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Makeup episode 5 achievements!

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Since we know the achievements for episode 4 and we will probably get ones for episode 5 soon, let's make up achievements for episode 5!

One Cold Winter
- arrived in Wellington

- met an old friend (Christa)

Stay Away From Cities
- discovered the dangers of Wellington (too many dangerous people/walkers/cold doesn't make a difference cuz there's so many)

Cry Baby
- baby keeps crying and attracts attention, gets someone killed

Hide and Seek
- hid from Wellington members, who are like Crawford, and don't welcome children

Red Snow
- found most of the group murdered

New Beginnings
- found safe shelter with Kenny, Christa, and Luke

Make up your own achievements as well as backstory to explain them!!

  • For 1 second I thought this were really the achievements for episode 5.

    Edit: Is Wellington actually a city?

  • Woah, find shelter with only Luke, Christa and Kenny... That'd be fucking awesome, if we forget about the other guys' deaths.


    1)clem lives

    2)clem lives

    3)clem lives

    4)clem lives

    5)clem lives

    6)clem lives

    7)clem lives

    8)clem lives

  • Dangerous Beginning- The group finally arrive at Wellington, and they realize it isn't what it was made out to be.

  • I won't bother to check if anyone has posted this idea yet, but who cares! Made this:

    Alt text

    Sorry gais #RIPTheMagicalBeard

  • I'm On a Boat - got aboard Kenny's magical boat.

  • 1) End of the road - Arrived at the car barricade

    2) New Plan - Decided your next move

    3) Death from Above - Survived the blizzard

    4) Welcome to Wellington - Got to your new home

    5) The Great Battle - Defended the building

    6) Aftermatch - Saw your losses

    7) Safe Haven - Discovered The Bunker

    8)Still. Not. Dead - Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"

  • Choosing the dessert- made up your mind, this is inspired by the pizza or ice cream tweet.

  • Keeping it somewhat vague in usual fashion with baseless speculation on how the episode will turn out:

    1)Chilled to the Bone - Homeward bound

    2)Home Stretch - Kept to the road

    3)Like it always Does - Trouble always finds you

    4)Please Be Lucky - Lost more than you can get back

    5)Hollow - Met some old friends

    6)A Million Miles More - Moved on

    7)Don't Be Afraid - Fear is what will kill us.

    8)Nothing Gold Can Stay - Completed 'No Going Back.'

    Though I suppose the last achievement would end up being the name of the first episode of season 3, if it ends out the same way as season 1.

  • This is out of order, but fuck it, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

    No Time Left - The cold is rapidly approaching, making it hard for the survivors to keep heading to Wellington/Someone in the group is bitten

    Take Us Back - For feels sake, I would love for this to be the title of the last achievement for season 2... I have no clue what the context could be (maybe Clementine is wandering alone, separated from the group who is unknown to have lived or survived, and makes it to Wellington right at the end)

    Split Second - Quite literally, a split second decision (Luke vs Kenny, for example) - do you go with Luke (and by extension, the remains of the cabin group) or Kenny (perhaps Christa and Sarita)? They most probably end up meeting again (a lot like the episode 4 end decision on who goes with you to rescue Clem) but it shows everyone just who you are loyal to. Maybe where the more unattached characters (Jane & Mike, if they are still there by ep 5) go depends on how you treat them.

    We Meet Again - Christa? Maybe even Lilly or Molly? Or to continue on with the above achievement, some shit goes down and the two groups reunite for a common goal.

    A Place Called Wellington - Arrive at Wellington. Messed up shit happens. Lose a lot, gain a little.

    The One In Front of the Gun - I kind of see this scene in my head... and it's pretty much directly copying from the tv series, but fuck it. Remember the scene where Carl shoots the kid that was trying to surrender? Well basically, Clementine and the others are in a tight situation but it flips and Clementine has one of the bad people at gunpoint. Does she shoot them or let them go (maybe with Kenny+Jane on the SHOOT THEM side and Luke+Sarah?? on the DONT SHOOT THEM side)? Perhaps this decision could have consequences later, a lot like in Shel's story. Or Clem has to mercy kill someone. Idk. (I was listening to a Kendrick Lamar song and this is one of the lyrics, don't mind me)

    Turn It Up A Notch - Continuing with my Kendrick Lamar lyrics, this could take place when the tension is rising - perhaps a dramatic and violent encounter with a group of bandits (maybe the bandits that attacked Christa and Clem, prompting the return of what's-his-name at the river)

    And I really like the Cry Baby achievement you suggested...

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