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Siding with Beast - "Asshole choice"?

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So yeah, I sided with Beast. Not in spite of Beauty, but because I wanted to be just and honest. Plus I was more interested in Beast than Beauty. Apparently I am part of a minority in doing that, since very few told Beast the truth, it seems. This apparently meant that no matter what reasoning I had in siding with him, it does not matter.

This choice, made as early as Episode 1 Faith, seems to function on a white knight basis. Side with the girl and you get nice things, side with the guy and you never hear the end of it. Beast barely does anything to express his gratitude or respect for Bigby's honesty. Even worse, Beauty refuses to let it go, ceaselessly bitching of how I have wronged her.

Is this what Telltale writing has come down to? A percieved "canon" choice? How railroady can you get with this mentality? Are there really only two paths in here, too? Redeeming Bigby and Asshole Bigby? Be a white knight and you are praised, be a bro and you receive nothing but insults? Why are they doing this?

Is the community seriously fine with this decrease in choice consequence quality?

  • I don't think Beast ever insults you if you told him the truth. He even tells Beauty he trusts Bigby during their private conversation behind the door while you're in their apartment. Yes, you still get Beauty bitching to you about telling Beast, but that just makes her an asshole for expecting someone to lie for her. And you don't exactly get praised for not telling Beast either, since if you choose to go that way then instead of Beauty, Beast complains to you for keeping secrets with his wife.

  • Beast is the one calling you over in EP4, showing that he trusts you more than Beauty (only if you sided with him, of course).

  • Couldn't tell ya, I didn't tell him anything because I didn't give a shit what Beauty was doing.

    But the game can't have large divergent paths. It's a small episodic game by a relatively small developed. What did you expect?

  • Exactly. It's the same the other way around. If you lie to him or just stay out of it, Beast will be the one yammering endlessly. I just told them both that their marital problems or whatever were none of my business from the get-go, and shut them down every time they tried to involve me one way or another.

  • Siding with Beast is certainly what would seem to be the 'non-canon' choice, because it is a little weird and funny to hear him, a dangerous monster of fables, trying to calm down the usually docile Beauty.
    I sided with Beauty on most of my playthroughs because I just thought Beast was the typical jealous husband. Sided with him one playthrough though, and yes, he is more polite but the general tone with them becomes more adversarial, because some of his dialogue, like the in Open Arms does not change, and you have Beauty pissed at you too.

    • Actually siding with Beast is more canon than siding with Beauty. The last lines at their apartment is definitely Beauty's thought process. Beauty is sometimes more beastly than Beast.

  • If you say "I'm staying out of it" to both of them, that's a middleground choice. Beauty doesn't bitch endlessly at you and you don't have to lie.

    Morals may differ in siding with Beauty or Beast, though. On one hand, Beauty seemed honest that she needed very much for Beast not to know at that moment and that she would tell Bigby why soon. On the other hand, lying is generally considered bad. It's not necessarily a 'bad' choice to lie to beast, it's just siding with Beauty.

    Also, as has been pointed out, Beauty having breasts also probably played a role.

    • Speaking of which, I was always surprised that er character model looked less well endowed than the other ladies in the game. Even less sot han the portrait we see in her house. What's up with that.... :P

  • double post whoops

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