How strong are these characters?

on a scale of 1-10 how tough do you think these characters would be in a fist fight, 10 being completely kickass, and 1 being a complete pushover wusslord

and any other characters you want


  • For me its
    Luke 8
    Nick 8
    Lee 9 (for christs sake the guy can get bit 3 times, have one arm, and get shot and can still kill the stranger)
    Larry 7
    Alvin 5
    Mike 5

  • Luke 7

    Nick 8

    Lee 9

    Larry 8

    Kenny 9

    Alvin 7

    Mike 8 or 9 haven't seen to much of him

  • Alvin is all muscle bro


    Nick managed to get in a fist fight with loads of walkers while drunk

    12/10 he's okay

  • Larry - 8, Luke - 2, Nick - 2, Lee - 6, Kenny - 4, Alvin - 4, Mike - 7, Troy - 1, Stranger - 1, Chuck - 7, Ben - 1

  • TDMshadowCPTDMshadowCP Banned
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    Larry-10 Luke-4 Lee- 9 Kenny-6 Alvin- 5 Mike- 7 Ben- 8 Carver-8 Nick-6

    • Luke: 8

    • Nick: 7

    • Lee: 10

    • Larry: 9

    • Kenny: 8

    • Alvin: 6

    • Mike: 9

  • I'll rank the season 2 cabin group.

    Luke - 8

    Nick - 7

    Pete - 7

    Alvin - 5

    Carlos - 6

    Rebecca - 1 (pregnant)

    Sarah - 3 (I think if she bothered to sharpen her skills in combat that she could be fairly formidable)

    Clementine - 8

  • Lee - 10/10 ( if you are good at QTE )

  • And Ben? Well, it's Ben.

    Ben can kill people just by being Ben.


    BenUseful posted: »

    Alvin is all muscle bro 10 Nick managed to get in a fist fight with loads of walkers while drunk 12/10 he's okay

  • Luke 2?

    Aw, hell nawh!

    pcharl01 posted: »

    Larry - 8, Luke - 2, Nick - 2, Lee - 6, Kenny - 4, Alvin - 4, Mike - 7, Troy - 1, Stranger - 1, Chuck - 7, Ben - 1

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    Luke - 8

    Nick - 7

    Lee - 9

    Larry - 10

    Kenny - 8 1/2

    Alvin - 7 1/2

    Mike - 6

    Clementine - Over 9000. k?

  • Even though Larry is a jerk, he is more than a 7 maybe 9.

    Kennysucks posted: »

    For me its Luke 8 Nick 8 Lee 9 (for christs sake the guy can get bit 3 times, have one arm, and get shot and can still kill the stranger) Larry 7 Alvin 5 Mike 5

  • Lee - 9 (Good fighter in particular, he's fast and has a good reflex.)

    Kenny - 8 (Trust me, his fist fighting skills has improved A LOT since season 1. You can tell.)

    Clementine - 2 (Now, please don't be offended by this. She's obviously not very strong when it comes to hand to hand combat, but she's EXTREMELY good with guns and weapons. But do you really think some 11 year old kid could beat up a middle aged man?)

    Larry - 10 (If you get hit one time in the face by him, you're down. Alt text

    Nick - 7 (He fights walkers off alone in "a house divided" if you chose to save him first in episode 1.)

    Luke - 7/8 (He easily takes the gun from carver and then knocks him away and holds him at gunpoint. It should be noted that Carver was knocked off for a few seconds by Kenny when Luke did this.)

    Ben - 4 (Just no.)

    Carver - 6 (He seems to be quite strong, but most of the times when he punched someone he had unfair adventages. I would love to see how he fights in a 1v1 fight.)

    Molly - 6 (She isn't that "strong" but she's very fast, she knows a lot of "combat moves" but it's shown that she isn't that strong when she gets grabbed. Like when that walker grabs her in crawford.)

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    Luke - 8. Hasn't really done much, hand-to-hand combat wise, so I'm judging off his other skills here.

    Nick - 9. He punched a fucking zombie in the FACE.

    Lee - 8. Pretty proficient for a history professor imo.

    Larry - 10. Without question.

    Kenny - 7. We've seen Kenny get knocked on his ass multiple times. He's squishier than most people want to believe.

    Alvin - 5. Comes off as pretty noncombatant.

    Mike - 6, because he couldn't push Kenny off of him. C'mon, man.

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    Lee - 7 He's a good fighter but he's not really the STRONGEST

    Kenny - 8 He has improved a lot since season 1 and he can take much more

    Larry - 10 He can knock someone out in 1 punch.

    Nick - 7.5 If you went with him in episode 1 he fought off a bunch of walkers with his bare hands.

    Luke - 8 He managed to survive without food and sleep for a few days, and he managed to disarm Carver,

    Ben - 5 We have not really seen Ben fight but i think he would be at least a little strong.

    Alvin - 7 He survived being tortured for a day and a half, so he must be pretty tough.

    Mike - 8 He seems to have some muscle on him.

    Troy - 6 I don't know.

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    Nick - 8

    Lee - 11

    Larry - 10

    Molly - 9

    Luke - 7

    Kenny - 7

    Alvin - 5

    Mike - 8

    Ben - 2

    And Clementine - 92849127481395423850495392758

  • Nick 100.

    Ben 100.

  • Sarah - 1000

    Nick 100. Ben 100.

  • Luke -- 6: Capable enough, probably too nice for his own good.

    Nick -- 7: Good fighter who I could picture using cheap shots, takes stupid risks.

    Lee -- 8: He's fast, strong and can take a hit...which is good, because enemies definitely get their hits in.

    Larry -- 7: We only saw one punch. He's old, he has a heart condition and he probably estimates his abilities. Regardless, the guys is a Titan. I wouldn't want to fight him.

    Kenny -- 6: He's strong but a rather clumsy fighter. Apparently, he beat the shit out of a walker that tried to grab Duck though. Still definitely not a person I'd want to fight.

    Alvin -- Don't know

    Mike -- Don't know

    Molly -- 8: Not terribly strong, but very fast. She probably has a martial arts background (my guess would be Silat or Taekwondo) and seems pragmatic enough to use cheap shots.

    Clementine -- 4: She's a kid. Not very strong, but fast. Has no problem biting or using improvised weapons.

  • Luke 7-8 (He slashes walkers a lot more than he shoots them, so Luke is no stranger to close combat I bet)

    Nick 5-7 (Nick on the other hand is more of a ranged fighter, he probably has strength to spare but not much experience to use it well I think)

    Lee 5-9(depends on the player, you can either lose most fist fights and duels with him, or you can have him kick everyone's ass(except Larry))

    Larry 10 (He's K.Oed both Lee and Kenny with just one punch each. Two of the toughest S.O.Bs in the twd universe And Kenny's punch(which hurts Lee in the train fight) was like a feather touch to Larry)

    Kenny 8-9 (one of the people who can possibly defeat Lee, his barrage of punches is really painful)

    Alvin 3-5(He doesn't strike me as much of a puncher, the guy is fat-ish and stuff, I dunno)

    Mike 6-7 (He's not lacking in the strength department, be he looked like he was losing to Kenny)

  • Luke - 7 He's strong enough I guess, but I feel like he's more of a weapon fighter...

    Nick - 6 He's also pretty strong, but I honestly think he'd be a better fighter when drunk.

    Lee - 8 When played correctly, he can really kick ass.

    Larry - 10 He's knocked people out in one punch before...

    Kenny - 8 Well, NOW Kenny isn't a great fighter... mostly due to age, but he could still probably kick ass.

    Alvin - 8 He'd probably pull this move:

    Alt text

    Mike - 7 He's probably strong, he definitely doesn't strike me as weak.

    Clementine - 5 Let's be real guys, she's a kid. She's great at fights involving her and weapons, but without a weapon, she probably wouldn't do all too great, but she still has the advantage of being able to out smart and adult (she's done it before) and she's small and quick.

    Sarah - 4 I say this because like she's said before "Even when i'm really mad, I still don't want to hurt anybody." meaning she has difficulty with hurting people in most situations... she might be able to run away though, and don't get me wrong, she could probably throw a few semi-good punches~ or more like slaps, I honestly don't think she knows how to punch, being honest.

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