear anything from him the last time.

          • Rebecca - will die shortly after giving birth due to infection.

            Nick - as much as his fans don't want him to die, he's a goner (an alternate route back at the lodge confirms this outcome).

            Sarita - provided she can adapt to being left handed (unless she already is) and doesn't die due to an infection, she'll pull through.

            Bonnie - provided she doesn;t put her trust into the wrong person a second time, she should be fine.

            Sarah - this girl is bound to get herself (and others) killed.

            Jane - no question, she'll make it.

            Mike - I could see him lasting another season.

            Clementine - she'll live. Telltale already broke our heart killing the last protagonist; I don't see them doing that again.

            Kenny - he's a ballsy fucker who's quick tempered and has been through Hell numerous times; but still manages to pull through each time. Can be reckless, but he'll live.

            Luke - also ballsy, but - according to Nick - most of his plans fall through. As much as I like Luke, I don't see him making it out past this season.

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