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Season 1 was just too good.

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Sorry but I'm not going to pretend anymore that there is no problem, I don't like season 2 as much as I liked season 1, the depth season 1 had with the storyline, characters and gameplay was massive compared to what we have so far in season 2 and in my opinion I think Lee was a way better playable character than Clementine. I think the reason for this decline is that the season 1 writer left and was replaced by another writer who is not as good, plus Tell Tale are making 3 other games at the same time which is obviously affecting the time and quality of season 2.

The only things that I like better in season 2 are the music and graphics, but they're not that important. I think season one was just too good and it left us all with high expectations for season 2 which aren't being lived up to because like I said there being a change of writer which was disappointing but there's nothing they could do about that, however I think them doing all these other projects like Borderlands and Game of Thrones at the same time is a big mistake. I don't mean to be rude but does anyone here give a sh*t about Tales of The Borderlands?

I'm sorry to be negative and critical but it had to be said, I'm not saying it's bad and I know there are 2 episodes left which could make up for it but it looks unlikely.

So do you agree?

  • i agree with all the points you said brother but dont hate tales of borderlands without playing it, when TWAU was announced people were on similar hate train but see now most of the people who played it are enjoying it and i assume it include some of the haters as well when the game was announced.

  • Agree with everything except Lee being a better playable character than Clementine. They're both just as good.

  • Nope, I don't :P

    I love Season2 even more than Season 1. Each time I replay Season 1, there are so many parts in the first episodes where the story slows down so much that I would skip them if I could. For me the pace of Season 2 is just right :)

    Also, up until now I like the story of Season 2 more.

    And yes, I am looking forward to the Tales of the Borderlands, even though I've never played a Borderlands-Game before.

    • Huh. That's a pretty rare opinion around this place. This is only like the second time I've seen someone say that they like Season 2 better. Which parts of the Season 1 episodes are you referring to that you would have liked to skip?

      • Yep, I know :D

        First don't get me wrong, I love S1, too. Steam says I have 75h played in S1, but I also have 65h on S2.

        One of the moments I mean is the drugstore in Ep1. From the moment Larry collapses to the, the puzzle takes so much time to do each time. Although the Lee/Clem moments in the office always a highlight, everything else just seems to long.
        Another is Crawford. So much pointless walking around. Hubs are great, but they can be to big. The food-decision-hub in EP2 for example was great.

        Although I, too, wish that we could do some more exploring in S2. Until now every single episode of S2 just caught me and didn't let me go until the credits start rolling. In S1 only Ep5 managed to do that for me. After the first time I played S1E1 I took me over half a year to pick it up again...

        I guess I just like the more linear approach S2 is taking in terms of actual gameplay.

        • I agree, i like Season 1 better (so far) but the pacing in Season 2 suits me way more than the one in Season 1. One of the main reasons i didn't enjoy episode 4 that much was because it was so slow:

          1 - Hub area: Look for a way in the house. This one is not bad, but you were just running away from walkers a second ago, now you're doing a puzzle, it's just kind of boring to me..

          2 - Hub area: Search around the house, nothing happens, ben calls you, next scene.

          3 - Lee buries the kid: I know it's supposed to be emotional. But Lee walks so slowly and that scene just takes too long.

          4 - Hub area: Walk until you find chuck. Again, the water puzzle felt kind of unnecesary.

          5 - Super hub area: Crawford....No need to explain

          I don't have anything against hub areas, if they are executed well. Episode 2 ''food decision'' was an amazing example .

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. When your working on the train, and looking around Crawford for a battery, it gets so boring because you've already did it, Season Two doesn't have that as much so it's more fun.

    • I have to say I agree.

      Honestly, I loved episode one of season one when I first saw it, but I didn't get entirely exhausted when waiting for it... that was mostly because episode one was more flawed than people realize. I still love it, but I can't ignore the flaws in it. Of course, I don't think it's very fair for me to compare a pilot episode to a returning pilot episode, but either way, I still liked S2E1 more than S1E1... that might be just because I all that time to hype about TWDG rather than just finding out that TWDG exists... I don't know though, hypotheticals and such.

    • Geez, mad dislikes for a different opinion. rolls eyes

      Comparing them is strange for me. In story and character quality, I find them quite comparable so far. Season 1 still has the best episode in the form of No Time Left but S2 has yet to pull out its finale. I already found it's equivalent to the "episode 3 gutpunch extravaganza" superior to season 1's. If S2 stays consistent, it could beat S1 as a story.

      Comparing them as games is where it gets odd for me. Season 1 feels so far to be more interactive and warrants more replays due to the variation. S2 feels somewhat more linear. S1 had a good way of making even the hubs offer variation, with choosing who to give food and choosing who to confess Lee's past to. But it also went too far with the hubs and puzzles and caused them to slow the story down. So good and bad. And from a technical standpoint... season 1 is goddamn broken. What a glitchy embarrassing mess. I haven't run into nearly as many problems in S2.

      So yeah, partially agree, at some points S2's story has peaked higher than S1's and I don't miss the slow boring hubs but I do miss the great hubs... huh, incidentally, the only two great hubs were both at the motor inn. Lilly was right, we should've stayed there! Right now for me it's too much of a mixed bag, S1 and S2 have their own advantages and disadvantages over one another, it'll be easier (maybe) to say once S2 wraps up.

  • I think its only natural and the drop in quality is to be expected because when making S1 they went with an original idea/storyline and didnt really plan for the next.

  • I agree, season 1 was better. As for Lee being a better playable character, well, both him and Clementine are great choices.

    I'm actually looking forward to Tales from the Borderlands. It looks good, from what I've seen so far. I may well buy it when it comes out.

  • i fucking goddamn motherfucking agree season 2 is amazing but season 1 will always be the best no matter what heres why cuz of lee and clem moments Alt text

  • I am not going to lie i Goddamn miss the Lee and Clem moments a lot.. Its a shame that we will only see Lee again in maybe a dream sequence.. I kind of hope they do a "what if" season if Lee didn't get bit or wakes up handcuffed to the radiator and tries to find clem.

  • At the moment I feel season 1 is funner (thats totally a word) than season 2. Although like some others here I disagree Lee is a better playable character than Clem. I love them both equally and I dont think either of them are superior to eachother character-wise. Though to give season 2 credit, honestly I had my most fun (is fun the right word?) in episode 4 and 5 in season 1, and season 2 hasn't even released those episodes yet. So before I decide which season is better, I'm gonna wait until season 2 is fully released.

  • I like to play as Clementine better because it's more fun, but with Lee your decisions mattered a lot more, you get connected with all the characters and have Clementine as your moral compass. In S2 your decisions hardly matter other than who lives and who dies, and I honestly don't care what happens to some of the characters because they don't have much character development, I can also play Clem as a psychopath and not even care except for the legacy Lee left behind because nobody is there to guide her or be her moral compass. It sucks because S2 had so much more potential than S1 and is a little behind.

  • Sophormore slump is inevitable - but getting people accostumed to the world, introducing themes and charaters... It's almost impossible that season 2 be better than season 1. Of course, there's the personal bias for me, I always enjoy the outbreak more than the aftermath.

    That said, I do believe, season 1 was better mostly in terms of character development. I think Nick is a pretty flushed out character. It depends on dialogue and the ability to interact and find out characters' ticks and backstories. Season 2 being shorter (each episode I mean) can't compete. Plus S2E3, while thrilling, was pretty lacking in terms of character development (with the huge exception of Kenny).

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