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Holle Bolle Gijs From Efteling

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Hi guys I was on a vacation trip through Europe and I was in The Netherlands at the famous park the Efteling, now I know Fables are represents at the Efteling. And there was one Fable drom Holland there who constantly shouted: PAPER HERE PAPER HERE! He even has his own verse and Wikipedia page! Wouldn't it be awesome if he had a reference or appearance/ The same for the super long neck guy.
BTW the Efteling is freaking awesome!

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    For a second, I thought this would be a spam bot. I'm relieved. I'll have to look up that fable.

  • How would a fable who eats a lot would help us solve the murders(unless he's working for The Crooked Man and he ate Faith's body)? I don't know if we'll meet this kind of characters in episode 5, i was thinking that we'd meet Boy Blue or some other character from the comics.

  • To be honest out of all the Dutch Fables I think only Reynaard the Fox makes an appearance. Several of our Dutch Fables are similar to ones already in the narrative. Jan Claesen for example is pretty much Boy Blue.

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