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Casting The Walking Dead Game TV Series

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Lee- Keith David

Clementine- No idea, probably an unknown

Carley- Cobie Smulders

Kenny- No idea

Larry- Dont Know

Lilly- Rose Biryn

Christa- Mara Junot, her voice actor

Omid- ?

Katjaa- ?

Duck- ?

Doug- ?

Molly- Y'vonne Strahovski

Stranger- Bryan Cranston

Vince- ?

Wyatt- ?

Eddie- ?

Russell- The guy who played Darwin in X-Men First Class

Nate- Steven Ogg

Bonnie- ?

Shel- Emmy Rossum

Becca- ?

Stephanie- Mia Maestro

Luke- Steven Amell

Nick ?

Pete- ?

Rebecca- ?

Alvin- ?

Carlos- ?

Sarah- ?

Carver- Michael Madsen

Tavia- ?

Reggie- The same guy who voiced him

Troy- ?

Walter- ?

Matthew- ?

Sarita- ?

Jane- ?

Mike- David Ramsey

Maybelle- The TruMoo Cow

Juice Box- Brad Pitt

Kenny's Moustache- God

Sam the Dog- Morgan Freeman

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